Sorry Jim,

Falling Through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

He warned us about this. He told us that this very thing would happen someday. But America didn’t want to hear about it. America had just come off its first OPEC led oil shock. Ronnie Reaguns promised us, “it’s morning in America. The gas stations are open, go fill up.”

 A  country given a chance to either eat their vegetables or go right to dessert. Huck Finn said, “it’s troublesome to do right and it ain’t no trouble to do wrong, and the wages are just the same.”

This country chose candy and octane over vegetables and hard work. The Trump disaster worked middling hard trying to get emission AKA, mileage standards relaxed. Giving  the public a computerized catalytic convertered 1959 Suburban, dolled up as something fancy and desirable.

“What do we want to modernize for? That shit’s expensive and with no guarantees. Why spending money on research, could cut the annual dividend! Our stock could be downgraded, and It would cost me personally, a fortune.”

So, the Reaguns didn’t just throw the newly installed solar panels off the roof of the White House; they made a show of it. A photo op. “Ha, ha, ha you won’t need these anymore! So why don’t you go see your friendly Texaco dealer today! Happy Motoring!” Laissez les bons temps rouler! What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

After Jimmy Carter warned the country that our dependence on fossil fuels will lead to inevitable political blackmail. This country and its leaders would be forced someday to make a choice between doing the right thing, and doing the right thing for the domestic economy. Doing the right thing until after November. Just give him the Sudetenland and maybe he’ll go away.

Maybe you don’t realize it; Hawaii is a long way away and no one had ever heard of Pearl Harbor before. Vladimir Putin has just fired a shot at you! OPEC has agreed, Russia and the Saudis, to cut production by two million barrels a day. Holding the West hostage. Artificially constricting the flow of oil and thus the world’s economy to achieve their shared political goals.

That is the one thing you can say about a war, it lets you know who your friends really are. It also shows the legitimacy of a consortium that would allow itself to be used as a tool for political blackmail. Getting higher revenues as a payoff for their silence and selling out.

How can OPEC be taken seriously now as anything but organized banditry? No different than Somali pirates fleecing the world’s economy and impacting billions of lives to help a mad man to build and empire, the way that children play with blocks.

Sure, what western democracy doesn’t get a little pissed off from time to time? And cuts up a journalist or two for fish bait. But only when the king is having a real bad day. And don’t forget Public execution Fridays! See the Saudis are just like us, everyone loves Fridays!

Since the days of Ronnie, the faint, the doors have been opened to the Saudis. But the other day the Saudis sided with our adversaries, and against the Western world. In an act which can only be called, an unprovoked act of hostility against the people of the United States.

We have fed and trained the Saudis with weaponry and aircraft, so that they might be as brutal at home as they are hostile abroad. Let’s be honest; denial isn’t a river running through Riyadh. If the Saudis had no oil and the same foreign policies, they would be on the same lists as Iran or Venezuela. But the rich crotchety old uncle has money, so let’s be nice to him. He doesn’t ask for too much.

The poor tragic victim of this besides the people of the Earth, is the breakdown of civil institutions willing to play along with corporate criminality and outright blackmail. If ever there was a time for the United Nations to step up, this would be it. Blockading civilian goods and essentials, is considered an act of war.

This is the part in the movie where Lois Lane shouts, “Superman, the Saudis and the Russians have teamed up to create mayhem!”

You mission 007, is to infiltrate the cartel. The cartel is trying to use their secret weapon to take over the world. A small group of potentates on a small sand dune on the backside of nowhere are holding the world’s largest superpower hostage by the short hairs. Unelected princelings with short memories, princeling’s who fear Iranian influence but don’t remember Saddam.

Don’t blame Biden; he’s victim here just like the rest of us. Forty years of kissing ass and making nice before he got here, obviously hasn’t worked. In this hour of Earth where armies struggle in the field, the Saudis have sided with Russia.

 They side against the United States, and against the European Union, against Ukraine and the free people of Ukraine.

And so, the Saudis also share in the innocent blood the Russians have spilled, and in their war crimes. They wholehearted support Putin’s unprovoked aggression, when even China won’t. They side against their own best customers getting in bed with  a partner, who can do them no good in the long run.

The Saudis have injected themselves into this. They could have voted against the measure or abstained, but they have chosen to pit themselves against the West and on the wrong side of history. Because they think that you won’t notice. You won’t connect the dots and you will just curse at the pump and blame the politician du jour.

You haven’t figured it out yet, that Carter was right all along, and Reagun was all wrong, Boy oh, boy. A forty-year head start on alternative energy technology. I bet American companies are getting rich from that about now. “Oh yeah, right.”

Just think of all the money we could keep here. If we didn’t have to send it to the sand regime. A royal family of pirates and cutthroat’s, shady uncles with hundreds of princes. A sort of British Royal family meets Pirates of the Caribbean, meets West Side Story. (when you’re a jet)

I have lived in and around fracking. Scraping the tray of stems and seeds, isn’t the answer. It’s methadone, it will keep you going but won’t get you the high you’re looking for.

Imagine, just for a second, the Saudis in 1943. Agreeing with the German Reich and Empire of Japan, to slow down oil deliveries to the Allies by two million barrels of oil per day, and with winter coming. The partisans and pin heads will point fingers at each other when all are guilty.

 It’s just so easy to do nothing and just hope that everything turns out okay and take credit for it when it does. “It doesn’t cost nothing to do nothing, can’t ruffle any feathers or get fired for doing nothing. Leave well enough alone, that’s my motto:  That’s the way they did it, when I got here!”

It’s troublesome to try electric lights when you have so many candles handy, and the light is nearly the same.

Sorry Jim, you tried to tell us. We just didn’t want to hear it.

“If a man loses anything and goes back and looks carefully for it, he will find it.” Tatanka Iyotake 

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