Dissent isn’t Disloyalty

By David Glenn Cox

It is rare that I let this stuff get to me. I’ve been around it for too long to let it upset me. Because politics is temporal it just is, like the weather. I don’t know why I’m surprised after the propagandized morons were convinced by third rate con man to storm their own Capitol and kill their own policemen.

There might even be a few out there who still believe. And I’ve got a message for them. Do you know those relatives of yours? The ones who don’t want to talk to you at family gatherings because you’re a Trumper…They’re absolutely right about you!

These disloyal bastards make me sick. Sucking up the Russian propaganda with straw. And embarrassing this nation, by their idiotic behavior. Putin must think to himself; I’m losing the war in Ukraine, but I’ve still got the Republicans in my back pocket!

Brittany Griner has been freed in a prisoner exchange with the Russians. What do the disloyalist Party have to say about it? “Oh, that was shitty deal! We should have gotten the soldier out instead! The soldier was jailed on espionage charges and Griner was jailed for weed. (See the difference?) It’s not either or!

This wasn’t Amazon or the Home Shopping Network. You get what they’ll give you! Sure, you can go in and demand the soldiers release and the Russians say, Nyet! What’s your next move, smart guy?

No, maybe we didn’t get such a good deal. But if Griner were your daughter or sister or wife! I’d wager you wouldn’t think so. We got an American back in exchange for a low life piece of shit Russian criminal! Our prison their prison, what’s the difference?

It’s just more of that tantrum throwing childlike behavior we’ve come to know as Republicanism. Trump lost WAAAAAAAAA! It’s not fair! WAAAAAAAAA! We wanted to win, WAAAAAAA! Grow the Fuck up! It is really getting old. Trump lost – Get over it!

The Republicans attack not our enemies, but an American citizen. WAAAAAAA! Why did they get her out for! We wanted the White boy; I mean the soldier! Call for Barabbas bitch! You ain’t fooling anyone. Rent a billboard along the highway if you like… it’s no a secret. The Republicans don’t actually give shit about that soldier and would be content to let him rot. If they hadn’t just released a Gay female Black athlete instead. No matter what sort of deal was arranged the disloyalists would still be angry about it.

The Reich wing doesn’t like Brittany Griner. She’s Black, she’s Gay and she’s a professional athlete. She speaks her mind about social issues and to the Republicans. That’s really bad! You see, Republicans believe that any dissent, even just a peep out of you is considered disloyalty.

They can charge the Capitol and kill policeman, if they like. But if you dare to speak out about the problems you see in your world, they’re gunning for you. Dissent is not disloyalty and disloyalty is not dissent! Storming the Capitol wasn’t patriotic, it was idiotic and moronic.

Brittany Griner has every right in the world to say whatever the hell she wants to say! That’s America! Storming the Capitol and killing policemen because your guy lost an election? That’s not America, that’s pathetic!

Lenny Bruce said, “If you can’t say fuck. Then you can’t say fuck the government!”

But the Republicans want it both ways. They want to be able to dissent by killing people, burning crosses or shooting up electrical substations. WAAAAAAAAAAA! They’re holding a Drag show! I don’t like that! WAAAAAAAAAAA! They got a books in the library, I don’t like! WAAAAAAAA! But if YOU speak out against the things that bother YOU? You’re a terrible person who doesn’t love America!

The other night on the yak radio they were going after Greta Thunberg. Let’s ignore the fact that they’re two or three years out of date. But see, Greta had no right to talk about climate change or the environment. Where does she get off giving her opinion? And because her position doesn’t agree with their position. She’s not just wrong or mistaken or mislead, but a very bad person who comes from a very bad family. Oh, they’re really a mess!

They are attacking a child because the child dares to have a point of view that they don’t like. The child has a point of view that big oil and Wall Street don’t care for! So rather than discuss the merits of her argument which they can’t win. The Reich wing prefers the character assassination of a child.

You see, it really doesn’t matter what the issue might be. Joe Biden could exchange a Charleston Chew for Santa Claus, Jesus and a Niemen Markus gift card and the Republicans would still be upset.

Joe Biden got us a shitty deal! WAAAAAAAAA! It’s all rooted in their childishness. If they don’t get their way, they are going to put their arms across their chest and stomp their feet! They’ll show you! They’ll be unhappy about it! They’ll brood and storm and get all poochey lipped.

Kevin McCarthy said before the recent elections, just wait until we’re in charge! We’re going to impeach Joe Biden and every Democrat with a vowel in their name. Revenge! We’re gonna get even with you! Just you wait and see!

Did you happen to notice how poorly the Republicans fared in the recent elections? I wonder why? Worst showing in 80 years…I wonder why? The wheels inside the party know why. Newt Gingrich says, Joe Biden has been very effective and Republicans ought to wake the fuck up! That’s what he says behind closed doors. While they tell the bottom feeders of the gene pool. WAAAAAAAA! We got a shitty deal!

Intolerance is the hallmark of Fascism. They want things their own way. And anyone who disagrees is a traitor. So, Trucker Carlson preaches Moscow’s propaganda line directly! Zelinsky is a crook! He’s stealing our money! Time Magazine just named him Man of the year. Most nations on the planet Earth support Zelinsky and the Ukrainians. Only Russia her satellites, and her cronies including Trucker Carlson and Faux News say otherwise.

It is as if, Vladimir Putin holds a Trucker Carlson mask in front of his face. And they are so dumb, that they will eat that shit it up with a spoon.

But let’s be honest about this. There is no reasoning with a child or with the disloyal. After WW2 the Allies set up denazification camps, maybe it’s time for detrumpification.

Anyone who cheers for our enemies and curses our friends are disloyal to this country period! They aren’t making a point or standing their ground. They are just disloyal to this country period! To bitch and complain about Brittany Griner when the Republicans couldn’t care less.

It is just more corn for the grist mill and ammunition for the disloyal media. There are no left or right politics involved in getting an American released from a hostile foreign power’s prison. Unless you are just disloyal to this country in general. Trying to turn a good thing into a BAD thing. Trying to turn a victory into a defeat.

Because they are disloyal to this country. They want what they want and don’t care about what anyone else wants. Probably, the most disloyal American position ever possible.

“Life is a four-letter word.”
― Lenny Bruce

“And so is Republican”  – David Glenn Cox

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