Is that You John Wayne?

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It’s just not fair. I hope he gets a good lawyer and sues the pants off them. Their behavior is outrageous and discriminatory. The NRCC The National Republican Congressional Committee pulled nearly one million dollars in TV ad buys for J.R. Majewski in the Toledo, Ohio market. But by local community standards Majewski has done no wrong, nothing at all worth speaking of.

So, maybe he didn’t fight with John Wayne on the beaches of Da Nang. So, maybe he didn’t help Stephen Segal retake the USS. Alabama back from the terrorists, so?  He told a lie, he’s a Republican so what? He tells one little measly little lie in the grand scheme of things and all of a sudden, the wolves turn on him.

He should sue them for emotional distress. What are they picking on him for? What did he do that was so outrageous as to abandon this poor boy in the middle of a tight campaign?

He lied about his service in the military, so? “W” lied about his military service too. About how he left before they said he could go home. About how he stopped flying and showing up after refusing a drug test. So what, he didn’t serve in the battle of Al-gebra tu and Geometristan. He did serve and on our side. They also serve who drive a forklift and load planes in Japan!

It wasn’t just any forklift you know, but a big mean green all weather military assault forklift. Used during combat operations and Majewski was the maestro of material handling and the Rambo of reloading. He embellished his resume’ a mite. Who hasn’t done that?

So, he wasn’t really in one of the first units in Afghanistan, and he’s never actually been there at all. But he was in the military and got closer to being “In the shit” than either you or I, Rafterman. If he says he’s got the thousand-yard stare, who can doubt him?

And now, during the critical last two months of the campaign to abandon poor Majewski, like he’s some kind of a child molester or something. The NRCC gladly gives to Matt Gaetz, while he’s under investigation for trafficking a child prostitute. But hey, no problem, here’s your check. The NRCC supported a child molester in Alabama, even after he lied about it. What’s changed? Why are they picking on poor Majewski? He didn’t do anything.

Kevin McCarthy is nearly diagnosed with having a split personality disorder. First, making public statements and then saying the opposite in private. One Kevin is lying all the time, and the other Kevin, isn’t being honest. You figure out which is which? In either case, he’s lying at least 50% of the time, yet receives no sanction for it. No one even gives Kevin that peculiar look when he rips out an outrageously good lie and it is taken as just the normal course of events. “Yes, right! Of course!”

Margie Tator Greene tells more lies than Carter’s got liver pills. Margie lost her committee assignments and is now just a mascot for Republican chicanery movement under the principles of absurdism. No one says a word when she stretches the truth all out of shape. Republicans never get into trouble for lying; they only get in trouble when they tell the truth.

For Majewski, it must seem like being in a Twilight Zone episode. He’s at a swinging 60s cocktail party and everyone is telling the most extraordinary and outrageous lies in black and white. But when he tries it, everyone in the room stops frozen and silently stares disapprovingly at him. He’s being gas lighted, made to feel he’s done something wrong. It’s a clear intentional infliction of emotional distress. What must be going through his mind right now?

“All the no good two timing, floor flushing card cheats and low-life child molesters that have passed through those doors and they’re gonna make an example out of J.R. over a few minor embellishments!”

Good God, this is the Party of Twump. The man who took lying to a whole new level and made it an art form. He’s got lies stashed away in a warehouse he’s never even used yet, but old J.R. gets the cold shoulder.

Majewski is a Twumper in good standing and a QAnon supporter too. What’s a mother not to love? He believes in all the right orthodoxy, why is he being singled out and hounded from the congregation?

Because the Republican Party has a strong tradition of keeping the military euthanized into believing, the Republicans are on their side. But if you lie about your military service and you aren’t the son of a former President, it’s curtains for you Rafterman. You can say almost anything, until your teeth get tired of hearing it and your tongue get’s tired of saying it. But you can’t say you were “In the shit” if you were in the rear with the beer, Rafterman.

It violates the John Wayne code of the Alamo or the Guns of Naverone conventions. You can lie about anything in the Republican Party, except your military experience. J.R. hurt himself by wearing those flag jackets and pointing to his own service.

“I remember when me and the boys were pinned down at Khe Sanh, and Charlie had us surrounded! We made a crude helicopter from a box fan and an industrial washing machine motor and flew away to safety!”

The former President’s attorneys were asked to give evidence before the appeals court, that Twump had some lawful reason for the possession of all those top-secret documents. They offered the court nothing. Not one stitch of evidence as in, “We ain’t got one.” It’s all lies from Alpha to Zed. Twump has no lawful reason and admitted so in court. Twump has been lying about it all along, because he is always lying.

He’s taken the country down the rabbit hole with his lying and coerced lying from those Republicans scured and snared by the events January 6th. The entire Republican Party in denial of the cancer within. The little alien inside themselves gestating is trying to get out.

They are lying to themselves, that it will somehow get better all by itself and tell themselves, they aren’t sick. Just don’t look, just don’t look, don’t look at them. Don’t make eye contact with them and just keep moving. They’ll be gone soon. A tower of Babble built entirely of Twump lies. A cult orgy of lying in the court of the Crimson King of lying.

And now, they’re gonna give poor old J.R. Majewski a good swift kick in the nuts and leave him wounded along the roadside, just for telling a couple of whoppers. I guess that’s just Republican morality for you.

“Is that you John Wayne, is that me?”- The Joker

2 Thoughts

  1. I loved John Wayne but that gung-ho, right winger who led so many charges in the movies, never served a day in the military either.


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