Sail on to Obscuria

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I’m going to have to disagree with the January 6th Committee here, calling for Donald Trump to testify. First, what do you think that will accomplish? Back when I was in radio school, they taught us the cardinal rule of doing an interview. NEVER let go of the microphone. Because if you do, you become a spectator watching someone else on the radio. You lose complete control of the situation.

Donald Trump is a narcissist, and a narcissist believes the lies he tells. He thinks he’s a genius, (He told you so)  and he can talk you, bumpkins into just about anything. He can tell one person its raining and the next person its sunny, and they’ll believe it, smooth as glass. He enjoys doing it and gets off on doing it.

I hope that you understand that Donald Trump will celebrate every January 6th anniversary like Christmas, for the rest of his life. For you and I this would be a nightmare end to our presidency. For Donald Trump, this is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to him.

Trump Day, the day the spotlight is on him alone, “I’m ready for my close up!” Look what I did! I tried to steal an election and overthrow a government! Now, watch as these hoosters are foolish enough to put a microphone in my hand (Cue the violin music) and I’ll tell my side of the story to America.

And I’ll tell it my way too! With crass distractions and wild claims of cheating and unfairness, if he isn’t allowed to do a striptease on national television. Does this really sound like such an all-fired, good idea? He feeds on attention like a monster from Star Trek. “It’s our attention that give the monster his power Jim.” You mean if we simply ignore him…he’ll go away? “Decidedly Captain.”

But Spock, that means if he ever gets to that microphone on Earth Colony One, there’s no telling of the consequences!

Harry Truman said to, “never mention your opponent by name.” Never give them free publicity because in the newspaper, their name will be printed right next to yours.

It’s like taking a burning flame, bringing it to Washington and making it comfortable, before covering with dry wood and kindling. Because even if it doesn’t end badly (it will) picture a scenario where it ends good. Where it doesn’t end with flying monkeys in the Congressional Gallery swinging from the chandeliers. A speaker helplessly banging the gavel trying to call order as Trump leads the choir in a chorus of “Nearer My God to Thee.”

What do you think they can get out of him? Anyone ever see the film “Goodfellas? He was doing depositions while we were all still in knickers. He can blow more bullshit out his blowhole than any orange whale ever seen or heard of in these waters. He’s a legend he is among the professional liar’s circuit. They whisper his name in reverence they do.

Avast ye mates and take a hand, we’re setting sail into Neptune’s bloody deep, by God were hunting the great orange whale! If this were “Jaws,” I’d say, we need a bigger boat! But since no one has ever called a former President to testify and to explain himself before Congress before. Some will get the idea, that it is all entirely partisan and political.

And you will never convince them otherwise, so this affair becomes grounds for the grievance. Proof that the system is corrupt. Fuel for the fire and proof that they were right all along. Seems like we gain little at great expense.

“It wasn’t bad enough they stole the election, now they want to rub his nose in shit!” Does America really need a good ten cent martyr?

Way back in the long-forgotten days of the Weimar Republic. The young and future fuhrer of Germany was cutting his teeth and perfecting his message in beer halls. They had a poorly planned, ill fated attempt to overthrow the government with thugs and Oath Keepers. A few people died in the affair and the future fuhrer was put on trial for sedition.

But instead, it was the future fuhrer who put the government on trial. He was just a poor veteran of an evil, evil war. It wasn’t his fault; he was forced to watch his country endure economic upheavals and political shame. If only there was someone who could save us? He was the victim, he just wanted to try and help Germany!

NEVER lose control of the microphone. Just how exactly do they intend on wrangling this bull into the chute? And making him answer the questions as they are placed before him? Because once you unlock the chute, it’s going be a wild bucking bullshit ride. Plans sometimes go a rye when thrown off into the air unexpectedly and stomped on by the biggest bull on the planet.

Oh, but he will be under oath. So, he won’t be able to lie. Really? Really, really? You really believe that in October of 2022. That some little law or oath written down in some little book somewheres. Anywhere on the planet Earth, frightens or intimidates Donald Trump?

He would lie straight into the face of Jesus, Moses, and God. He’d swear he never touched her, she, she came on to him first. There are no earthly prohibitions on him, and all is fair game. For him this attention is just what he needs to stay alive and help reframe the narrative of the election. “Look what they have  done to me, look what they’re doing to me.” Why don’t they just leave that poor man alone? He’s a victim of evil govment persecution.

In the book/movie, “The Andromeda Strain” a strange piece of space debris had fallen to earth and killed an entire small town. Scientists rushed to discover the secret, before the space virus could contaminate the whole world. The super-secret, super-cool laboratory had a self-destruct mechanism built in in case any lethal virus ever escaped. But it was discovered that any explosion would only multiply the space virus by a million fold. It was more dangerous to destroy than it was to leave it alone.

I beg of you not to do this thing. There will never be another decent house built in this town again,  if Potter gets his hands on the building and…oh yeah. I beg of you don’t give this guy a microphone and let him start to try to explain to America in Prime Time.  “I call as my next witness; Mr. Mike Lindell.” Don’t give the reality star the microphone and a new show. Keep him on hiatus permanently.

Let his little ship sail on to last cheeseburger round up. Don’t offer him a curtain call or a reason for a come back tour. Let him sail on to obscuria, somewhere near Elba.

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go.”Oliver Cromwell

2 Thoughts

  1. You make a good point. “Once you unlock the chute, you’re in for a wild
    bullshit ride”. I laughed out loud at the visual of the BS flying in all directions😂


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