The Nerd in the Golden Cage

No outward signs of megalomania there.

By David Glenn Cox

So, there I was all set to write about Herschel’s “I live in Texas” remark. I’m really very disappointed by the new revelation. Something that blatant and obvious like that should have been found out long before the need of burdening Georgia citizens with holding a runoff election.

After this; it’s on the Georgia citizens themselves. The founding father’s thought it a good law. To keep out flashy sharpies and business interests from electing some Con man to run the state. As a proxy for people who live far, far, away from Georgia and who really don’t give a shit about what happens there. Just so long as their numbers are right.  If they would like to give away their state to nebulous clouds of dark money interests. By all means, be my guest!

But, but, but there is also this other gem to consider. If you lived in Ohio or Florida during the Pandemic of late. There was 76%  higher chance that if you didn’t love science. That science wouldn’t love you right back! Seems science doesn’t care all that much about your personal beliefs or opinions. Age, prior basic health history and current political persuasion were among the leading risk indicators for a fatal case of Covid-19. Another overweight Republican smoker…  the poor bastard never stood a chance!

Science shows its hand after the introduction of vaccines. Then the situation should have improved statistically across the board…but it didn’t, it got worse for…guess who? Actually, it stayed about the same. Only now, other non-Republican peoples were getting better, while the Republicans were still dying. That’s a mighty big story! “How My Political Beliefs Led Me to an Early Grave! (Both Parties are just the same, uh huh.)

Throw in Brian Kemp and Ron DeSantis and the dead were merely cannon fodder. Seems thoughts and prayers and amulets and charms were largely ineffective against the virus. And shouts of, “Come on! Let’s all go back to work!” didn’t help all that much either. Death by Republican!

This is a feast or famine business. One day nothing and the next, volcanoes are exploding. Wars, revolutions, new I-phones and giddy new commercial crap. So much can happen all at once that you could miss the less obvious story. And you still can still miss it, if you stop reading here.

Seems our dear friend Elon (wink, wink) is having issues and its sort of like a giant jig saw puzzle. The mysteries of Howard Hughes! Each episode seems to add slightly to the fuller picture. Until in horror you begin to realize that this could happen to your own children someday! Make them swear an oath today (This Day) never to become billionaires. Better they ruin their lives as drug addicts or porn stars.

You know who, just bought a company that doesn’t make any money. In fact, it loses a lot of money. But not to worry sports fans. As our friend is going to fix it! (He’s got a gnarly set of tools) It is a kind of a do it yourself project he’s taken on after firing half the staff.

I’ve used this analogy before that if you operate a septic tank cleaning service with two trucks. You’re an honest business never to be invited to join the Country Club. However, if you have a thousand septic tank trucks or a million trucks. Then you are a “GENIUS!” You can do no wrong and fart Glade air freshener. You could be the next Republican governor of Georgia from anywhere!

It’s a famous scene in most literary dramas where the hero faces that fork in the road requiring an epic  moral decision. Will Shane choose the ranchers or go into town and hire out as a gunman? Will Tom Joad stay if Mama’s asks? Will Luke choose the dark side? But Pink isn’t well, he stayed back at the hotel.

Our friend is having a rough go it. After having just run off half the paying advertisers and quite a few of the Twitter subscribers.

I don’t know, maybe his plan is just to burn it all down to the ground and start all over fresh. Be that as it may, it looks worse still as Elon Tweets. He’s just had a real good talk with Tim Cook and talked him out of dropping the Twitter app from the Apple I-phone store.” But Cook never had any intentions of dropping the Twitter App from the I-phone store. (Twilight Zone music)

If you’d just heard a rumor, that your app was about to be dropped. It would be completely normal and natural to make that call and find out if it is true or not. If it’s not true, then you hang up the phone put your feet back up on the desk and continue playing Tetris.

But our friend made that call to find out if the rumor was true or not. And once the rumor was proven to be false with no basis in fact whatsoever. Our friend, he takes credit for saving the day. “I just got off the phone with a Mafia Don in Sicily and convinced him not to kill me. He tried to pretend that he didn’t know who I was,  but I finally got him to agree (for a price) to leave me alone.”

A normal person would just say, “Thanks Tim, that sure is a load off my mind!”

There’s a crack in that bell someplace. It shouldn’t sound like that! Feeling the need to publicize an event that never really happened or was ever really going to happen ever anyway, and his heroic actions taken in regards to them. “Good news everyone, I didn’t burn the cookies! I could have been careless and forgot. But no, I set the timer, “pretty good huh?” Aww, now does someone need his ego stroked.

What’s next, “Well good news everyone! I just got off the phone with the space Aliens and talked them out of subjugating the Earth!” That’s a real bad sign when they start to believe that their actions have influence in areas they couldn’t possibly ever reach.

Like a child’s transformer toy believing he’s all things to all people. That if he needs to, he can change shape and turn into to something else by virtue of his superpowers. Building cars is to building rockets is to building Social Media as…? He’s a car maker today and a Social Media magnet tomorrow. He’s certain that he can fix it ,whatever it is. For he has willed it to be so.

Isolated under a fog in the great rooms of the imperial palace. He’s going to make unpopular opinion popular because that’s what he thinks. But guess what? I think I hear the falls up ahead. Protect your children today! Lest they become the next billionaire Don Quixote! Squandering their fortune conquering the windmills of their minds. The nerd in the golden cage.

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