The Next George Santos

By David Glenn Cox

It stands to reason that if you have an Alpha, you must have a Beta. George Santos is the outgrowth of the MAGA mold (fungus). A perpetual liar and a thief. Every action and every word false, lies and criminality. The typical lies of a pathological liar. I had a cousin like that. If she was late, she couldn’t say, “sorry I was late.” Instead, she would create a fantastic story about a train derailment or a fire, or some other disaster that would obscure and eclipse her tardiness.

Also, it was a sign of her mental illness. Likewise, George Santos isn’t a clown he is a very sick man. Santos told an interviewer that he went to college on a volleyball scholarship. Then the illness kicks in and he didn’t just play volleyball. He was the star on the team. And they won the championship, and they slayed Harvard and Yale. In his mind as he tells the story, George believes it.

But he can’t stop there. George sacrificed his two knees for the team. A double knee replacement in a young man because everyone knows how hard Volleyball is on the body. But if the interviewer had asked, George could have regaled him with details of his operation. Finest hospital in the world and the best surgeon too. The nurses were amazed by his recovery and had never seen anything like it. Up and dancing in twenty-four hours!

George appears at an LBGTQ event and speaks with an effeminate voice. Because you know, he’s one of you! And in his mind, he is. There is no real George Santos. He is whatever appeals to those around him. The head of the local Republican Party in Long Island remembers Santos from 2020. And remembers Santos as a man who couldn’t stop bragging about his mansions and his expensive automobiles. Because George of low self-esteem must build himself up and place himself above the room.

They couldn’t like George for George; he had to be above them. He had to be superior to them, smarter richer and better educated. When George’s lies were exposed, his castle was under siege and how can you fight that but to run away. When he was charged in Brazil for writing stolen checks, what did George do? He ran away.

When asked by druggy and child rapist Matt Gaetz filling in for the criminal Steve Bannon while Bannon is on trial for defrauding millions of morons. Gaetz asked George where the money came from? In true mentally ill style George answers, “I’ll tell you where it didn’t come from.” But that wasn’t the question that was a deflection. He falls back on Hunter Biden. He’s the real bad guy not me! Then George smiles because he’s escaped.

George isn’t violent and as his lies are exposed as lies George will eventually try to run away. He is far more likely to hurt himself than to hurt anyone else.

George is the Alpha Solomon Pena failed Republican candidate for the New Mexico statehouse is the Beta. Pena is an ex-convict convicted of 19 charges. Pena was the head a of a burglary ring. Using stolen cars for a series of smash and grab robberies. Would he hurt someone…probably. Pena ran as a Republican for the state house and didn’t win. So, he took the MAGA route.

Like Kari Lake, Solomon Pena claimed he was robbed, and the election was stolen from him. But Pena isn’t Santos. Rather than run away he shows up at his opponent’s doors with bogus paperwork like any good Sovereign citizen would. He’s not a pathological liar, he’s a thug. And to the Republican Party, that’s fine. Sex offenders, swindlers, ex-cons and the mentally ill that’s their big tent. They hear the pied piper of Mir a Lago’s tune, and they can’t resist. They hear their master’s voice and can’t help but cock their heads and listen.

So, if you’d don’t win you must have been cheated. It is easy to believe such things when not well. My cousin thought her husband was trying to kill her. She claimed her husband tore up all her clothes and played taps on a bugle outside of her window. She fled in fear for her life, but her husband spent thousands of dollars hunting her down because he loved her and wanted to get her help. He didn’t play the bugle and didn’t own a bugle. But, in reality world, if her husband had really wanted to kill her why would he play the bugle outside her window?

Only a manifestation of her illness. It had to be fantastic! Who tore up her clothes? Three guesses. Because there had to be proof. And so, she created the proof and in her mind, she believed it. The terror was real even if the events were not. In her mind her husband did tear up her clothes and did play the bugle outside her window.

Solomon Pena believed that his election was stolen. Because that is the prevailing MAGA narrative. George Santo’s also claimed his 2020 election was stolen. Because George couldn’t lose. Why that’s not possible, and if he did lose there must be something rotten in Denmark. Does George believe that? You bet he does! But George is a pathological liar and not a thug.

After being rebuffed with his phony paperwork Pena hires people to shoot up the houses of his opponents. Putting two rounds into the bedroom of a sleeping ten-year-old child. I can’t say I know of anyone who would commit such a shameful cowardly criminal act, but then again, I’m not a Republican.  

The Nazi Party also attracted thugs and crimnals and for the same reason. It feeds their paranoid delusion that someone is out to get them. That the world has cheated them. Someone is outside their window playing the bugle. It is a comfortable safe space for the mentally ill. It allows them to believe whatever persecution fantasy they wish to believe and it validates them..

Kari Lake told McCain Republicans in Arizona to get out. And lost by 15,000 votes but the real reason she lost was because she was cheated! It couldn’t be her fault! That’s not possible, n’est-ce pas?

To a George Santos, a pathological liar it feeds their delusion of being smarter than everyone else. That’s what lying is all about Charlie Brown. The liar has contempt for his victim. He so much smarter than you are. He can convince you of anything because he’s so smart and you’re so dumb. But the flip side is Solomon Pena, he too believes the delusion but only as a reason to extract vengeance and get even with those who challenged his delusion by not allowing to him win.

Reality isn’t reality, it can be whatever you want it to be. Facts can have alternatives, and everyone is lying if they disagree. The Reich wing media loses their mind about old, classified documents in the Biden home. Biden didn’t a keep register of who came to his private home! Do you?

But it is the MAGA mindset, everyone is up to no good. Except for the pathological liar and the ex-con. Except for the fraudster, the druggy, and the child rapist. You’re not mentally ill, you’re a Republican. That big tent where anything is true if they say so.

As the Trump numbers decline the stories from the orange apocalypse become more and more fantastic. Trump lied about his wealth and lied about his taxes…Surprise! Santos and Pena, just chips off the old orange block.

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
― Mark Twain

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