Extra, Extra Read All About It!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

And so, it’s come to this, phony newspapers. A tactic first pioneered by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Only this time instead of door-to-door delivery, they put them in your mailbox. Made to look like a real newspapers and sponsored by a Republican money pump, led by billionaire Peter Thiel.

Spending millions in a flawed foolish waste of money in stupid, futile gesture to win votes. Let me ask you a question, “Exactly how many friends, and or family members have you lost to the Seventh Day Adventist or Jehovah’s Witnesses’ publicans? Exactly. I’ve never yet seen a fake newspaper that didn’t look like a fake newspaper, that didn’t scream novelty fake newspaper.

“Honey, did you subscribe to some newspaper called “The Grand Canyon Times?” That’s funny, me neither.”  But yet, somehow through serendipity it found its way here into our mailbox. I guess, I’ll just peruse some of the articles while in the bathroom. ”Honey, did you know, Jesus does miracles in people’s lives every day? Why it must be true, I just read it that odd newspaper.”

Now, I want you to imagine and old west, jangly saloon piano playing in the background. “Say, Festus, is that this week’s newspaper you’ve got there under your arm? News is a mighty scarce commodity, here in the old West; a newspaper was just about the only form of communication available. Generations of pioneers, missionaries, and just plain folks, learned from childhood of the importance of reading the newspaper every day.

Fake newspapers are always like company newsletters. Stories about some guy in shipping in Spokane. Who takes care of his elderly mother, donates blood, works at the homeless shelter and is just an ever-present smiling joy to his co-workers. They don’t just lay it on thick, they use a sledgehammer.

 “We have some real good people working here, you know. And not just screwballs like you! And he’s happy as fuck, so what’s your problem? He’d never complain about low wages or lousy healthcare plan. He’s not interested in any real communication, just in motivation. Now, put this down and read it on your own time. Get back to work.”

“We’ll gee Doc, it says here in this peculiar newspaper that the Republicans want to lower my taxes and Democrats support crime and abortion. Gosh Doc, that changes my whole perspective. I’m going to share this newspaper with my friends and neighbors from the nineteenth Century. Its insightful balanced perspective has really opened my eyes!”

That’s right Mr. or Ms. Candidate, we here with Acme Amalgamated Generic Genetic Geriatric Analytic publications, can print you a REAL looking newspaper for a lot less than you may think. Just like the real ones from Knotts berry Farm or Six Flags! The voters will be stunned and mesmerized and just plain amazed. And they will fall at your feet in love and obligation, emptying their wallets with support for your campaign.

They won’t be able to tell the difference between it and a real newspaper! And here’s the secret sauce, (Har, har, har) You can say whatever you like, and they’ll never know the difference! “Local Candidate Receives Medal from Pope!”

I suppose it was a real good strategy back in 1953, back when Ricky used to read stories from newspaper to Lucy across the breakfast table. Generally, people don’t read the newspaper all that much anymore.

“What is it Occam?” Someone has left a strange clay tablet in our mailbox. “What does it say?” It says, the fanciful and improbable can also be true, if it benefits your side politically. “But what does it mean?” It means, some people don’t keep up with the times very well and are still waiting for tubes to warm up on the Internet.

It’s doubtful that anyone under the age of forty, would ever even look at a newspaper. A big dirty cumbersome oversized sheet of paper with folds and creases with minds of their own. I can get multiples of that information with a nice clean 3×5 smartphone. Why would I ever want to read junk mail? “Continued in section 2B, where’s that?”

But it is a fake newspaper after all, and its goal is not to inform but to deceive.

The 1964 Voters Rights Act says voters can’t be disenfranchised for simple clerical errors. The extreme court of charlatans says otherwise. In a case where the complainant lost an election after 257 undated mail-in ballots were counted. He wanted the election thrown out, but received only half the baby corpse from the pretense of the court. The court ruled the election stands, but from now on, clerical errors count. The court using their powers meddling with established law, all in an effort to disenfranchise voters.

Just like a fake newspaper, I guess. Pretending to do one service, while actually doing another. An institution designed and predicated on the idea of protecting the citizens’ rights is being used as the mechanism to disenfranchise them.

Why sure it’s legitimate, don’t lawful courts often take rights away from its citizens? When those rights are deemed as too liberal, when the citizen cannot be trusted to run their own lives, but I never said Bible. Don’t lawful courts often move to make it more it more difficult for the citizens to vote in elections? Ask yourself, would a legitimate court strike your vote for leaving off the date?

The whiners and cry babies on the court, the usual suspects,  jabber on about the court having a public relations problem. They are the victims and are being picked on just for enforcing the law. But obviously, there is a difference between enforcing the law in a blind alley and enforcing the law with the lights on. They know what they are doing, and they know why as well. They pretend to be judges and carry all the trappings, while actually political and religious idealogs, pushing an agenda the billionaires all crave.

Pushing an agenda that if followed will turn the United States of America, into the United States of Mississippi. An agenda that benefits the super-rich and the ruling class at the expense of people like you and me.

And they think that you and I are so stupid, we’ll take a novelty newspaper from the mailbox as true. And we’ll read the bullshit articles inside, and our lives will be changed by them. Just another fraud and just another swindle, if the Republicans were ever to tell you what is that they were really after, you wouldn’t vote for it.

So, instead they lie, and tell you instead what you want to hear. Then package it up as truth and print it up in a fake newspaper and a billionaire pays the postage to stick in your mailbox.

“In the face of these dissenting opinions, there is no basis for the claim made by some members of the Court that something in the Constitution has compelled them regretfully to thwart the will of the people. In the face of such dissenting opinions, it is perfectly clear that as Chief Justice Hughes has said, “We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is.”

The Court, in addition to the proper use of its judicial functions, has improperly set itself up as a third House of the Congress—a superlegislature, as one of the justices has called it—reading into the Constitution words and implications which are not there and which were never intended to be there.

We have, therefore, reached the point as a nation where we must take action to save the Constitution from the Court and the Court from itself. We must find a way to take an appeal from the Supreme Court to the Constitution itself. We want a Supreme Court which will do justice under the Constitution—not over it. In our courts we want a government of laws and not of men.

I want—as all Americans want—an independent judiciary as proposed by the framers of the Constitution. That means a Supreme Court that will enforce the Constitution as written—that will refuse to amend the Constitution by the arbitrary exercise of judicial power— amendment by judicial say-so. It does not mean a judiciary so independent that it can deny the existence of facts universally recognized.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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