Seen Any Funny Cat Photos Lately?

By David Glenn Cox

Somedays this could be difficult, but not today. Meta announces layoffs amounting to 13% of the staff. Anyone out there surprised? (Elon! Pay attention) I’ve always heard it called, the dinosaur principle. The larger a beast grows; it suffers from an equal and identical loss of intelligence. The huge dinosaur with a brain the size of a walnut.

I was a distributor for a large engine manufacturer with a very successful product line. We were the industry standard, and none better were available anywhere. Yes, they were expensive. But if properly maintained, they could last for years and years. The company had gotten large during the world war and the zenith was probably somewhere about the time I showed up, just in time to ride down with her.

The factory used to play this cute little game. “Pssst, say, listen. You didn’t hear it from me. But the negotiations with the union are going badly. Looks like there’s gonna be a strike. You better stock up! No telling how long it could last.” Remembering how I ordered by quarters, so he was telling me to double my order from $100,000 to $200,000. Because otherwise, I could be caught without any inventory at all, for months.

Always at the eleventh hour, the strike would be settled. And the suckers would have twice the inventory, that they would need for next six months. They were so successful; they could basically do whatever they wanted. You sell only two a year, but the minimum order quantity is five. You sell five a year, and the minimum order is twenty. But you are the distributor and required under contract and they only cost $100 bucks each to adequately maintain the stock. It did not take long to figure out that we were the cash cow.

Yes, we made money too, but when sales slipped at the factory. They knew where they could make up the revenue shortfall. They were basically working against us and becoming the competition. We had several small equipment manufacturers we serviced with new engines. The rule had always been if the customer wanted to order direct from the factory. They had to buy 12 engines at once. Or about fifty or sixty thousand dollars, cash money on the barrel head. No Visa, No Mastercard, No credit.

Then they made a new rule requiring the purchase of only five. And then to sweeten the deal and to make sure they came back, selling them at the same price as ours. And they weren’t required to carry a million dollars in inventory or do warranty work. Genius, pure genius.

They were wildly successful; they could do whatever they wanted. And as long we were still making money and having a good time. We had to let em, and brother they knew it. They held so many staff meetings where no one was available for hours. We joked the staff meetings were about how improve customer service. “Yes, you in the back.” Maybe, we could keep one person available by the phones during the staff meetings to take messages, in case of an emergency?

Facebook is/was the premier social media channel and they’ve done fine job of abusing it and strangling it, like the golden goose that it is. Originally designed as an open platform where friends and family exchanged ideas and news. It quickly became an advertising platform, like TV or Radio. But there was a problem in Xanadu.

The First Baptist Church of Antioch, Mississippi, was objecting to Trojan condom Ads and Seagram’s whiskey ads on their Facebook page. What’s more, the advertisers objected even more to their advertisements (Their MONEY!) being associated with Right Wing Militia and hate groups.

So, they had a big conference to try and sit down like ladies and gentlemen, and quietly resolve the problem. To try and find a way for an equitable solution for one and all. So, in his opening remarks Mr. Zuckerberg sort of told the advertisers, Fuck you! If you don’t like it. Tough titties, there’s the door hit it! Maybe you should try advertising on that OTHER Facebook! (Har, har, har!!) They’ll be back! Just you wait and see, they’ll come crawling back.

So, the advertising focus sort of shifted. From AT& T to “Shep’s Garage Now does Transmission Work in the Tri-City Area!” Stand By Houston, boy genius at work! “Cross-eyed Mary’s Daycare now has openings, I think.”

Then came a brilliant new idea, Facebook Market Place. You know, an online yard sale and thrift store without the flies or the crying children. Just like Tradio on the old AM radio, but for a new generation.

We can replace those lost millions from AT&T and Mercedes Benz with yard sale revenue! You can advertise yourself; you know! Promote your own Facebook page; you know? Got any money?  Instead of AT&T giving them ten million dollars, they hope ten million people would each give them a dollar.

Originally, the model was designed so that we could communicate with each other independently. Make our own friends and join likeminded groups. See a story you like? Why you could share that story and all your friends would see it. If they liked the story, they could share it too! And all their friends would see it.

Theoretically, a story could reach around the whole world! And teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. Facebook discourages that with “send.” If you want every person in the world to see this story Mister, then you better start naming them. Then you can solicit them, one at a time.

Social Media Company has no social media communication with the users. “I ain’t talking to them! They can’t tell me nothing!” Facebook has one public telephone number for the entire planet Earth. And if no one answers, leave a message. You’re number 9,887,642 in the que and your estimated wait time, is beyond Steven Hawkin’s comprehension.

Social Media Company discourages social media interaction of any type. Facebook Bluecaps, censors are everywhere going back over what you might have said six weeks ago. Any remark at all is suspect, “Have a nice trip” (Encouraging drug use) “I’m still trying to fight off this cold.” (Encouraging violence) My sin was to imply to a friend of mine. That perhaps his mental powers were somehow under a cloud. And he was not understanding reality properly, as I felt he should. BANNED! SEVEN DAYS! Next!

And even though, I have served my time and caused no trouble and feel myself to have been rehabilitated. Facebook has limited my feed dramatically by 90%. I promise and swear to the lord god almighty. I’ll never say anything ever again on Facebook! Except perhaps, yes and no or maybe, “That’s wonderful!”

Putin’s Russia online. Lest I fall into trouble again with the Facebook Blue caps. I have learned my lesson and will comment only very , very, little on anything on Facebook ever again. Genius, pure genius. Eventually, they’ll train us to stay away completely.

How about we open a Pizza Restaurant, while we discourage people from eating Pizza? How about this? Jerusalem Manny’s Genuine Pulled Pork Sandwiches! Or maybe open a Vegan Steak house? Maybe a sex club that encourages celibacy? Or a cigar bar with a “No Smoking” Policy.

Facebook, laid off the first 11,000 workers and the Zuck gave them all a sad story about Covid, and about how it wasn’t his fault. But it is. 

Facebook has destroyed its own business model. It discourages communication and the sharing of any news or any views at any time, and it encapsulates them to limit their spread. So that they can control the narrative, not you. The have frozen any speech at all, and all speech is suspect. Yet the Nazis and Reich Wing Militia groups and the hate groups, continue with their Facebook pages, unmolested.

“We control the picture, and we control the horizontal.” Seen any funny cat photos lately?”

(Yes, I have.)    (No, I have not.)   (I have no opinion about this subject.)

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