Will Do Them No Good

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

And now for the Coup de gras, Donald Trump knew he’d lost the election all along. He was just greening us to cover up his own personal embarrassment. Well, I’ll be switched! Then the idea sprouted in the back of his fertile if unstable imagination. “Yeah sure, you know, maybe I could pull this off.” It’s like that trick where they pull the tablecloth off the table, without disturbing the table settings. Only they don’t do it right and everything ends up on the floor.

Ronald Reagan twists and Watutsis in hell and this is what he sees. His conservative “Reagan Revolution” devolving down to a bunch of jibbering idiots. Considering that Reagan was no towering intellectual himself, we are plumbing the depths of the old well. How deep is deep? How’s the weather down there Ron?

During his debate, Republican candidate Herschel Walker in a clear violation of the rules pulls out a fake police badge from his pocket to show the crowd. Why, not everyone can get a police badge like that! You need at least $29.95 in disposable income and some alternative motive. That’s the real question, why does he carry a fake police badge? That’s very troubling. Can you think of a good reason to carry around a fake police badge? Let alone show it at a debate?

“Oh, I’ll wave it around the room a time or two at the debate, and the people of Georgia will be so impressed, they will vote for me! Even though I’m not sure how many children I have or how much is 6 + 6? Candidate Walker was asked about the high cost of insulin. Walker responds, people with diabetes should eat right. There! Fixed it for you! If you’d just eat right, you wouldn’t need insulin. And if you just wore a condom, you wouldn’t have to discuss abortion so often.

Incumbent Republican Ron Johnson was asked during his debate to say something positive about his Democratic opponent. After a moment of thought and silent contemplation, Johnson answers with, “Ask him why he hates America!” His opponent had answered the same question with “Johnson was a family man.” Johnson’s response drawing boos from the audience.

Dr. Oz comforts an African American woman over gun deaths, which is fair enough. Only perhaps, next time he won’t use a paid staff member as the victim. And maybe next time, not set the situation up like the candidates former TV show.

Just saying, if you have a genuine interest in a problem maybe you shouldn’t address it in an obvious cheap and superficial manner. Admit it; it was campaign stunt.  A cheap attempt to attract African American voters by pretending to care about gun violence. A guy with half a dozen homes. A millionaire TV presenter, living a jet set lifestyle is suddenly concerned about Black youth and gun violence.

Ted Cruz was punked, yet again, into responding to a fake Tweet about Muslim White Supremacists. Stop! Think! Muslim White Supremacist? Really Ted? Sure, why not? Ted has since deleted his response.

The broken clock rule strikes again!  Lauren (Low rent) Boebert and other conservatives had tried to warn America of the evil overtaking our public schools. It gives great insight into their intelligence or what they think of yours.

It was alleged, that children in Woke public schools were identifying and living as cats. In an effort to kow tow to the children’s wokeness and feline identification. The public schools were buying and stockpiling cat litter. And placing it in litter boxes, so the children identifying as cats don’t become offended and start scratching on the furniture or meowing in class. The nip busts are through the roof!

And Lauren is right, at least partially. Technically or perhaps only accidentally. To take a simple fact and extrapolate it out into a perverted scenario.  Good god almighty what motivates these people? Public schools are stockpiling cat litter. But not for Woke school children, but for sleeping adults.

What sort of mind could conceive of a child living as a cat? Remember to suspend belief first, because a child living as a cat would obviously be naked, as cat’s near about always reject clothing. They would also eat raw tuna or some gruesome collection of nuts, butts, and beaks from a slurry of cold gravy from a dish on the floor. The would sit on top of the desk and not in the seat and sleep most of the time. Does that sound like any child you know?

And yet, this phenomenon would breakout simultaneously at woke public schools nationwide! Not just one naked child pooping in a box, but hundreds. It is a story worthy of the National Enquirer, but it’s completely true, almost.

But why just cats? Why wouldn’t the school children discover they were also dogs, and use the restroom outside? Scratching at the earth when finished. They would also be naked and scratch themselves using their feet. But why stop there, why not a goat or a snake? My child identifies as a penguin, so I demand the air condition be left on at all times!

After the gross number school shootings across America that children, small children are forced to endure. Sometimes require, a sometimes hours long lockdown in a single classroom. With no access to the restroom, the trash can must be impressed into service as an emergency toilet for the thirty or so, terrified school children. So yes, the public schools are buying cat litter, your tax dollars at work.

Trying to keep some semblance of sanitation, during the barbarity of school children scared shitless. So, if you aren’t going to do anything about the guns at least you can pay for the cleanup. Schools are also buying hard candy and gum for diabetic children in case of a lockdown. That way you don’t need insulin if you eat right!

Republicanism in a microcosm, “Hey look at me, I gotta a badge.” Say something nice about your opponent. “He’s an asshole!” Hey, what are you going to do about the high cost of insulin?  “Nothing, you should have eaten right.” Sure, I care. Let’s interview this lovely African American lady here chosen purely at random from my staff, to allow me to give my views!

Do you know what they’s doing down to the public-school Clem? They gots children in there, living as house cats! “No,” It’s true Clem, theys buying them cat litter for the children to poop in. Cause they’s woke school children and they believes that deep down inside of them is a house cat clawing to get out.

The question could be condensed to a simple; “How stupid are you?” To be conned into believing school children are living as animals and coddled by parents and the public school. Or to vote for someone stupid enough to seriously put that theory forward. I’ve been so concerned about gun violence and the crisis of Black youth. That I’ve ordered my chauffeur to put vote for me bumper stickers on all my cars.

It shows their depravity and their lack of common decency. To bring forth a subject the answer of which, will do them no good.

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