Dive! Dive! Dive!

By David Glenn Cox

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! Another day, another scandal. It just won’t go away and spreads out like a puddle of oil. Let’s start with a stolen scarf (Georgie has new scarf now) a stolen check book and now…ripping off a disabled veteran and his sick service dog. Not the bottom of the barrel but the bottom side of the barrel. And the maggots in the neighborhood are complaining.

But for comic relief we have Solomon Pena, claiming that his election was rigged because he knocked on doors from January to June. Something tells me he might have done better by not knocking on so many doors. A proud MAGA supporter long after the bloom was off the rose. Bragging about his Trump credentials and probably losing three votes for every one vote he gained.

He should have listened to George and just made it all up. “Hi, I’m a career criminal just out of prison after a seven year stretch for multiple nefarious crimes. I’m looking to change my life by hitching my wagon to Donald Trump. Because he supports law and order and morality! I sure would appreciate your vote this November and remember…I know where you live.”

Kevin McCarthy, U boat commander of the U lie, lie, lie. McCarthy rises from the deep to make pronouncements then disappears again beneath the waves. Talk to the public? Explain what you have planned, nope! Never mind, I’ll give you a hint. It starts with Hunter and ends with more elephant turds than the Lincoln Park Zoo. A three ring Republican circus!

Marge Traitor Greene is on the Homeland Security Committee. What could possibly go wrong there? She’ll get to the bottom of those Jewish space lasers now! And now that she’s admitted that she was deceived by QAnon, (Like a lots of people, but just not people in Congress) she promises to be Henry Kissinger and Albert Einstein from now on. It is not a question of will it blow up in her face, but when will it blow up in her face.

The Republicans are setting themselves up for not just for failure but for a fiasco. After voting for the largest and most unfair and regressive tax cut in history. The Republicans threaten to hold the economy hostage to balance the books off the backs of the elderly and disabled. What could possibly go wrong? Every time the Republicans have shut down the government after a tax cut, they have paid a price for it in November. But who knows, maybe this time it will work.

Because this time is different, Americans care about Hunter Biden dick pics more than they do about Social Security. The hypocrisy just can’t be missed. Noise, noise, noise about Biden documents immediately reported to the proper authorities. But silence about 15 boxes of Trump documents repeatedly lied about and hidden. How much ostrich avoidance is possible? That Tucker fucker goes after the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Why, because of their countries strict Covid restrictions. Crazy huh? Listening to medical advice.

For that, Tucker calls her one of the worst leaders in the whole world! That’s quite an accomplishment for a country with population smaller than New York City! Never mind Russia or North Korea, Iran or China. Maybe tomorrow, maybe. Dictators, Mullahs, oligarchs? No, it’s the democratically elected Prime Minister from a small country, who chose medical advice over hysteria and conspiracy theories.

Someone fact check me on this, New Zealand invaded Ukraine and then fired missiles over Japan in their attempt to aid in their clandestine nuclear program. New Zealand is behind international terrorism and is a hot bed of Islamic extremism and drug trafficking. Am I being ridiculous? No more than the Tucker fucker.

But just when you think, it can’t get any worse for the Republicans. The pictures of George or Anthony or Kitara appear, as a soon to be Republican Congressman in drag. Careful now! He could be one of those groomers the Republicans are so fond of pointing out! I guess it takes one to know one. But if we catch Matt Gaetz or Gym Jordan in high heels stockings and make up singing Streisand. We will all know who to blame.

But wait, after George or Anthony or Kitara’s silence. George does the right thing. He calls a press conference to refute these charges. No, he answers them on social media where he’s safe from probing follow up questions.

Georgie has admitted that he’s lied about his background, his education, his religion, his mother’s death, his income, job history and his volleyball skills. Calling them embellishments to his resume. But when you call him a thief (yet again) and a drag queen. Why then he stands up like any middle schooler would after being called a geek and refutes the charges on his phone.

George or Anthony or Kitara loves animals. And he was up half the night putting together pictures of all the dogs he’s rescued. That’s proof, right? Why he would never do such a thing, would he?  Well let’s see, I guess it all comes down to credibility.

A disabled veteran produces emails and photos with George or Anthony or Kitara playing him off and the complaints filed with Go Fund Me at the time of the theft.  But can’t we give George or Anthony or Kitara the benefit of the doubt? He wouldn’t lie about a thing like that, would he? Isn’t New Zealand a major threat to world peace?

But that other thing, the drag thing. But George or Anthony or Kitara wants to refute the dog charges and throws the drag charges in with it. After all, it’s all  the same thing, right? Thief or Drag Queen, same, same? Very clever pathological lying. Refute the one charge and throw the other one in with it. George didn’t actually refute the drag queen charges but just said, it’s not so.

But there are witnesses who say that it is so. That they knew George or Anthony as Kitara. But who are we to believe? Maybe George or Anthony or Kitara are actually telling us the truth this time. It could happen! It’s bound to happen eventually!

What does the U boat commander have to say about all this? “Dive! Dive! Dive!”

You just have to ask yourself what’s next then? How low can Georgie go?  George or Anthony or Kitara as a Salvation Army Santa, absconding with the collection kettle? Or shaking down grade schoolers for their lunch money. Or Georgie dressed as a Girl Scout selling phony off brand cookies.

To what depths can the U Boat commander take the Republican Party when there is obviously no moral bottom for them whatsoever, before it all implodes!

It is not going away, and George or Anthony or Kitara answers on social media are weak and infective. The only thing worse for the Republicans than George or Anthony or Kitara’s silence. Is George or Anthony or Kitara’s explanations! Georgie just blew up right in the Republican wheel house.

“Dive! Dive! Dive!”

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