The Good Old Days

By David Glenn Cox

First time since 1923 and the first time ever. Kevin McCarthy loses three ballots (now four and counting) for the speaker of the house. The sane don’t trust him and the crazy don’t think he’s crazy enough. Normally, this is all settled and done before ever reaching a public spectacle.

But that’s what this is a public spectacle. A mini revolution of the Trumpers vs. the corporate Nazis. The crazy vs. the New Nazi Party. And they’re ready to fire on Fort Sumter any day now. The sane could see obviously that this intransigence will only lead to their doom. The Republicans can’t lead the country if they can’t even lead themselves.

The Republican margins are too small but to the crazies in the minority. They think they hold a super majority. It’s the Eric Cartman wing of the Party. “Screw you guys, I’m going home!” My way or the highway! Me and my twenty or so friends, will sink your bloody Republican party if you two hundred won’t do what we want.

So, the crazy wing began nominating each other for speaker in a fit of pique. Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs, the seditionist from Arizona. None having a snowball’s chance in hell but willing to sink the Party to make their point. The crazies don’t like Kevin McCarthy. He isn’t crazy enough but even more they know that Kevin has the steadfastness of weather vane on top of a barn in windstorm. You can trust Kevin about as far as you can smell him.

But after three ballots could Kevin even possibly lead even if he wins at this point? It will be like this every day until either Kevin backs out or 2024 seals their fate. This is just the beginning and it’s all downhill from here on out! (Cue the Caliope) Every single piece of legislation subject to the whims of the crazy caucus. Fighting for the crazy amendments certain to sink all boats. Marge Greene and Jim Jordan and Low Rent Boebert, my way or the highway!

Mr. Speaker, we propose an amendment to education budget of twenty billion dollars to build a wall on the southern border. Mr. Speaker, we propose twenty billion dollars to investigate Hunter Biden. Mr. Speaker, we propose twenty billion dollars to harass minorities and make certain they never receive an even break.  Mr. Speaker, we propose twenty billion dollars in tax cuts for the poor long-suffering executives of corporate America!

They don’t care that their amendments will sink necessary legislation. The crazies can see that this is a changing of the guard and the crazies only care about themselves. The crazier and more extreme the amendment the more publicity they can garner on the contrived media. Publicity equals fundraising compromise is weakness. January 6th showed the crazies their path to the top. Club people beat them with poles. Bludgeon them even if they hurt the Party or hurt themselves.

It is truly a changing of the guard but not in the way the crazies hope. Trump is fading like cheap barn paint. The end is near, and the crazies know someone is going to take the fallen Trump’s place. Guess who? Each and everyone of them hopes they will be able to pick up that mantle and carry them on to Pennsylvania Ave.

But cults don’t often work like that. Cults are about the leader and what have we learned so far about their leadership abilities? Who can blame them? They see Trump and they say to themselves, “if that brain dead moron can do it. Then maybe so can I.” It looks simple enough but looks are deceiving.

Trump was an outsider and a billionaire. Why through his public image Trump bamboozled the weed benders, racists and country rednecks. The crazies aren’t outsiders they are insiders. They aren’t billionaires and they only that they can run is their mouths. The crazies have no record of accomplishment instead they have only a record of failure. But failure is good enough when you’re fighting for the lost cause.

They can go on Faux or One Idiot Network and brag about forcing the country into gridlock. “I’m fighting to keep drag shows out of kindergartens and want to ban books with a Bic Lighter. Cray, cray is never cray, cray enough. Mr. Speaker, we want twenty billon dollars to keep Gay people out of Public restrooms!

What would you do?  If your only chance for advancement depended on firing up the base with Torquemada law.

The spectacle plays out and will play out. Like Facebook, the Republicans are losing the next generation. Losing the younger generation just as they are becoming the largest voting block in the country. And due to the Trump years, that rising generation see Republicans as nuts. Mean spirited and vindictive bitter people.

When I was a kid, the local Republicans started a petition because a local TV station hired a Black man to read the news at five o’clock. To my generation raised around such bizarre behavior it was almost normal and accepted. But to the millennials and the rising generation it is a horror show of unbelievable Jim Crow barbarity.

I had a sibling who was Gay. She was a very, very talented singer. But she gave up singing with an opera company because she had a secret that wasn’t allowed to be told. She wasn’t allowed by society to be who she was and to live the life she wanted except in secret. To the rising generation it is no different than a petition to fire a man because of his race.

They ain’t buying it and won’t buy it ever. Likewise, the evangelical movement has been hugely successful in lowering church attendance. The god of hate and vengeance ain’t selling with the youth.

“If Jesus were here today. The one thing he wouldn’t be is a Christian.” – Mark Twain

“If a man doesn’t keep in step with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.” Or perhaps, he’s just out of step. Or was never in step. They can’t sell 1950’s racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia as 21st Century Republican Politics. The only place Republican numbers are growing are in the cemetery.

When my mother child in the 1930s she said that she, never the word “Irish” without the word “dirty” in front of it. “No dogs or Irish allowed!” I shared this anecdote with Hispanic friends. Same song, next verse! We got to do something about those dirty Irish coming over here and taking our jobs!

You can dress it up, and you can add this or that to it. Maybe get some pseudo-intellectual to formulate a theory to try and explain it all. Sugar-coat it and put frosting on it but underneath, it is just the same old shit. WE don’t like it and we want it to stop! You guys are ruining our world! We liked the way it was before. Back in the good old days that never really were! Selling hate as God’s will. Selling bigotry as a philosophy of right moral thinking.

But the world goes on and continues to spin despite the Republican desire to stop time. To go back to the good old days when they could be better than someone just by birth or by race. When racism and sexism and bigotry was considered correct moral thinking. You remember, don’t you? The good old days! Back when the Dairy Queen had two windows for service.

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