The Fibs of George Santos

By David Glenn Cox

I truly love the American television media. The Ukrainians attacked and destroy a Russian headquarters and barracks compound. The building was leveled with barely one brick still touching another. Through intercepted Russian communications the Ukrainians announce 600 Russian dead. Twenty-four hours later, the American media runs with the totals announced by Russia of 63 killed.

In all the world, in all the history of the world. Russia is by far known as among the biggest liars on earth. The Ukrainians produced evidence and so far in this war maintain a far greater credibility for casualty reports. In 1983, the Marine headquarters and barracks was attacked in Beirut, Lebanon. 241 Marines were killed in a much smaller attack. But the media runs with the Russian number. The attempt is to obviously diminish the Ukrainian success. But why?

This is what killed Socrates for. Making the greater cause appear lessor and the lessor appear greater. Or what the modern media calls spin. Faux News reports, just you wait! Those Democrats exposed poor Donald Trump’s tax returns. Now you just wait until we get a chance! The Republicans will make Democrats post their taxes publicly! Except that Donald Trump is the only President since Nixon, who wouldn’t release their tax returns without a court order.

But because the media is so transparent, it becomes easy to forecast the future. Donald Trump rode a huge wave of popularity due in part to a complicit media. Hero worship and cult behavior that as the events of January 6th played out. Kevin McCarthy hid in a closet fearful for his life. Today, he runs for Speaker of the House of Representatives as an honored legislator. You know, they broke Chuck Conners saber and kicked him out of the solider fort for running away like that.

First, they love you. Then they build you up. Then as the crowd cheers they praise you. Then when the cheering stops, they proceed to rip you to shreds.  Donald Trump held a New Year’s Eve media event, and nobody showed up and nobody cared except for the paid trolls. Done! Donald Trump could appear on Broadway in the remake of “Oh Calcutta” and the media wouldn’t cover it.

Do you know how George Santos got elected? The media slurped up his lies without question and faithfully regurgitated them to the public. If some apprentice reporter had showed the evidence to the editor. They would have been excoriated and told to get back to doing the obituaries. Santo’s Democratic challenger says he had tried to expose some of George’s lies but couldn’t get anyone to listen to him. Just a bitter candidate trying to tear down an honest Republican.

But it gets even better. Santo’s is accused of lying about his background. Santo’s is accused of lying about his religion. Santo’s is accused of lying about his education. Santo’s is accused of lying about his employment. Santo’s claimed he is Jewish and the son of a Holocaust survivor. Yet no one bothered to ask, what Synagogue do you belong too? What’s the Rabbis name there? A simple background check required to work at the Ace Hardware would have exposed George Santos.

Now basically, without genetic testing we don’t even know if George was born a biological man. Or even if his dogs would come to him if he called them. George didn’t lie about some things. He lied about everything! I’m not sure George is even George at this point. They say silence is golden, and the Republicans through George Santos are filling Fort Knox.

 Absolute Helen Keller silence over the matter. Kevin (hide in the closet) McCarthy says nothing. Lying and cheating are perfectly acceptable in his Republican Party. Here is a big news story just waiting to be broken wide open. I’d be on Kevin McCarthy like a ketchup stain on his lapel for that story. Defend him or upend him, Kevin!

But gee, we don’t want to make anyone angry. Like football, some things are out of bounds. If you went after Kevin McCarthy, he might tell all the other Republicans not to talk to your news outlet anymore.

They’d call and get Woodward and Bernstein fired for picking on poor Richard Nixon. Come on fellas play ball!

Here is the kicker. After all that Santos has lied about. The media reports, “If Santos lied on his election forms he could be in real legal trouble! If? Are you kidding me? If? You’ve got to be kidding me! Aren’t those forms public record? The question of how it was a man whose tax returns shows an income of $50,000  loaned his campaign $700,000. Gee, what do you think? Do you think he’s lying? He lied about his mother dying on 9-11 or sixteen years later. It was one or the other, but who remembers minor details?

George Santos is a bonafide liar whose lies were aided by a media failing to do even a modicum of their job. While were on the subject, have you noticed how all those news stories about inflation have suddenly disappeared from the headlines? Before the elections they were everywhere. Now the news stories are immigration. Some low life disreputable bastard sent a bus load of migrants to Kamala Harris’s home in Martha Vineyard on Christmas Eve, during an Arctic cold snap. There’s a news story for you! “Clarence Can’t Save Them All!”

Republicans send migrants on a bus to freeze in Massachusetts to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The story died and went away. Who would do such a thing to women and children at Christmas? Never mind it’s not important. It is one of the most heartless and reprehensible things I’ve ever seen done in my life. They are only people, people dumped out into the cold on Christmas Eve. As a ploy, a stunt used to score points. Ever wonder who turned Mary & Joseph away from the Inn? It was a Republican looking for headlines.

“Immigrant Jews turned away and told to GO Home!” We have enough of your anchor babies in this country, and we don’t need any more!

George Santos lied, aided by a media not doing its job. Did George lie on his election forms? I’d put money on it. But it is better to tell a little bit of the story at a time. Don’t spoil it by spilling the beans all at once. Let the story develop and maybe it will go away, and they can get back to doing what they do best. Telling you how they feel about the news and how you should feel about the news too.

“I read in the newspapers they are going to have 30 minutes of intellectual stuff on television every Monday from 7:30 to 8. to educate America. They couldn’t educate America if they started at 6:30.” ― Groucho Marx

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