Don’t You Own a Camera?

By David Glenn Cox

I’m going to tell you a story about one of my favorite subjects, me. But it is also a story about success and failure. About how extreme success can dull your senses until you know longer know if you were smart or just lucky. That’s why success is harder to navigate than failure. With failure you only need to keep it up and be persistent. While with success you are always required to improve on your previous success to maintain that “Boy Genius” status.

No telling how many entrepreneurs first came up with “The Pet Stone” or “The Pebble Friend” until some genius finally got it right with “The Pet Rock.” That guy made millions of dollars, but what do you do for an encore? You could search for a million years for the next Big idea, because the brain no longer trusts itself as a fair and unbiased arbiter.

That sounds like real good idea and you’re a boy genius too, so it must be a good idea! After all, you invented the Pet Rock, didn’t you? But the ID whines to the ego. “You’re just a fraud and a faker. You just took someone else’s idea repackaged it and put your own name on it.”

So come on Boy Genius, show us your stuff! “I’m going to buy… XYZ company. Because they’re doing something we should have been doing, a long time ago. They thought of it! So now we’ll buy it! And run it into the ground, like the Muppets at Disney!”

I started my blog, “This Carbon-Based Life” a little over two years ago. After a publisher let it slip, that I had over half a million reads on his website. But it is hard to start from nothing and I thought mistakenly that Facebook could be helpful in building an audience and be mutually beneficial to us both. And it was!

From forty reads a day to a hundred. And then, finally to around six hundred. My high was 2,300 reads in a single day. With an average of six minutes per read, I was keeping readers on Facebook between an extra 36 hours and 13,000 hours each and every day. So, you can see why they don’t like me!

Seems like just about every day, I was reading about someone getting out of Facebook Jail, and I’d always wondered what they had done. They’d always seemed like nice enough folks in the past. Then one day, I was sent to Facebook jail myself and found out what! What they’d done was, probably little or nothing! And strangely, you might find this hard to believe. But the Facebook function where you could complain and voice your side of the story was disabled! (Shocked Aren’t YOU?)

Did you know that there are businesses in Las Vegas, where they actually pay entertainers to ply their trade? They pay them thousands of dollars every week. Just to sing and dance and all sorts of stuff. All in the hopes those entertainers will create content and attract more customers into their businesses.

But you see the problem with not knowing whether you were a genius or just lucky, is when all your own ideas fail, over and over. Maybe changing your company name will help some?

 Facebook is on a precipice. You don’t fire 11,000 people right before the holidays because everything is just hunky dory. Social Media moves on and evolves. Those who fail to evolve with it will be left behind. The copycats always soon fade away. A live monument to the New Old way of doing things. The New M-TV! And it’s gonna be like this forever and ever! We don’t never have to do nothing, but just sit back and count the money rolling in!

It’s like the kid who didn’t do his homework. All he wants to do is look at other people’s papers to see what answers they’ve got. Because he doesn’t trust his own judgment anymore. There ain’t no more Billion-dollar brain buster ideas squirting out on to the table anytime soon. So, they panic and want to imitate or buy everyone else. To buy an audience. To look over the fence to see what everyone is else is doing, while ignoring their own garden.

Everyone else is planting geraniums, so we should be planting geraniums too! Tic-Tok is eating Meta’s  lunch. So, Meta comes up with a program to Pay producers of video content (Like Tic-tok) so they can copy them and get the young audience to come back. (not happening, we’re here.) Funny videos about the that time you fell naked backwards onto the bathroom plunger Great! Here take some $$$! Copy more! Copy some more! And we’ll pay YOU in real coin!

But stories about Trump screwing the country funny or not, are to be squelched. It’s not bias as much as it’s that written word thing. “Can’t you keep up with the times? Couldn’t you just take some funny pictures or post videos like Tic-Tok does?

Well, if you insist, then we’ll just stop people from reading your posts. So there! Take that! That’ll teach you! Then people won’t come around Facebook wasting their time trying to find and read your posts. Once we get through with you! People will never come around Facebook anymore to look for one your articles! We’ll teach you!

So, you can take your 150,000 Carbon-Based reads or 90,000 Carbon-based hours people spent on reading your articles on Facebook and drag your ass away from here! We don’t want to hear about your over 55,000 Facebooks like’s or your over six thousand shares! We know what’s better! That’s the future; the future is better, and everyone is doing it. So, we’re gonna do it just the same way too! Just the same as everyone else!

Sure, they’ve had the idea floated around to make Facebook more like normal media page. With conservative or liberal news pages, that you could choose from to either join or avoid. Or even an imitation Tic -Tok page. But that’s not what Tic-Tok does, so forget it!

We only do what the others do around here. It keeps you from getting fired! What with all the built-in excuses of “that’s what they were doing boss! You can’t fire me for that! It can’t be my fault. They were successful doing it! They did it first!”

But it is more of the inevitable and predictable stage reached by the wildly successful. Panic, the fear of trying anything new sets in. Against any idea that someone else hadn’t tried first. You’re a boy genius and the best way to stay a boy genius, is not to make any mistakes. You do that by not doing anything all, or by just aping the competition.

And just to be on the safe side, you change your company name to something else. And then put someone else in charge to take the fall, but you still call all the shots.

Now, that’s not say that Meta dislikes my articles all that much. They are more than willing to promote my articles to fullest extent of my financial abilities to pay! They would willingly take all the money I’ve got on earth and leave me naked and destitute, if I would but let them. But that would only last for about a day or so.  And Facebook would push my articles to the top a most, of the poppa a most. To every last man, women, and child on Facebook and on the planet Earth.

But only if I pay them first. Then they’ll let me help them, but only if I’m willing to buy an audience. Only if I’m willing to pay them. Like one of those restaurants where you pay to cook your own steak. Otherwise, get lost! We don’t want anyone coming around here gumming up the works with words and writing and communication stuff and the posting actual opinions. This is social media, Shakespeare is dead! “Don’t you own a camera?

But if I had any money, would I be posting on Facebook?

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