They are All George Santos Now

By David Glenn Cox

It is the George Santos Party from now on. Santos was asked when he would resign and offered a glib answer as the elevator door closed. Everybody loves a smart ass! Santos said, “when a 142,000 people asked him to resign” or in street language… “F*ck you!”

Republicans in New York are getting nervous and have denounced Santos in an effort to save their own careers. They are all George Santos now! The New York Republicans are too close to the flame while national Republicans can play hide and seek. Leader (so called) Kevin McCarthy asks, “Are their any charges against him?” (Santos) Yes, and more coming every day.

More lies exposed every day. More corruption exposed every day. Santos somehow loaned his own campaign $700,000. Who wants to wager on that issue ending well? Santos has been associated with an Italian National expelled from the United States, and Santos frequented their family restaurant. The Italian national was later arrested on a boat trying to smuggle Chinese nationals into the United States. Human trafficking, yes. We need to build that wall, don’t we? Anybody ever watch the Sopranos?

Too cowardly to pressure Santos to leave and the net result will be that issue will go on and on and grow . It will force many Republicans to leave. This is a national embarrassment to the Republican Party, but the Republicans are too scared to touch Santos. So, Santos will be the last Republican elected in that New York district for fifty years.

If you ignore the critics, maybe this will all go away. Just like cancer! The public will suddenly forget they were being treated as chumps. The public likes to be insulted by a fraud. And giving smart ass answers to serious questions is gasoline on the fire.

Take note, for the first few days Santos was silent and on the run. Now, he’s feeling a little braver and begins to mouth off. He’s been reassured by the Republican leadership that they have his back. That everything will be all right and that he’s safe and protected. So, now we get the mouth.

It would be better for Santos if he’d slept with teenage prostitutes and did hard drugs like Matt Gaetz. Those charges can be easily denied despite receipts and his wingman’s confession. But Santos has committed the ultimate sin. He’s caught in a complete web of lies and made fools of New York Republican voters.

While it is true, that Republican voters routinely accept liars, this is different. The isn’t the orange apocalypse telling lies. Trump was a wealthy business man. Santos is a fraud from start to finish. Or as James Carville put it, “I want to see his passport! How do we know he’s even a citizen?”

It’s not just the lies, it is the attitude of the Republican leadership announcing full throatily to the American public. Yeah, we lie. So what? Sure, he’s fraud. So what? And if you don’t like it, well that’s too bad, isn’t it. Then announcing to American public that liars’ cheaters and frauds are welcome inside their Republican party.

Kevin McCarthy says, “Santos was elected and seated as a member of the house.” McCarthy to the American public…Drop dead! After gutting ethics committees of any real power McCarthy promises to handle the matter internally, aka, spit in the voter’s faces. Because the Republicans won’t give up one seat, they risk losing many seats.

The radicalized Republican Party will be lucky to survive for two years and offer the Democrats a once in a generation opportunity. After two years of this nonsense corruption and shenanigans, the Republican majority will be run out of town on a rail. Potentially with tar and feathers attached.

Oblivious, that the Red Wave that never arrived was due to the nonsensical issues the pushed to the forefront. The Republicans begin to push to the forefront the same issues which cost them elections. They are playing to their base, but their base is a minority of the voters. Trying to mainstream Marge Traitor Greene because she voted for Kevin McCarthy. A leopard trying to change its spots. That will work, won’t it?

Everyone in the voting public can be convinced now how intelligent and forthright Greene is. Anybody out there think that’s gonna work? Maybe Pee Wee Herman could do Shakespeare?

There are lies and then there are lies. You could lie about your grade point average in college. But you can’t lie about going to college. Santos has lied about everything from his religion to his mother’s death. Lied about being a Volleyball star at a college he never attended. But the money question hangs over Santos and the entire Republican Party like the sword of Damocles. As the investigation continues its potential to go nuclear grows. The entire mass media is focused on this story if for no other reason than because of the outrageousness of it.

This story won’t go away and puts the entire Republican Party under threat. Make one little misstatement and they’re George Santos. The poster boy of lies and fabrications. The new image of the Republican Party. Comical criminal and pathetic. Preaching morality from the mouths of child molesters, druggies’ frauds, and liars.

Santos risks trading two years in Congress for ten years in jail. Not maybe but probably. Every day Santos stays increases his chances of incarceration. As the truth is exposed, and it will be exposed, the question will broaden and stain the Republican majority. It will end Kevin McCarthy’s speakership and end the Republican majority.

The money question won’t go away. Where did all that the money come from? It did not come from clean sources and risks bringing scrutiny to all Republican fundraising. Like Ebola, the disease will jump from George Santos to all Republican fundraising. Or do you think George is somehow different or special? His case is unique maybe and there aren’t any other Republican peccadillos to be uncovered.

If the money came from Russia or China or the Mafia or Columbian drug lords. Maybe the public won’t care, but I doubt it.

Watergate began with burglary which was amplified and exacerbated by a steady stream of lies. Most of Nixon’s Republican supporters in the House lost their seats and were finished in politics. They weren’t involved in the burglary, and they weren’t involved in the cover up. They just took Nixon at his word,  and they paid the ultimate price for it.

“The glory which is built upon a lie soon becomes a most unpleasant incumbrance. … How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!” – Mark Twain

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