The Norm is Monstrous

Falling through the universe at the speed of life. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

By David Glenn Cox

It is a cozy relationship; I scratch your back and you scratch mine. You make political donations and when I need to charter an airplane for a publicity stunt, funded with public money…I call you. 1.5 million dollars and counting. A second flight of migrants had been planned to go to Delaware in an attempt to embarrass Joe Biden. Low grade humor for low-grade minds.

The migrants had already been lured away and stashed in a hotel and everything, just waiting for that ride to the airport. When the message came from a woman known only as Perla. “Your flight’s been canceled,” now beat it. Hit the bricks muchacho’s! Vamoose, Jesus and Maria! The room is only paid for until eleven o’clock, amigos.  

Rather than dumping you on the President’s front lawn. The stunt’s been called off, so we are going to dump you off right here. Seems a bunch of bleeding hearts got the media involved after we invited them. “Seems,” it’s not considered funny anymore to use people in desperate straits or to encourage Bum fighting anymore. You can’t trick them or nothing. Oh, the tranny of wokeness!

The media was invited to tell the story of big brave Ron DeSantis, fighting illegal immigration singlehandedly, with his trusty sidekick Bubba Abbott. Shipping emigrants on the Texas border to Florida, en route to Massachusetts.

Ron may be small in stature, but he’s even smaller on the inside! If DeSantis didn’t mastermind this WKRP turkey drop, then he approved it and built in a kickback for himself. 1.5 million dollars to move 48 emigrants is over $31,000 per person. I think Southwest could probably beat that price, but it would be Southwest.

From the airport, the emigrants could be taken to Martha’s Vineyard, via chauffeured limousines. Sipping champagne and throwing twenty dollars bills out the windows at the onlookers they pass, and it would still be about $28,000 cheaper per person than the DeSantis method.

So, then the media becomes oblivious to the obvious ironic joke. The media started using words like ugly, vicious, and cruel. Then it seems, there are also  these obscure laws about taking people across state lines under false pretenses.  

So, the second flight was canceled, now get out.

You really have to stop and ask yourself, who thinks like this? It’s like something Montgomery Burns on “The Simpsons” would think up. “The stunt has been cancelled. You have ten minutes to get off the property, Smithers, release the hounds!”

The second group wasn’t even offered a ride the ten miles back to where they’d picked them up. They were no longer needed, so fuck em. What are we going to do now to draw attention to ourselves? You must ask yourself, why a politician would import aliens into Florida from Texas, only to deport them to Massachusetts? The key word here  is deportation.

It is a select group of politicians who have use deportations to gain electoral fame. A select and ugly group, demonizing and devaluing a refugee’s humanity due to their circumstances. Deportation has a sort of an ugly historical connotation to it.

We prefer to call it a relocation flight and dehumanization by subtle and repetitive innuendo. While Donald Twump only play-acted throwing Sombrero wearing Hispanic wrestling dummies out of the ring. DeSantis promises to do it for real. Anyone care to take a guess, what comes after that?

The emigrants were treated on both flights as valueless human offal. Trash to be dumped on a politician’s front lawn as a high school prank. And when the prank was called off, to just abandon them having no further obligation, like your date at a pig party, let em walk back.

I guess we will never know for sure what was in the black heart of Ron DeSantis that caused him to cancel that second flight. Whether he was visited by old Marley and the three spirits and promised in future, he would keep Christmas all the year round.

Or if it was the public scrutiny and possible legal liability. Ask yourself, If you were a governor trying to get elected President and they brought you this plan. Wouldn’t one of your first questions be, “is this legal?” Apparently that question was never asked, before now.

And so, the question has left such a lingering doubt in their minds, that the second flight was cancelled immediately. This illustrates how much they had really thought this plan through before they implemented it. “Arrested! Jail! What chu talking bout Wilis? I’m the Governor of Florida and they’re a group of flat broke nobodies and nothings! Who don’t even speak the language!”

When spit balling the idea around the table no one bothered to ask, “What if this plan backfires? I’m mean, what if we come off looking cruel and incredibly insensitive and almost monstrous? Naw, I’m just kidding ya! I think it’s a great idea! Count me in, and I have this friend see and he charters airplanes and makes campaign donations, so it won’t be cheap. But I bet he’d do it for us, and without asking a bunch of nosey questions.

It just never even occurred to them, that someone might take offense to them scooping up a group of harmless refugees. Including women and children as young three and shipping them on a chartered jet cross country, and then ditching them.

How would such a mind be cautioned about using the military once in office? They aren’t his sons and daughters. Those are other people’s children and so carry less value than his own children. They joined the military, so fuck em, right? They get what they get, right?

The light of the human heart cannot be defused. Either you love people, or you don’t. If you don’t love people, there is no empathy for them. They are merely things and objects to get in your way or to be used as you wish; they have no value. Their little lives mean nothing.

Hello? {Official Warning} Ron DeSantis is telling you who he really is, (The little Nazi inside yearning to get out)  and he is showing you how he really operates. Vote for Ron 2024, incredibly incompetent and stunningly cruel enough to give even a Narcissistic Sociopath, a bad name. None dumber, none crueler.

“Just as there are physical monsters, can there not be mental or psychic monsters born? The face and body may be perfect, but if a twisted gene or malformed egg can produce physical monsters, may not the same process produce a malformed soul?

Monsters are variations from the accepted normal to a greater or a less degree. As a child may be born without an arm, so one may be born without kindness or the potential of conscience. A man who loses his arms in an accident has a great struggle to adjust himself to the lack, but one born without arms suffers only from people who find him strange. Having never had arms, he cannot miss them. To a monster the norm must seem monstrous, since everyone is normal to himself. To the inner monster it must be even more obscure, since he has no visible thing to compare with others. To a criminal, honesty is foolish. You must not forget that a monster is only a variation, and that to a monster the norm is monstrous.”

― John Steinbeck

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