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By David Glenn Cox

I call it the myth of “Liberal” media, that any corporate entity has any beliefs whatsoever below their bottom line. They identify a market and tailor themselves around it.  “I’m your friend; you can trust me! I bet you need prescription drugs, don’t you?”

CNN offers proof! Winston Smith Reporting:

As Democrats try to hold on in November, it’s Pete Buttigieg who’s in demand on the campaign trail

Who at CNN decided that Democrats everywhere are just trying to hold on? Digging in our fingertips clinging desperately to the rocks trying to hold on in the storm, but we grow tired. Did you see where Herschel Walker did so good showing his honorary policeman badge around at the debate, that he didn’t show up for the next debate?

 He figured everyone was so impressed with his badge the first time around, that there was no need for a second debate to show it around again. Or he realized he had screwed up so badly this time, that he dares not to show his face in public, again until after the election.

That’s why Ralph Warnock dominated the debate, highlighting that he was a nonviolent follower of Dr. Martin Luther King. Herschel Walker was not. Walker claimed he had graduated from college. He did not. Walker claimed to be class Valedictorian, he was not. As Warnock tried desperately to hold on.

Here in sunny AZ. The Republican candidate for Governor refuses to say if she will accept the outcome of the election, but only if she loses. If she wins, she promises to accept the results immediately, wholeheartedly and to admit once and for all. That her fears about election integrity were entirely overblown and totally unfounded. With that much brain power on display, it’s easy enough to see why Democrats are just trying to hold on.

Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson (When we say Johnson, we mean Johnson!) maintains that the reason the audience laughed at him on the debate at the University campus. It was because the audience was unfairly laced with University students. Bunch of leftist eggheads, that’s all! Students, fed a load leftist crap by a bunch of pinko pussy professors that the University hired, the same people who had invited Ron to the debate.

Republicans cry foul after Republican Governor Ronny DeSantis allowed for temporary polling stations to be set up in the hurricane ravaged areas of Florida. Local Republicans claim it is an illegal attempt to assist people to vote and thus unfair under Florida law, as it diminishes their chances of winning when people can easily vote. (As Democrats try to hold on!)

CNN says in headlines- As Democrats try to hold on (Pre-decided) but the story isn’t about Democrats tossed in furies of the storm at all. The story is about that nice Pete Buttigieg. What office is he running for this November? Oh, so we aren’t going to talk about “trying to hold on? Or November? But do a puff piece on Pete? Now?

You know, according to CNN; Pete is Presidential timber in 2024 or 2028. But 2024 is less than two years away. If Pete’s running in 2024, he better wake up smell the coffee and get in the game. Now that doesn’t sound much like the Pete we all know, does it? So it’s safe to assume that Pete’s not running in 2024. Why would Pete break Party unity for a longshot bid in 2024 to beat an incumbent, thus forever destroying his career? It’s a lie told to backstop another lie.

There is a repeated meme, Republican inspired no doubt. That Democrats want someone besides Joe Biden to run in 2024. (Destroy Party Unity) I know it’s a meme because we have primary elections. If the voters want someone besides Joe Biden, they will say so then. Not in a circulated whispering campaign of unknown origin.

It’s rare indeed to overthrow an incumbent President with all that leverage and power for an unknown quantity. Republicans and CNN think, maybe, if they repeat it as a consensus, rather than as a propaganda meme for long enough, maybe you’ll try it.

And CNN wants you to know why Pete is just, so darn popular. It’s not because he’s sharp and quick witted, progressive, and intelligent. Oh no, heavens no, it’s because Pete’s a fresh face. (Aren’t you so tired of the old ones? Let’s get rid of all of them huh? Everyone hates them) Pete’s a celebrity and people queue up to get his autograph. Call the moving van Ethel, what other qualifications do we need? There is still time, If we just could get him on Dancing with the Stars, he’d be shoe in!

But CNN misses the story inside the story. As according to CNN, Kamala Harris is also considering a run in 2024. So obviously the headline should read: “Kamala Harris to Abandon Reelection Ticket for Independent Presidential Run, Biden Shocked!” Right, Kamala Harris is going to do that. Sure, why didn’t Richard Nixon think of that? Leave the Administration and run against Eisenhower?

“Aides to a West Coast House Democrat in a very competitive race (Unnamed) were debating who was going to be their one big ask in the final stretch. The President? The vice president? The first lady?

“A senior staffer on our campaign (Double unnamed) says, ‘Throwing in two cents from our finance director (Triple unnamed) – our San Francisco people have expressed that they don’t really care about POTUS, VPOTUS or the first lady. … They just really like Secretary Pete,’” recounted one of the (multiple unnamed aides in California somewhere around San Francisco somewhere)  WTF?

San Francisco people? What’s that? Quick, lock the the door the San Francisco people are coming! (Night of the Living Dead) Is that like Urban music? You say Urban, but you mean Black. Code word much? Those San Francisco people, they don’t care about issues like who’s the President or Vice President? They just like Pete! They don’t care about a women’s reproductive rights or if the extreme court disembowels the constitution or nothing, they just like Pete!

Let’s recap!

According to CNN –  the Vice President and the Transportation Secretary are potentially planning to depart the Administration in the coming days to potentially focus on independent rogue 2024 runs for the White House. No comment as yet from President Biden. No comment from the Democratic Party officials shocked down to their shoelaces. That a sitting Vice President and a Cabinet Secretary would ever take such a bizarre and an unprecedented political move, unheard of in the annals of politics until today.

It isn’t a story about nervous Democrats clinging to rocks like ivy at all, or even a story about “Gee, that Pete sure is popular.” It’s a story with a subliminal message (You’re losing). No one likes the current crop of Democrats. Everyone is dissatisfied and wants someone else. (Even if it would mean disaster for the Party.) The public wants someone new.

All without one word of proof or one scrap of evidence.

Sure, you don’t NEED a new car. I’m sure the old one is fine if you don’t care what people think. They really knew how to build them way back in the old days, didn’t they? But there are so many nice new models out there today. This one might break down on you, you know. What about safety? And there’s never been a better time to switch! You might be happier with something else; you really ought to consider something else. But then, you didn’t hear it from me. That Pete sure is a real nice man.

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