All in the Name of God

Above: American Christians freely expressing their love for Jesus.

By David Glenn Cox

I would wager that if I appeared before the Supreme Court cracking inappropriate racial jokes. They would drag me out of there in handcuffs. They don’t televise hearings from the Supreme Court because it is a far too solemn an affair. Far too serious are the deliberations to allow the distraction of television cameras.

But Sammy (Groucho) Alito thinks that court time is FUN time.

Bricks began to fall from the building as Trump named judges to the Supreme Court. The entire wing of Republican appointed judges amounts to no more than stooges. And your legal stance and chance for a fair hearing before them is about the same as it would be in North Korea. (Without the immediate executions!)

In a case which is very simple and never should have reached the Supreme Court. A gentleman who designs wedding cakes for a living. Doesn’t want to be forced to design said cakes for Gay couples, because he is a bigot. He claims his bigotry is protected by the Constitution. This is the United States, and you can be a bigot with a heart full of hate here, if you want.

Only, I have one very simple question. Who or whom is paying for all of this? Is he really spending hundreds of thousands of his own dollars to go before the Supreme Court to defend his right to be a bigot? I never would have imagined cake designing to be so lucrative.

But way back in 1961. Back before Henny Alito ever thought about joining the judiciary. President Kennedy desegregated public transportation by executive order. Thus, denying railroads and bus companies their Constitution right to treat some customers differently. No more “Colored” waiting rooms or segregated drinking fountains. With  the stroke of a pen, Kennedy took away their Constitutional right to be a bigot.

Kennedy’s executive order demanded that all Americans be treated equally in all public transportation PERIOD! No buts or exceptions allowed. Everyone with a ticket in their hand was to be treated like they owned the company. No more segregated pullman cars or busses.

Kennedy’s executive order was monumental in fatally wounding Jim Crow. The good citizens of Montgomery, Alabama, were so enraged that White children now would be forced to share the swimming pool with Black children. Angered that their constitutional right to be bigots was being challenged. The mayor had the city pool bulldozed and filled in. But only to teach President Kennedy a lesson he wouldn’t soon forget. “Do you see all these hot miserable children with no swimming pool? You did that!”

So, although I’m not lawyer and I never went to law school. The case seems pretty simple to me. Cake Designer A. hangs out a shingle offering “Cake Design.” He went into business to provide himself income. But he wants to decide who can ride on his bus and who can’t. Some people’s money isn’t good enough for him because of his religious beliefs.

His beliefs forbid him from doing or performing services for those who don’t follow the same religious practices. For it is written in the Bible from the book of made-up stuff; “Thou can be an asshole, if thou so choose.” Jesus says, “Fuck off!”

Having managed businesses for many years myself there are many ways of handling requests you’d rather not deal with. Difficult customers you’d rather not do business with. But at no time would I ever come out and say to a customer. “I’m not going to rebuild your industrial engines because you’re Gay!”

My religious beliefs prevent me from doing any work for Gay people because they are sinners. (Judge not lest ye be judged) I won’t do any work for fat people, divorcees, or people having premarital sex.  I have my rights you know! I have every right to open a lemonade stand and say No Redheads, Irish or handicapped! It’s my Constitutional right!

But the law is established already. If you open the doors of a business in the United States. You must serve everyone who comes through that door. If you don’t like that, find a new means of support.

Even without looking, I already know who paying for this. Cake Designer A. is a foil for some church or Bible group whose parishioners are bank rolling this. Pouring out their hard-earned shekels to roll back the tide of Gayness. Not unlike the county clerk who was encouraged to deny marriage licenses to a Gay couple. Who was then abandoned by the flock after she was fired and faced a legal judgment.

This case shouldn’t be before the Supreme Court. This is a legal case about denying someone their rights. The public! It is about denying the public their rights. “Now before I build you this fence, I need to ask about your personal habits and church attendance.”

This is manufactured case trying to put moral law over public good. The same old poor suffering Christian routine.  Everybody’s saying Happy Holidays and making Jesus cry! They’re teaching evolution! And I don’t like that! I want it stopped! I want my children ignorant of science! It’s my Constitutional right!

Robin Williams Alito cracks jokes during deliberations. Too serious an event for television cameras,  because this is some serious stuff. But okay, who doesn’t like a little racial humor? Asking Elaina Keegan, if she was familiar with Ashley Madison (Adult dating site) And Alito asked, if a Black Santa would have his picture taken with a White child in a Ku Klux Klan robe. “Who thinks like that?”

The case is about Gay wedding cakes, but Alito’s mind goes right to Blacks and the Klan. What? Over here Sammy! We’re talking about religion, and you go straight to race. Laughing and telling jokes as he goes. He’s not taking it seriously, but only because it’s a fraud.

This isn’t a court case at all. It is a media case and a fundraising case. A chance to air their grievances about a world which is rapidly leaving them behind. Those poor, poor, pitiful Christians. How sad and  put upon and beleaguered by a society that is coming to see them in the same light as the Amish. A separate society of those who wish to live quietly in harmony with their religious beliefs.

The Amish don’t drive automobiles or attend publics school or read textbooks. Their religious practices are strict and firm. They honor their own beliefs, and they live by them.

But the Amish would never in a thousand-years try to force their religious beliefs on to someone else. If you would like to join the Amish and live their religious practices, they would welcome you.  

In the old Testament, God (Yeah, God) set down ten commandments for right behavior. In the New Testament, Jesus only set down one commandment. “To love one another.” But the cake designer fights for his right to be an asshole on religious grounds. Supported by ten of thousands of other Christians who also want to be assholes, just like him. All in the name of God.

“Sorry English, we don’t serve people driving automobiles around here! If you have electricity in your house, you’re not welcome!”

The good Christians using Jesus as an excuse to be a bigot. (I wonder what he would think of that.) I mean, if he’d ever really existed in the first place.

“I like your Christ. I don’t like your Christianity.” – Mahatma Gandhi

2 Thoughts

  1. I enjoyed your piece, as always.
    But I just wanted to point out that the wedding cake debacle happened several years ago. This particular version involves a graphic designer.
    Keep up the good work!


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