The Freedom to Outlaw

By David Glenn Cox

The entire concept of the United States is about personal liberty. These Reich wing Republicans, all scream for personal liberty for themselves. They demand the right to carry a Bazooka into a petting zoo. They can have church schools teaching nonsense and don’t require fire extinguishers or fire exits as secular schools do. Because that is an infringement on their personal liberty. Teachers don’t need to be accredited because in a church school. God and the preacher give the accreditation.

They are free to teach the students that the world is seven thousand years old and was created in seven days. Dinosaur’s bones were just Satan trying to dislodge our faith. They are free to ignore the facts of the world and the facts of history. Until 1965 the Mormon church taught that Black people were a lessor order of mankind.

Tennessee had the famous Scopes monkey trial where the state would jail anyone who taught the theory of evolution. You didn’t even have to claim it was true. Just teaching about evolution was crime enough in the land of the free.

For many years Alabama had a law that said you could not promote alcohol use by referencing it in the name of a business. You couldn’t open a business and call it Dave’s Draft House. Or Dave’s Wine and Dine. Roadside billboards would say, “Cold Drinks” or “Cold Beverages” in code. Blue laws prevented all alcohol sales on Sunday, unless it was a private club.

How do you become a club? You issue a membership card and charge a fee for admittance. Or you belong to a Country Club. The affluent had no problems with limiting other people’s liberty but would fight to the death to prevent theirs from being limited.  But the state had decided for everyone religious and non-religious alike.  

The Nazis burned books because they said they carried dangerous ideas or an anti-German sentiment. The Fascist state was simply trying to protect the innocent from having their minds corrupted by unsavory influences. They didn’t see this as repressive but as proactive. They were simply trying to prevent your mind from being corrupted by subversive elements. And you didn’t even say thank you!

Here in Arizona, Republican State Senator Anthony Kern proposes limiting the hours when Drag shows are permitted. Because he wants to protect the children. No drag shows Monday through Saturday  between the hours of 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. and on Sunday between the hours of 1 a.m. and 12 p.m. Hour’s when school children normally frequent bars and night clubs.

Asked why this was so important an issue for Republicans.  John Kavanagh replied, “I would suspect that this session suddenly there’s an interest in regulating drag shows because culturally there’s been a sudden preponderance or abundance of drag shows that are directed at children.” Between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m.?

Just like the Nazis, parents can’t be trusted to raise their own children. The state must dictate their moral upbringing as well. Where were all these people when disco was raging? Did they lift a finger then? What are the laws regarding honesty in professional wrestling? Why do we tolerate cornball lyrics in Country music? I propose we ban all Country lyrics about pickup trucks, tight blue jeans, and drinking. For the children, of course.

I’ve never been to a drag show and doubt I ever will attend one. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I had a friend in Portland, and she used to MC drags shows. She said it was great fun and I oughta come down and she’d get me in for free. But I don’t want to go hunting or fishing either, for the same reason. It doesn’t appeal to me. My wife asked, if I felt threatened. I answered, I’d feel more threatened by biker flying colors in a bad mood than a man in a colorful chiffon dress singing Streisand badly.

But this about is about some perceived sinister plan.  I worked with a Bible thumper once, and he filled me in on their devious plan. They are trying to recruit our children and turn them all into homosexuals. I asked, if he knew where any of those recruiters were to be found. Because I wanted to hire one of them. If they could convince straight people to become Gay, just imagine what they could do for my business!

But the whole recruitment scenario is the Christian bulwark of moral choice. Never mind science or history, homosexuality is a moral choice. You can choose not to be Gay just like you can choose be taller or not to be left handed. Left handedness meant that you had the devil in you. It also meant you generally score higher on intelligence tests.

In the sinking state of Florida, officials have quashed a high school of the performing arts from preforming the play. “Indecent” because of it’s “Adult themes.” Like Lenny Bruce once referenced, you can kill a woman in the movies with a butcher knife but can’t have sex with one. That’s dirty! Children should be treated as frail numb little morons and kept tightly locked away from reality. For their own good, of course.

 Florida’s Nazi in chief, Ron DeSantis has put together a board of Conservative activists to remake Florida’s higher education which will result in lower education. The morality police shall decide what’s true and what is not. The damage is done today but will only manifest itself in years to come. See; Selma, Alabama 1963 and Selma, Alabama 2023.

A Florida college degree will eventually reduce the applicant’s chances for employment.  The good educators will leave or be removed. With the high cost of higher education, Florida will become a place to avoid. We’ve already seen Furher Little Ronny’s impact on Disney.  My cousin graduated from an unaccredited Bible college. She was hired to work in Daycare as her diploma was almost worthless.

The Nazis also liked to ban art and persecute educators who wouldn’t tow official the political line. The Nazis had several warehouses filled to the rafters with confiscated “Degenerate Art.” A bright idea was hatched by the Nazis. An art show was proposed to illustrate the superiority of Nazi approved art over the degenerate art.

Side by side exhibitions were held next door to each other. The event opened with few in the queue to see the Nazi approved art. While crowds were lined up around block to see the degenerate art. The show closed after two days instead of the planed six weeks. But the show closed because it didn’t go as the Nazis planned. They ignored the fact that the people had Nazi Art shoved down their throats daily. The people’s choice of which art they should like, was patriotically made for them.

The people couldn’t help but see the Nazi art, but degenerate art was generally denied to them. The degenerate art show was the forbidden fruit and was not to be missed! History might not repeat itself, but does rhyme.

Furher Little Ronny doesn’t believe in climate change and will certainly have it removed from the state curriculum. But science really doesn’t care what a Fascist believes. The waters will continue to rise, and the Florida beach property will go under. A state dependent on tourism will become a place to avoid. A backwards, corrupt duchy of bad education and repressive laws. As former Alabamian, I resent Florida’s intrusion into Alabama’s unique heritage of bad education and repressive laws.

A state legislating morality and education are as Unamerican as it comes. A new McCarthyism, the new Fascism! Despotism requires an enemy to focus the moron’s attention on. Blacks, Jews, Hispanic, Gay or anyone promoting a Drag show. The real Drag show here is the Florida Governor’s office. A drag of the first class. Willing to destroy the state’s economy to advance his own career.

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness provided of course that it is State Approved first. Civil rights for popular positions only. But popular opinions don’t need protection. The state’s attack on anyone’s unpopular opinion is an attack on everyone’s opinion. It’s not the Drag shows they hate, it’s America.

“Conservatism is the blind and fear-filled worship of dead radicals.”
― Mark Twain

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