At the End of the Road

By David Glenn Cox

Intercepted Russian Phone Call: “Don’t you have any tanks?” Yes, two. One doesn’t shoot, and the other doesn’t run. It’s hard to believe the Russians have burned through everything like that. Remember that 40-mile-long convoy of trucks? Statistically at least, they are all gone. There might be a few survivors out there somewheres, but for all intents and purposes, they are all gone. What of the men? Same.

Military commands of 1,000 men down to 200. Few vehicles, little food, harsh conditions. A basement full of new conscripts locked up and arrested for refusing to fight. The Ukrainians have cut the supply road in the east and are fighting to push the Russians out of the last town of any consequence there. It means, if you’re Russian and your supplies come from the east, they ain’t coming.

All of those supplies en route must be rerouted. A delay of a few weeks. And while the Russians still hold territory, they’re being pushed out of the city in the north with access to main roads. More stranded than occupying now. Napoleon abandoned his troops in Egypt. They were stranded in Egypt and not occupying Egypt.

For loss of a nail, the shoe was lost. Because of the breakdown in discipline in the Russian Army. Soldiers with cell phones are telling the folks back home the straight skinny of the nightmare going on at the front. One Russian soldier called it “a meat grinder.” Another described retreating and leaving behind a battlefield littered with hundreds of conscript bodies. “Too many for our men to retrieve.”

Every phone call is listened too and geolocated on the map. Allowing Ukraine to draw a complete map of the Russian front. And probably knowing more about conditions inside the Russian army than Vladimir Putin.

Putin called for 300,000 men but. There must be a caveat in there somewheres. Some clause about military quotas unmet, will be dealt with most harshly. Because they are taking anyone 16 to 65 blind, crippled, or crazy. Prisoners straight from the prison, “Wanna make a deal with the devil?” serve six months as a soldier and your sentence is complete. Sure, you can trust us! Would we lie to you?” Expanding that number as far as one million, two hundred thousand new soldiers.

It is an absolute signal of Putin’s desperation. Panic as the logistics couldn’t possibly handle that expansion of the army that quickly. No army on earth could, they would call up you by birthdays. Some towns say they’ve taken 50% of the young men, who will do their jobs? Who will pay their bills now? This (General) Mobilization is the largest mistake Putin has made since starting the war.

Putin’s losing on the battlefield so badly; he’s willing to risk losing on the Homefront. Willing to decimate the local economy by snatching up, bus drivers, mailmen, cops, engineers, schoolteachers, and pensioners. All to assemble a scratch force that ain’t worth a pile of shit in a rainstorm. An estimated 16% loss in GDP this year over next. That’s unsustainable, Those are Great Depression numbers.

Who will plant the crops in spring? Who will work in the tractor factory with the boys away at the front? The Russians have reopened a factory to restore and modernize T-62 tanks from the 1960s. The Russian General warns, heads will roll if the production schedule is not met. Threatening the workers is probably the best way known to man, to guarantee you’ll get half ass junk delivered and done in a half ass manner, but on time.

“Yuri, did you repair the tank gun correctly?” Of course, comrade Captain! With no new parts available, it is working as well as it ever did!

The other day Steve Bannon threatened Tony Fauci. And Fauci’s his family too, but I don’t know what the family had done to Steve to deserve it. Steve was angry about being sentenced to jail (Who wouldn’t be) and so he had to threaten somebody. So, he stuck his hand in the old “Who do we hate today” box and drew out Fauci’s name.

Not to be out done, the Re-something, something America, pro-Trump rally in Pennsylvania promises a smorgasbord of death, come this holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy Execution to you!

All your favorites are there on the Republican hit list, Nancy, Bill and Hillary of course. What kind of Republican hit list could it be, without Nancy or Hillary? Even Lindsey Graham is on the list (Better keep your mouth shut, if you know what’s good for you Lindsey! Your name is on the list.)

But like Putin’s plight, it’s only raging at the night. As the Eighth Air force began to bomb German cities into ruins. Goebbels asked, “Do you want total War!” Sure, we’re getting our ass kicked today. But we’ll give it back even worse someday, just you wait and see! So, the worse we take it today, the worse they are going to get it someday!

Arizona Republican Party Chairwomen Kelly Ward wins a stay from the Supreme Court, to prevent the turnover of her phone records. Joining the company of Mark Meadows and Lindsey Graham in the Principal’s office. It’s not cheap to keep those sorts of things private. They must really want to keep those records under wraps badly for some reason. Probably costing more more than say a two weeks stay in Porto Viagra.

How bad must it be? Willing to burn treasure to buy silence and time?  They really, really really, don’t want the American people to know who they were talking to on January 6th. And they are willing to put their retirement money up to keep it that way.

The Trump tide is beginning to ebb. It’s just not the same anymore, not like in the good old days. When Trump could pick out an enemy de jure and call them ugly or stupid. And everyone in the crowd would laugh and cheer, but that morphed into racial slurs. Because Trump knew that’s what his audience was after. And like a stripper, he had to show just enough to make the suckers happy, but still want them to come back for more.

Same act since 2016, an act grown stale This time around they need a new wrinkle to keep the fire under the kettle boiling. They aren’t happy or satisfied anymore with more of the “ugly and stupid” remarks. So, they’ll go the Full Monty and just say it right up front, “We want to kill these people.”

Not because they are winning, but because they are losing, and they know it. If they were winning, they would never dream of saying such. If they were winning, they would simply smile and glibly laugh.

You only talk about using dirty bombs when you are losing, and it’s at the end of the road.

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