Gutenberg’s Complaint

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

April 15, 1912, marks the day when disaster finally made the big time. As the Titanic sank, young David Sarnoff along with others used radio to broadcast the fate of the doomed liner and of its survivors. Gory crime novels of Jack the Ripper or shoot em up dime novels with the Billy the kid. Millions have visited Pompeii and Herculaneum to see the carnage the volcano wrought and the Coliseum, to see what carnage Rome brought.

You Tube in an effort to be righteous and holy has demonetized many, most, if not all channels dealing with the war in Ukraine. They want to protect our virgin eyes and ears from the horrors of war. They equate reporting on the war with “encouraging, condoning or glorifying” the war. So obviously, Sarnoff was just an attention seeker, out to feather his own nest by “encouraging, condoning or glorifying” shipping disasters. And that goes double for you too, DiCaprio!

Some of these channels originate from Ukraine and so, are close to the news. And so, we are all closer to the news. With a lucky combination of Nick Tesla, Andy Warhol and David Sarnoff, any boy or girl can be the Six O’clock News now. The war in Ukraine is very different. It is a war of cell phones and the Internet. Walter Cronkite showed us pictures and told us about Vietnam, and Bernard Shaw showed us what a cruise missile going down the streets of Baghdad looked like.

But in Ukraine, every Russian plane shot down is on video. Every ambush of hapless Russian troops is shot on Go-pro headsets. That’s the problem, I think. Too close to the front lines and too close to the action. Too close to the horror and the atrocities of war. Putting You Tube in the unenviable position as both gatekeeper and conduit.

Obviously, the tube makes their money by encouraging viewers to watch advertisements and these channels are getting millions of views. But it makes some of the sponsors who run ads on You Tube nervous. So, You Tube in a vote for self-censorship will remove the ads meaning; the content creators will get nothing for their work. You will know less about what is going on. An Internet world within your grasp, “Sanitized for your protection!”

I’ve been watching “The Enforcer” (You Tube handle) on his You Tube channel, since the first night of the war. He’s a college student and history major who along with his brother, aggregate the multiple videos he finds. And then, he puts their locations on a map, so that you can make sense of them. I don’t know about you guys; my Ukrainian geography is a little rough in spots. I find it convenient that he does this for me.

That way I can watch the whole four-minute video instead of the fifteen seconds of it that the networks will show me in two days from now. “We turn now to our panel of experts to discuss this fifteen second video clip. Until the blood runs from our ears or until the next five-minute barrage of commercials is upon us like a dark age.”

We have with us as a  special guest expert tonight, Live from the Brookfield Zoo Monkey house, Mr. Chimpo! He’s the author of six books including his latest. “Not Another Frigging Political Book.”

The Enforcer will be the first to tell you that’s he’s no expert. When a question comes up in the chat, he Googles for the answer just like the rest of us. But by seeing multiple videos in a defined area, you can begin to get an idea of what’s going on.  Of who’s funning and who’s running. How good is good and how bad is bad?

They showed a Russian propaganda video of brave well-equipped Russian soldiers, attacking the enemy. Only, when the Russian fired his RPG, he forgot to pull the pin first and promptly fired a dud.

It’s all well and good to hear the Russians are retreating and leaving behind their equipment. But if you haven’t been watching, then you haven’t seen the astounding Russian losses of men and equipment. In one video, an $18 million-dollar anti-aircraft battery was just left on the side of the road. In another, a dozen tanks and armored vehicles, just left behind in the woods. That has just gotta make Putin’s blood boil, seeing that.

Food, ammunition stocks, clothing and personal effects. One of my personal favorite videos, was when a Russian Yuri almost walked up behind a guy firing a rocket launcher and nearly had his face thermally removed. Here’s to the men that look over their shoulder, before firing the rocket! (They’re untrained, they’ll learn)

This is world news, and these channels are doing a public service. There was a highway of death scenario outside of Lyman the other day. Dozens of burned-out Russian vehicles and hundreds of dead Russian bodies. You really don’t need to know that. But to understand the state of the war, it is essential that you know it.

The Russians didn’t just retreat from Lyman, they were slaughtered. “But let’s just say retreat instead with losses, and not show the video. Slaughtered is such an ugly word, for the sake of the kiddies and the children of all ages!”

Orwell said, “All media is propaganda.” And likewise, if things are going badly for you on the battlefield, you would like to see as little of it as possible. By You Tube demonetizing these channels in the name of goody goodyness and Madison Ave., they give aide and comfort to Vladimir Putin.

No one on earth wants to see those channels taken out more than Putin, except maybe for the domestic mainstream television networks. “We turn now to our panels of self-professed experts to debate ad nauseum the fifteen second video clip we’ve just seen.” This war is different and in the age of cell phone cameras and the Internet, refuses to be caged and tended by “Big media.”

Sick em Wall Street, they’re stealing our gig! “Gee, just showing the videos and answering questions, without an expert panel. Why didn’t we think of that? Just not enough flash and whiz bang, I guess. No menacing graphics threatening tones or frightening screen crawls. END OF THE WORLD BREAKING NEWS! But first, this word from Sealy Posturepedic.

Video killed the radio star, and nobody reads the newspaper much anymore. We don’t listen to Mr. Edison’s wax cylinders either or while away the lazy hours down at slot car track. Sound? Who needs sound in motion pictures? Do you really think that television will catch on? Streaming television? What’s that? Today?

Don’t you think the news edited for space and circumcised for time and reported from a couple of days ago is good enough? What do you want, instant? What do you think this is, the future?

We’re gonna tell you all the news you need to know about Ukraine in about three minutes and ten seconds. If that’s not good enough, too bad. If Martin Luther hadn’t nailed his complaints to the church house door, you never would have heard about them.

“Coming up next; a radical Priest with a hat full of steam and butt full of anger, visits the Home Depot, looking for a tack hammer.”

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