Home Alone

By David Glenn Cox

Deep down inside the bowels of the Mir-a-Lego mausoleum in the sub basement. By furnace next to the sled, that says “Rosebud” on it. The staff is trying to lure Donald Trump to come out with a cheeseburger and a Diet Coke.

We’ve all seen “Miracle on 34th Street.” The good one with Natalie Wood, not the other one. It’s okay to think that you’re Santa Claus. It won’t hurt anybody. Unless someone challenges his delusion. When reality comes ripping into dreamland with a bazooka and hand grenades! They say that Trump hasn’t been seen in public in a month. For most people even politicians that’s not unheard of, but Trump?

The Trump train campaign “Mental mania III” lurches from the station. Polls showing the former President and future felon as five points behind Death Ray Ron DeSantis. Has someone told Trump that he’s not really Santa?

Like a game of Battleship, one by one. Trump co. was convicted on a laundry sack full of charges. His lawsuit against the government for executing a lawful search warrant at his house was dismissed. He’s losing all his little ships. And there are no new ones to replace them.

Trump is a media Lizard (LOOK AT ME!!!) it feeds his megalomania. The media is a cutthroat business. They only care about your last movie, TV show or hit record. And Trump doesn’t have any of those. And he knows what that means. (Sometimes, I feel like I’m fading away!)

The scare media feel the only way to get your attention is to describe Donald Trump as forty foot tall and all powerful. But my Farmer’s Almanac says the election season is over. They won’t hold anymore for two years! Donald Trump in two years?  Following the current trajectory line?

Want proof? Look at the current Republican debacle over choosing a speaker. Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? Technically at least, Trump is the titular head of the Party. He should be able to pick up the phone and say, “You’re voting for that idiot McCarthy and that’s the end of it!” Instead you get the opposite. They don’t want McCarthy because of his association with Trump. That and his total lack of character or charisma.

The yellow brick road divides. One way is forward and the other road leads back to Trumpville. They are not listening to the scarecrow this time. And they ain’t going! So, Stop it.

The two wings of the Republican Party, the neo-Fascist on the left and the old-line, rock-hard Fascist on the right agree. It is time to move on from Trump. There is no more future there. Record companies like three record deals. Because unless your Lennon & McCartney after three records, you’re probably played out.

How to appeal to an audience a third time through the chorus, without having anything “New” to offer. You can only beat the same old drum for so long. So, what’s new in the zoo Captain Kangaroo?

There were some butt hurt Republican complaints about the money shortage during the recent Republican congressional campaigns. There’s a hole in daddy’s arm where all the money goes! Trump is accused of fund raising for Republicans and keeping for Trump. Naw, he wouldn’t ever do that, would he?”

But even a good dog will bite you and run away, if you don’t feed them properly. Without any steam the Trump train can’t move on. If it can’t move on it will be left behind and become isolated. (like now.) If he’s not going to feed the Party, then what good is he?

What happens to the old Bull when he’s no longer the youngest or the strongest? Or can no longer service the herd? Casius DeSantis has a lean and hungry look. Bring on the barbeque! Unless Trump can come up with an Ardennes offensive to turn the tide back his way. This Butterball is done!

Trump’s handpicked candidates mostly lost. News bulletin: This just in, Kari Lake has filed a second lawsuit claiming she was cheated in her recent election failure. Further details when this case is dismissed.

It’s been done before, and you’ll never reach the Hollywood Palace performing with the same old act. Trump needs new material but is now type cast. He was the outsider flipping over tables and overthrowing the status quo before. But now, he is the insider flipping over tables and as predictable as the hands on a clock.

If Trump hasn’t been seen in public in a month, he’s been sick. He’s had plastic surgery. Or someone has gone off and punctured his delusion about being Santa.

Trump thought all he had to do was announce and everyone would bow and scrape and get out of his way. But not today, Jose.  The mighty raging Trump river rapids ride is shoaling out. And Trump is about to Nova. Beware, the ides of March!

Republicans given a majority in the House can’t even pick a leader. Implosion at the front that has blown in all the windows and former Republican principles of balanced budgets and draconian social policy. Now replaced by hate mongering and social warfare.  Too busy persecuting people and putting signs on restrooms to fight the war against Christmas!

Stamp out Xmas replaced by stamp out certain people and certain behaviors. It is a one-way street with no road back and offers nothing new. With every vote gained through extremism, they lose two. The electorate is getting younger and more liberal. The Republicans are getting older and more radically (so called) Conservative.

But I haven’t seen them conserve anything yet. Certainly not the environment or the public schools. Certainly not the American standard of living. They’ve done nothing to conserve homelessness working instead for its expansion.

Their gun laws are stridently liberal provided you haven’t been locked up…recently. Anyone who can point and shoot can have a gun. If they promise to be good from now on. But you should be afraid. Because there are lots of crazy folks out there with guns! So, you need one too!

Like the atomic bomb test in Los Alamos. The sound of the bomb and the fire and fury is all gone. The ground was fused and turn to glass. Frozen forever in an instant in time that was monumental once. Becoming and instant in time frozen as inconsequential and regrettable. Over like disco fever, leaving behind a vast empty political wasteland. They can’t even agree on who to put in charge. Because they don’t have the slightest idea where they are going.

This is how political splinter movements always end. With people scratching their heads and wondering how they got here. And trying to get the taint off themselves. Trump has radicalized them and in so doing has doomed them.

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