The Day of the Dead

By David Glenn Cox

It is all Hallows eve, and the dark time is near upon us. The time of year when the dark overpowers the light. And the spirits imprisoned in the darkness can move freely among us. And sit in parking lots and watch people vote because they have nothing better to do.

But in the Irish folklore that created Halloween, it represented the universal human metaphor for the struggle of light and dark. The spirits were loosed, both good and bad. So, you went out in costume, so the bad spirits wouldn’t recognize you and follow you home. And certain women could clear the fairies  from your barn that are afflicting your cows. The midwife would put an amulet under the bed to cut the pain. The Sheela na gigs were warned to stay out of the church.

To the ancients, it was a dangerous and fearful time. A time of instability, cold and short days. Your primary school education taught you the basic building blocks of how the solar system operates. You no longer leave offerings on an altar to encourage the sun to come back again tomorrow. But what if you didn’t know where the sun went after it got dark? And nobody else knew either.

The mind begins to play tricks on you, and you could make a mistake. Because you think it is one way based on beliefs, but it’s not that way at all. The world stumbled into WW1 at a time like this when everything seemed to be in flux. One day everything was fine, six weeks later the whole world was at each other’s throats. Over a hundred years after that, we still study to try and understand why.

Realms rise and fall become static and bureaucratic, decay and fall away. Collapsing under the weight of their own ingrained corruption. The Soviet Union fell, and the Communist Party is no longer in power. They stripped out the Party and left in the corruption. A Russian soldier complained to his wife that their one tank, was fifty years old. That it was hard to start and often stalled after moving less than 100 meters. The Russian Army lost nearly 1,000 soldiers in Ukraine yesterday.

Russia has cleaned out the bone yard for equipment and the pool halls and the places Russian men go to be disreputable. The way the Russians have made a show of yelling stop. It tells you how bad the mobilization is going and or went.  It is a clarion call to Russian men everywhere, to stop leaving the country and come out of hiding.

At first, the military recruiters were looking for men at their homes. Then they got smart and started looking for men at their jobs. Then all the men stopped going to work. Then the government declared an end to the mobilization. “Where is everybody?”

But this disturbance in the force, this coming collapse of the rump state of Russia is dangerous. Russia destabilized is no one’s friend. China watches the struggle like a black bird circling overhead, waiting for lunch to die. As Vladimir Putin blames Britain for the raid on the Russian fleet in Sevastopol. Russia would like to provoke an incident for the purposes of negotiations. Flying planes into Swedish airspace playing chicken with the west, Asking, how bad do you fellas wanna make this?

The Russians have made several references to the Cuban Missile Crisis in public statements. I don’t think that they are doing that for added dramatic value, but as a diplomatic safe word. We are further along than it appears. Russian mobilization was a last gasp, and not a new beginning. Trying to fill holes in the front with farm boys and old men, without proper equipment or training.

The front line is defended by a second line ordered to shoot anyone on the first line who tries to retreat. The second line is likewise reenforced by a third line of soldiers with similar instructions. Try and run away on the third line, and they’ll put you in the first line. You gotta love that Russian sense of humor.

History teaches us, those military formations of farmers and clerks and schoolboys, don’t usually last after the first artillery barrage. Throwing down their rusty rifles and surrendering en mass, but you can’t surrender to artillery and so the Russians lost nearly 1,000 men yesterday.

Big doings in China as the former President was escorted off the property, like a game show contestant who lost in the lightening round. That always means somethings afoot when they take you out under the arm like that and start you walking.

Little fat man Kim Dong what’s his name has been firing off his missiles because Vlad promises a check. Little fat man doesn’t do anything that doesn’t involve a check. So, if you want the big, big missile. I’m afraid I’m going to need the big, big check!

Joe Biden and the US military aren’t sitting back and scratching their backsides winding their watch and wondering what to do. They are building facilities for B-52 Nuclear armed bombers to be stationed in Australia. In chess, it would be taking your Bishop from North Dakota and moving it all the way across the board to Australia, obviously pointing it at an adversary. More or less,  telling the Chinese, “Don’t even think about it.”

Remember when they asked Joe Biden about defending Tiawan with nuclear weapons and he was non-comital? There’s your answer! The US just moved a nuclear strike force 20 hours closer to the potential target. Dangerous times indeed, the eternal struggle between light and dark.

Russia is in a death spiral and on a death watch. Hungry soldiers without proper equipment or food always ends the same way, always. Nature and politics abhor a vacuum, especially a nuclear vacuum. The end of Russia as a European threat hides the threat of a new Russia even worse than before. Ethiopia of the North. Whose only major export are the poor and huddled masses yearning to live free… somewheres else nice in Europe, like at your house.

Militarily the situation for the Russians is hopeless. That was the very reason that Putin built that bridge to Crimea in the first place. The same reason the Ukraine’s damaged it. You can’t support a peninsula. It’s a house on fire with only one door.

What happens when the mad dictator sees his dreams fall to ashes? And reads the message in the tea leaves? For Putin the world is too small to escape from. For Putin, all that had gone right, has now gone wrong. He has wagered it all on a single game of pitch and toss and lost. The penalty for which is irrevocable, the unit will be terminated and escorted off the existence property.

But it’s the big devil keeps all the little devils in check. If you get rid of the big devil, the little devils will run free and run amuck. And In our effort to get rid of the darkness, we risk unleashing even more darkness upon ourselves.

A Halloween bone to chew on. Boo!

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