Just Those Little Details

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Many, many years ago they made a motion picture with Dustin Hoffman, as a boy adopted into a Native American tribe. They named him Little Big Man because he was short in stature, but big in heart. (Oh Hollywood) Following that same logic thread, that would make Ron DeSantis Little, Little Man.

Most people with a full-time job, lawsuits, and under investigation by the Feds. And literally with a  hurricane to deal with waiting at the office. They would be too busy to comment on a court case. Too busy to have followed the case all that closely. The Jury of 12 Angry Men and Women have decided on life in prison for the Parkland shooter. The jurors sat in that box all day long and were hustled around like cattle.

They relived this whole nightmare every day until the court adjourned. This service will loom large in their lives probably forever. This jury decided on life in prison, and we are all entitled to our own opinions of their decision. But no matter how closely you followed that case, those 12 probably know more about it than you or I ever will.

The 12 have made their decision and it should be respected, that’s that, even if not agreed with. Out of respect for a system that would give this individual the fairest trial, he would get anywhere in the world. It’s not the system’s fault he was guilty as hell and caught red handed. The system decided on life in prison, end of story.

Now you and I can have a beer and talk about the events of the day and give our high falutin tooting opinions. It doesn’t mean anything. But when you are the governor of a state, what you say matters.

The Governor would like to make some public comments and express his outrage about the incorrectness of the Parkland jury and the general undependability of the jury system as a whole.

DeSantis was furious, how could they give this guy life! Boy oh boy, if I were in charge, I’d fry him. Boy oh boy, let this guy off easy with thirty or forty years in a  6×10 box. What good is a death penalty if I don’t get to use it? I mean if we don’t get to use it.

Probably had it all planned out on a cocktail napkin, what color suit he would wear to the execution and which photographers to invite. Fundraiser afterward and don’t forget to change the message on your voicemail.

“Hi, this is Ron; I can’t take your call right now. I’m out of the office getting tough on crime after the fact by killing people. If you are an attorney with an eleventh-hour appeal, tough titties forget about it, this is an election year.  And I plan to use your client’s death in my carefully planned campaign strategy of executing all the killers to look tough beep.

That way, he’ll look tough instead of negligent. It is a very typical narcissist projection, if the court says life and I say death, the court must be wrong. Those twelve men and women, what’s wrong with them? I wanted to kill him and maybe throw the switch myself. Think of the publicity! “Florida Governor Gets Tough on Crime! Throws switch on bad guy. Ronny says, “Ride the lightening kid! From Ronny to Jesus express, he’s all yours now big fella!”

Imagine taking time out of your busy hectic scheduled day to vent your spleen about a criminal, not getting the death penalty. Whaa! (Stomps foot) When you had his death, all planned out. But, but, but I wanted to kill him dammit!

Ron was angry, that he would not be allowed to sign a death warrant. When taken in conjunction with his other cruel stunts, it paints and ugly, ugly picture of a man. The sadistic guard from “The Green Mile” stomping on Mr. Jingles just for the pure meanness of it, cause he thought it was funny.

Shipping Emigrants from Texas to Florida and then on to Massachusetts. Sure, it is ridiculous, but the state legislature allocated money in the budget for political stunts. Those emigrants might have come to Florida, they might have come here eventually. You never know, ship first and ask questions later, and let the publicity be your guide.  

Then at this point, legal emigrants were lured and taken under false pretenses to another state, a thousand miles away. Promised jobs and bright futures with a phony handbill, only to be dumped off on a tarmac without a morsel of food or a bottle of water.

The goal was a photo op, Governor Ron getting tough and sticking it to Joe Biden. Take that Joe Biden! Ha, ha, ha I just turned a problem into campaign opportunity! We’ll take these poor saps and their babies and ship them up to Martha’s Vineyard ha, ha, ha! We’ll hire a plane from a friend of mine and fly them up to Yankeeville at great expense! It’s so funny, I’m wetting myself!

And then what?

What do you mean, “And then what?” That’s it, finni, the end.

What about those people?

What people?

Those people you just dumped on the tarmac. Those people you lured away from a safe situation with a false promise. All in the name of a political stunt to further your own political career. Elect me! I’m wantonly cruel, and I want to lead this countries troops as your next commander in chief!

Obviously and clearly, this is a dangerous individual capable of anything. He puts no value on human life other than what it can offer him. Dead school kids let him act tough on crime, but limiting who can buy firearms makes him look weak. So, he won’t lift a finger other than to pontificate and let the shootings continue. But when they do occur, boy is he ever angry about it.

Ron says; “You know what? We oughta kill him twice! Electrocute the criminal, then revive him let him get well and then we’ll electrocute him all over again! Teach these mentally deranged killers a lesson, they won’t soon forget!”

When the young future German fuhrer still dreamed of becoming an artist and submitted his work in Vienna. The professors noted that his architectural drawings were very good. But that he could not draw people very well at all, how telling. The eye and hand could coordinate to recreate the lines and geometry of the cold and inanimate world. Yet were unable to do the same with living breathing people. Subconsciously, unable to connect in any way with the human form.

Stately castles and marble government buildings with broad boulevards or Grand Opera Houses were beautiful. While the people on the boulevard were just minutia used to make the picture look more real and lifelike, just those little details like so many shrubs or trees or shadows. Not important at all to someone interested in making high art.

“I don’t trust anyone who’s nice to me but rude to the waiter. Because they would treat me the same way if I were in that position.”
― Muhammad Ali

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