A Good Idea at the Time

By David Glenn Cox

Always remember this day, the decline and fall of the United States has begun. The citizens of the United States have proven to the world that we are strong, and we are brave, but we are dumb. We are undone by our own technology with customized Big Brothers all around! Big Brother isn’t watching you! You’re watching Big Brother! (So, pay attention! And pay up!)

So, as I sip my coffee this morning and wondered what part of the world looks appealing for an older man with a cat and a Social Security check. At least for now anyway, until Homer and the morons vote to give it away for a onetime payment of $1,000! And a platinum set of  Tops NFL collectors’ cards. Tax free!

But the reason I want you to remember today is because, it’ll make you laugh someday. Someday when you are sitting on the floor of your cell with five or six other people. And they bring in this middle-aged fat guy. And he’s screaming about his rights and bleeding all over the floor. About how the cops kicked in his door and took his guns! And how they beat him up and he hadn’t done nothing to deserve it. Trust me, you’ll laugh someday.

This dumbass couldn’t put  2 + 2 together. He thought that he could trust the government to take other people’s rights away, but that his rights would all still be safe. Why, they’d never use those powers against me! They wouldn’t dare! Those powers are to (wink, wink)  take care of the minorities, the Gays, and the societal riff raff.

But here’s a question Homer? Maybe they didn’t really want those other people’s rights after all. Maybe, what they wanted was your right to own a gun all along. But they’re your friend Chester! They like you, cause you’re so smart.

They’re your friends and it was their idea to take those other people’s rights away in the first place. That right was so wrong, that’s too much freedom for some people and they can’t be trusted with it! So, you just let us decide, and then shut the hell up, because you voted for it yourself.

Why, if this many people have so little interest in preserving their own civil rights. Then they won’t mind if we take some more of their rights away. But only to make things better you know. These people confound me with their stupidity. They think, try not to laugh now until I’m finished.

They think, that taking away a women’s right to reproductive freedom, won’t ever come back to haunt them as taking away their own right to own a Smith & Wesson. That’s too much freedom for some people you know, and some people can no longer be trusted with it!

And when you try and protest, you’ll be tear-gassed, beaten and arrested under the new Antiprotest laws enacted by Republicans to counter Antifa and Black Live Matters protests. Now, you can’t tell me that’s not funny! A bunch of fat balding middle-aged white guys be beaten, tazed and bloodied over laws. Enacted to protect them from protest and civil disobedience by Black people protesting over being beaten and tazed. Have you no sense of irony?

You gave up your right to free assembly; you must get a permit now, at least six weeks in advance to protest in this state and put up a $1,000,000 insurance bond. Do you have a permit? Then get in the back of the Paddy wagon punk; you’re looking at five years in a private prison. Funny how all that works, isn’t it? The same people who contracted the prison, seem so anxious to fill it!

If you had told me the Supreme Court of the United States of America would strike down Roe Vs. Wade, and the response at the ballot box would be tepid. I’d tell the bartender to cut you off. I would have expected pro-choice candidates to have run the table. There wouldn’t be a Republican survivor left in sight.

Republicans crawl out from under their desks. Looking around shocked and amazed, they didn’t die, there was no mass reaction by the electorate. Everything basically stayed the same. Yippee! We successfully rolled back a civil right for the first time ever (but not the last)and all without suffering any penalties from the voters at all! We can lie and cheat, steal break the law and they don’t even care anymore!

Gee fellas, what other rights do you want to take away next? Now that corporations are people who can make up their own minds. And non-corporation people need someone to take them by the hand and protect them…from themselves.

Did you know that National Parks were once free? They were a gift given to you by your ancestors. They were your legacy. They were YOURS! Until you voted for Republicans who thought it was unfair to the taxpayers to burden them with maintaining your legacy. They think you ought to pay for it and your wife and your little kids too! It’s still cheaper than Disneyland! Even though it’s yours and it belongs to you, we’re gonna ask you to pony up just the same.

You should have to pay for things that are being given to you as a legacy. Even if your ancestors already paid for it one time with their blood. You can’t ask taxpayers to pay for these things to honor their lives in the United States. It could hinder the private space program. You know, Elon Musk wants to be the first man on Mars and strangely enough, I find myself wanting that too.

I mention the parks only to illustrate how stupid the average American’s are. (And 50% are stupider than that! – George Carlin) Okay, from now on it’s going to cost you $1.75 to go into your own back yard. Now before you get upset, let me offer you this super pass good for all year for only $75.00. Then you can go into your own back yard as much as you want! Come and go like you own the place!

Here in the AZ. Republicans successfully convinced the voters that the economy was in the tank and doom awaited them around every corner. Only one problem, the economy is doing great considering all it’s been through. Within three miles of my house there are no less than five or six hundred new homes being built. As I peruse the want ads looking for Part -Time work I see full time work ads spilling off the page.

Why this best bad economy I’ve ever seen. Nearly every day, I pull up behind a new car with a temporary tag on it. The economy has gotten so bad that new Tesla’s sometimes remain on their sales lots for up to THREE days before being sold. That really sucks huh. Let’s see, they’re building a new car factory outside (Lucid) of town. They want to build a big computer chip factory too. While new home construction is exploding, but other than that. Other than that, this economy sucks!

To successfully convince a majority of voters to believe through television and not to believe their own lying eyes. They’s gonna protect them unborn and make the economy strong agin! Don’t you dare think for yourself or vote for your best interests neither. You just vote like your friends do and like your daddy did, we’re your friends you know. You can trust us; would we lie to you? What do you care if they outlaw abortion?

But if they can take control of a woman’s uterus, then they aren’t afraid to come take your guns away whenever they get ready and take a notion to get around to it. And always remember; you voted for it! But for some reason, they thought it was a good idea at the time. Ain’t that funny?

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