Ground Hog Day

Traitor and convicted felon Mike Flynn and friends

Let’s call it the little scandal that could. George Santos is MAGA through and through. Solomon Pena is George Santos 2.0 the more violent version. The media looks at these two cases as totally unrelated or 2 + 2 = ? Both are MAGA and both are criminals. Both are inspired by the same criminal mastermind, and both were funded by a person or persons unknown. But somehow the media makes no connection.

Let’s talk about old documents lost and left behind and immediately reported upon discovery to the proper authorities. The media focuses on Santos as a funny ha, ha story. Focusing on the lies and not the money, but the lies are the lightening, and the money is the thunder. In the grand scheme the lies don’t matter all that much, but the money is a crime.

 Obviously, the money came from somewhere crooked. George Santos is compromised, and his continued presence in Congress will guarantee he will be the last Republican Congressman from New York for the foreseeable future. But that is just a hair emerging from that wart on the end of their nose.

Drip, drip, drip it now emerges that the Santos staff had discovered the tractor trailer sized holes in Georgie’s resume’ and most quit their jobs in disgust. But help soon arrives as the Republican Party helped Santos to acquire a new staff without such a good sense of smell. Or…the Republicans including Kevin McCarthy knew all about little Georgie Santos and decided to aid in his criminal fraud. Do they know where Georgie’s money came from too? Time will tell and the magic eight ball says, “Ask again later!”(real soon)

Kevin McCarthy puts his ineptitude on full display by saying publicly that he had questions about Georgie’s resume’. Then Kevin appoints Georgie to two House committees. Because Kevin Mcarthy knew about Georgie’s criminality before the scandal broke but went ahead anyway. Ignoring the criminality as the ripples from the stone grow larger and larger. Kevin McCarthy knew George Santos had a man impersonating Kevin McCarthy’s own chief of staff to illegally solicit campaign donations.

But Georgie fired that man. Because George claimed not to know that the man standing right next to him in the photograph, really wasn’t Kevin McCarthy’s chief of staff. Sure, that makes sense…not! It is so insanely ludicrous as to defy explanation. Either A. George Santos is a complete moron. Or B. Kevin McCarthy is a complete moron. Or C. All the above! Discovering a sham and discovering that someone was collecting campaign donations using Kevin McCarthy’s own name. And McCarthy chooses a cover up?

It’s okay with Kevin because George fired him, despite an obvious case of fraud. The Santos scandal hadn’t involve speaker McCarthy until now. Impersonation for the purposes of raising money is criminal fraud. McCarthy could have Georgie arrested, or George is compromised yet again. George doesn’t have a vote anymore; Kevin has two votes. George is just warming a chair and collecting a check.

Carry me back to old Watergate town. “What did Kevin know and when did he know it?” If you thought the battle to choose a speaker was absurd. Buy your popcorn now! The time will soon come as this scandal expands exponentially to where all house Republicans will be forced to stand and deliver. Pick a side any side. Side with Kevin and George and Solomon and risk losing everything or abandon ship.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again that covering for George will cause the roof to fall in on the House Republicans. Only, I never expected it would happen quite so fast. If George Santos should resign, then so should Kevin McCarthy. He’s now in this scandal up to his eyeballs and sinking fast.

The Republican goal is throwing sand into the gears of government with the hope of destroying it. Replacing the New Deal with the Raw Deal. They want to defund everything do away with Social Security and do away will all Social programs or slow-motion sedition. Their goal is wrecking, to bring the government to its knees.

Imagine just for one minute what would happen if the Republicans ever succeeded in doing away with Social Security and Medicare. Hospitals and nursing homes would go out of business coast to coast, dumping hundreds of thousands if not millions of the elderly and disabled out into the street.

You would hardly notice the historic mortgage defaults. After the news of your local hospitals closed their doors. Funny thing about doctors, doctors are notorious spenders and not savers. Well, a lot of those doctors will suffer when they no longer have a hospital to work at. Nor patients required to support them.

Wall Street would literally shit themselves. Hospital stocks? Pharmaceutical stocks? Real Estate? Banking? Florida? Arizona? It would make the crash of 1929 look like a burp. Turning the United States back into a third world country. Food banks would be swamped. If you think the gun problem is bad now, just wait until gramps is holding up the Kroger. Or killing the clerk at the gas station over a tank of gas.

But Hypocrisy thy name is Republican. While aiding and abetting in a criminal fraud and conspiracy in George Santos. The Republicans are targeting the director of Homeland Security for impeachment, because they don’t like the way things are turning out.

Despite not winning the White House, the Republican plan is to impeach the director because (Swallow before reading any further.) They say he lied. When he said that “we (the Government) have operational control of the border.” They want to dictate to the White House what their policy should be or they’re coming for you.

So, let’s recap, four years of Trump corruption, two impeachments and upwards of 35,000 lies are okay. But the Republicans  are going after the director of Homeland Security because they presume, he lied… once. Traitor Mike Flynn meets with a Russian Oligarch, but the Russia scandal wasn’t legitimate.  And if it comes to impeachment Kevin McCarthy and George Santos will both vote for impeachment because lying is wrong.

Every day the scandal builds and every day more is revealed. We now know that George would steal anything left unattended except maybe a red-hot stove. And we also know that Kevin McCarthy would cover for the Zodiac killer if he had an ( R ) behind his name. Would the Republicans try to overthrow the government again? Sure, but the plan is to slowly smother it to death this time.

There always comes a tipping point in a scandal but by the time tipping point it is reached, it will be far too late for most House Republicans. Maybe instead of Ground Hog Day, we could have George Santos Day. That day when Georgie emerges from his burrow to see if he has a shadow. To see if Kevin McCarthy is still holding the umbrella over George.

Already the cancer has moved on from George to Kevin and soon to the entire house Republican membership. Like the Cat in the Hat Comes Back, the more the Republicans try and cover up the mess the more it expands and grows larger and larger. First, it was just George and now it’s George and Kevin too! Stand and deliver! Defend him or abandon him on this the world depends.

“I have a higher and grander standard of principle than George Washington. He could not tell a lie; I can, but I won’t.” ― Mark Twain

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