Why it Matters

Falling through the universe at the speed of life.

By David Glenn Cox

It reminds me of how in a boxing match, how a boxer is knocked down and never quite fully recovers. You can tell sometimes, that whatever fight was once in there is now gone, the fights not over, yet it’s been decided.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf now? Eat your heart out H. G. Wells. Through a remarkable coincidence, the red aliens had no natural resistance to the Capitalist virus. No mechanism to control its excesses of coughs and sniffles, and of its underhanded successes. It’s like in the old west, only they forgot to hire a Sheriff.

Corruption was baked into the pie since before Stalin played with mud pies. Only, it doesn’t work in a system where you have to report the real figures. The Russian General receives funds to purchase 10,000 uniforms. He orders 8,000 and pockets the rest. When they run short, he does it again and the system works great, until there is a sudden demand for more uniforms.

You could order the cheap Chinese made tires, suited in appearance but unsuited in construction. Tires that could fall off the rim stranding a multi-million-dollar weapons system. For loss of a nail, right? But the Colonel runs the base and he’s running the same scam, selling off his boss man’s fuel.

The red aliens had no immunity, and their machines fell from the sky and crawled to a stop. The average Russian formation has half the number of supply trucks of comparable American forces, forcing them to stay close to the railroad. Forcing them to cling to a single lifeline, one road in and one road out.

During the 1930s the Empire of Japan expanded to twenty times its previous size. Japan’s military and maritime fleet was going to be hard pressed to keep up. Everything in Japan’s Empirical fortunes depended on the slender thread of merchant ships. The US navy sank everything floating in Japan but the foam on the water. It doesn’t matter how many tanks you have if you have no fuel. It doesn’t matter how many Islands you hold if you can’t get on or off them occasionally.

Any wonder the Russians are short on food and blankets, buying ammunition from North Korea and borrowing equipment from Belarus? Hoping to cobble together a scratch force of farmers and half-wits not smart enough to run when they had the chance. Armed with whatever bottom of the barrel graveyard bullshit they can knock the rust off of and scrape together.

I saw this strange video, as across the road were placed two obvious lines of land mines, big as Christmas. Yuri was either blind or drunk or blind drunk, as he took aim and drove right across a mine in a Russian armored vehicle. Was it a suicide attempt? Why would you do that?

As the smoke cleared, the driver emerged and appeared dazed (ears ringing) and sat down on the curb right next to another live mine. He was contemplating his next move and clearing his head. Plan A, had clearly failed him, so it was on to plan B.

It shows us how much research it took before getting to Preparation H. It is also a violation of the rules of war to destroy yourself and deny the enemy the privilege. They were all excited about it and had made plans and everything and now this. I don’t know how to tell them; they’ll be so disappointed.

The Russians still hold a numerical advantage in artillery. Only, lacking the trucks and fuel necessary to move the artillery after firing, it’s best left hidden in the forest. If you want to take the ferry, instead of the recently damaged Kersh bridge. The wait time is now four days. How long does it take to get across the bridge then?

Intercepted Russian phone calls talk of a porous front, of positions that don’t answer when radioed. Either they’ve run away or have been eliminated.

Active strength of the Russian Army is 850,000 and it is estimated the Russians have taken 217,000 casualties with 63,000 killed outright. Not including the soldiers, who have run away or are in hiding. Not including those already captured in Ukrainian street clothes. Because of the addiction to railroads, the supply dumps are conveniently located close by. Inside a warehouse were found Russian trucks and vehicles, broke down or needing tires. “For the loss of a nail, right?”

But everyone knows the Captain is crooked and they all know about the Colonel and the General too. And they have resigned themselves to the system’s corruptness. When there is a call for partial mobilization, they run for the border as fast as their fat little legs can carry them.

They know the system; they know that a corrupt bunch of morons will get them killed senselessly. Without bullets or fuel or food. Shivering in the mud, they know the system doesn’t give a shit about them; everyone is only in it for themselves.

A good ole boys club, where you get to be a Captain for showing up on time and being the Colonel’s nephew. Where you can steal yourself rich, if you allow others to wet their beaks. So, maybe you sign some forms that weren’t true about tires or uniforms. Whose the wiser? The order says ten thousand, but you only count eight thousand. But you know which side your bread is buttered on. You’ll be promoted soon!

You know the orange boss, he values loyalty. Keep your mouth shut, and you could go a long way. It’s only a little corruption, who would be hurt? What the FBI doesn’t know won’t hurt them, right? Go ahead and sign the form.

Attempting to normalize corruption, each willing to back up the other’s alibi, until the evidence comes out. Why did the Capitol policeman record Mark Meadows conversation? Duh!

Imagine Donald Trump broke into your house and stole your high school yearbooks. When you demand them back, he says they are his as he went to the same high school. And he wants a special master to decide who can look at your yearbooks. A Trump appointed judge agrees to stifle a federal investigation by agreeing with him. Trump should have a stake and a voice in who looks at the top-secret documents he stole from work, that don’t belong to him.  

The government has no right to keep them from him, after all; he used to work there, right? Come on, just look the other way, what’s so hard about that?

“And since you know you cannot see yourself,
so well as by reflection, I, your glass,
will modestly discover to yourself,
that of yourself which you yet know not of.”

― William Shakespeare, 

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