Noise Proves Nothing

By David Glenn Cox

Just about what you’d expect. Be of good cheer. Already the stories are coming out about the Fascist Republican plans to cut this or gut that program. Be afraid, be very afraid! This is how they peddle their papers with fear and idle speculation.

The Fascist Republicans hold the slimmest of majorities in the House. Do you know why? Because the phantom menace Red Wave never appeared. And why didn’t it appear? Because the voters were tiring of their B.S. They were tiring of the Trump circus and tired of Trump clones.

In Georgia, Herschel Walker lost the election for Senate all by himself. Georgia voters went around Herschel to vote for other statewide Republican candidates. In Arizona, Kari Lake told assembled Republicans that if they were John McCain voters they should get out! And they did and Lake lost the election by 15,000 votes. Were there still 15,000 McCain supporters in Arizona? Probably.

All by themselves the Republicans put on a national circus in choosing a speaker. Choosing a speaker is relatively simple. So, it’s usually been done weeks before the first day of the session. But these Republicans have a caucus that only pretends to be Republicans. They’re bomb throwers and their just getting warmed up. They will bedevil Kevin McCarthy far more than the Democrats ever will.

So, Kevin McCarthy has a majority of none. These Fascists can huff and puff and threaten to blow the house down. But the Fascist don’t have the votes to do anything by themselves except stunt and show their behinds. These Trumpian mongoloids are handcuffed to their orange apostle, but it’s later than they think. Trump candidates did poorly in November and will do worse in future. The bloom is off that rose.

Marge Traitor Greene says she fell for QAnon like lots of people on the Internet. But she’s better now. You mean it’s not true? Greene allegedly almost came to blows with Lauren (low rent) Boebert. Boebert has remained silent in the Looney Tunes caucus having learned her lesson. She just barely held on to her seat by the skin of her teeth. But she is wiser now, be seen but be quiet.

No Democrats were harmed in the making of this three-ring circus. In fact, Joe Biden’s approval rating has gone up. Hakkem Jefferies oratory has raised his status as well. In just one week as the minority Party, the Democrats are looking better than ever!

The Fascists have signaled their intentions to gut everything in the budget. Even gut the sacred Defense budget by 75 billion dollars. Now take for example, Matt Gaetz District in Florida. Eglin Air force base is one of the largest employers and voters in Escambia county. How do think that news is going to go down with them?

Matt Gaetz to constituents, drop dead! A lot of retirees living on the gulf coast and Matt wants to gut their Social Security checks as well. The simian Republicans live by the stunt and the more they stunt the more their approval level goes down. But this isn’t a battle between parties, but it is! Like an amoeba the Republicans are dividing and tearing themselves asunder.

Donald Trump is trailing little Ronny DeSantis in the Presidential polls by a wide margin. Do you think that will change anytime soon? Will the millions of Republicans tired of Trump suddenly change their minds again? Highly unlikely. Can Trump Kittens become Desantis kittens? Highly unlikely. It’s all over but for the crying.

And will the voters who elected George Santos, vote for another Republican anytime soon? Highly unlikely. Because Santos refuses to resign he’s rubbing salt into their wounds. Santos is telling the public, “I don’t care what you voters think, screw you!” It will be fifty years before they elect another Republican. If there are any Republicans still around to elect in fifty years.

Because of the Republican cancer infecting their Party, the Republicans on the cusp will be forced to make friendly with the Democrats. Or face the wrath of the voters disgusted by the stunting and the showing of backsides. Eventually, every Republican will be forced to make a choice. They won’t let the twenty Fascists take them down. And if they don’t divest themselves from them, they will be in big, big trouble come 2024.

Fifteen ballots to choose a speaker, wait until they try something difficult. Wait until they shut down the  government and wait until they begin their investigation of everyone and everything. Wait until it’s Hunter Biden or Hillary’s emails again every night on TV. It might feed the base but it alienates everyone else. Not one Republican was elected with a mandate to investigate Hunter Biden.

In the final analysis, the stunting Fascists will destroy the Republican Party. An unholy civil war inside the Party. These Fascist do them no favors but only poison their well with the voters. Their stunting won’t help little Ronny Desantis AKA, Big little man. And the Republican National Convention will look like Wrestle Mania.

 Marge doesn’t believe in QAnon anymore. But she still believes in Donald Trump. What will two more years bring? Maybe Disco music will make a comeback, but I doubt it.

The old adage says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Their stunting might help their individual house races but hurts the Republican party as a whole. The Democrats need only to put their feet up on the desk sit back and watch.

See what the Republicans have done to themselves in one week? A lot of big talk by a bunch of inept fools. Fools only thinking of today without reading the tea leaves of the future. How will this picture look in two more years? How will it look to the American public after night after night of ludicrous stunting? Fighting over everything with themselves! These Republican will accomplish nothing except to eliminate their own slim majority.

The Republicans  will be faced with choice. Pick a side, side with the crazies. And potentially lose their seat or work around the crazies. Already their days are numbered. Doomed like flies in a Klien bottle. Be of good cheer, these Fascists will accomplish nothing. By next year they will be silenced or in two years they will cease to exist. They will be muffled by the Party, or the Republican Party will fade away like the Whig Party or the Bull Moose Party.

Controlling one branch of legislative government, what will they be able get through the Senate then? Whatever might escape the Senate will be vetoed. With no way on earth to override that veto.  I could write an article about the twenty-foot-tall Republicans. About how they going to storm through Washington DC smashing buildings like Godzilla.

But it is just a literary fiction to sell more papers. Sit back and watch and enjoy the show. Or maybe throw streamers as the SS Republican Titanic sets sail out looking for an iceberg to teach a lesson too.

Stunting might get you elected, but it can’t keep you elected. Threatening the Defense Department and Defense contractors is about as close to political suicide as it gets. While running against Hunter Biden is about as stupid as it gets.

Be of good cheer, this too shall pass…like gas.

 “Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid.” ― Mark Twain

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