The Sad End of Truth

By David Glenn Cox

George Orwell predicted Big Brother would be the single source of all information. Orwell could not have predicted the expansion of the mass media. Orwell couldn’t predict the rise of social media. We wonder how our politics became so divided. And basically, lying has become perfectly acceptable.

George or Anthony or Kitara are just the latest example. A mentally ill man becomes a US Congressman through lying. Donald Trump made his rank by telling whoppers reinforced by a complicit media operation selling whoppers to the American public. Financed by wealthy foreigners using money and media to redirect American politics.

Faux News is facing a $1.6 Billion lawsuit for defamation. For knowingly promoting lies. And knowing at the time that they were telling lies but doing it anyway. Culminating in the January 6th insurrection. These disciples of dumb assery were sucked in and indoctrinated to believe whatever they were told.

While during the depositions of their favorite Faux News hosts, they said under oath that they were just following orders. (Sound familiar?) To a person they said that they never really believed that the election was stolen. But in the name of money, they were willing to lie to the people they were purported to be informing.

But if Faux News is telling truth, then that must mean that everyone else must be lying. So where do our political divisions actually begin? From Faux News to Der Stormer, anything is true if you have the money to make it available to the public. Anything is true and so then anything is also false. Never mind the source, never mind who is behind it or who benefits from it.

I came across a You Tube video and the owner presents a theory that there were three secret missions to the moon. I grew up with the space program and read everything I could get my hands on. After Apollo 11 and especially after Apollo 13 many inside the program began to question how long their luck could hold out. About the same time the public began to lose interest because the novelty had worn off.

So, Congress cut the NASA budget forcing them to eliminate Apollo missions 18, 19 and 20. (Only 9 or 10 days on the moon) So this You tuber pulls it straight out of his ass. Saying the missions went ahead but were secret. Only one problem with his theory. Saturn five rockets were expensive and ordered well in advance. The hardware for those missions was built and was available. But they are also all accounted for. One Saturn Five put Skylab into orbit. One is at the Space Museum in Huntsville, Alabama. One is in Houston. No moon rockets, no secret missions. End of story.

Another You Tuber claims there is no photographic evidence that the Wright Brothers were the first to achieve powered flight. While showing the famous photograph of the Wright machine leaving the ground. (maybe it was faked) The Wright’s were secretive and afraid of others stealing their discoveries. So, when the Wrights Brothers arrived in France they were greeted with skepticism. But after flying a few figure eights over the field the Wright brothers were hailed by the French press as the Kings of aviation.

The European fliers could get off the ground but couldn’t turn in a forty-acre field. And any question of who discovered the secrets of controlled powered flight ended right there on that day and on that field. No one else on earth had a such a capable machine. The question was settled for over a century until the rise of You Tube where any jackass can be an expert.

If you never read or studied about the events, how would you ever know? Big foot lives on the moon!

Neil Armstrong held a secret meetings with aliens and found a mountain of gold! Maybe a foot is really 13 inches. It’s conspiracy by the lumber industry to cheat you! Candy is good for you! You should eat candy every day! Smoking meth has many health benefits. Your freedom of speech is also the freedom to lie. I could make a video about the space program, but you know a video about aliens and secret moon missions sounds a lot more exciting. But it’s nothing but lies! And if you’ve never studied about it or experienced it, how will you ever know?

Maybe Abe Lincoln committed suicide and it was a cover up!

One the oldest and most mainstreamed even covered by reputable cable channels is the persistent lie that Hitler escaped Berlin and lived in Argentina. Traudl Junge was the Fuhrer’s private secretary. Hitler dictated his last will and testament to Junge. Does that sound a man planning a trip? A man planning for a future as the shells fell all around him. He married his secret girlfriend, and they both committed suicide. Joseph Goebbels and his wife also committed suicide and murdered their children. Why? Because they said they didn’t want to live in a world without Hitler.

But why didn’t Adolph offer to take them along? The Fuhrer’s greatest fear at the end wasn’t death. It was the fear of being captured and put on display in a cage like in a zoo. What would Stalin have done if he had ever captured Adolph? So, Hitler made it clear that he wasn’t leaving Berlin. Maybe that was just a cover story to throw everyone off the track. Did he take his new wife with him? Apparently not.

But guess who was captured at the airport? The Fuhrer’s pilot and airplane. Did you know the US government hired a psychiatrist who spent two years putting together a profile of the German dictator’s personality? Guess what he said in 1943? Hitler when cornered would kill himself before being taken alive. No plane, no pilot, sworn testimony of dozens of witnesses. A last will and testament blaming the German people for the calamity which had befallen them. But maybe Hitler escaped.

In a word, No. He didn’t escape he didn’t want to escape. He had nothing left to live for and the thought of capture today or tomorrow or someday was the end of the story. But there is money to be made by selling fiction as truth. And unless you’ve read what the witnesses said and what the facts actually were, how would you ever know?

It was a secret airplane that took off from a secret airfield somewhere secret and piloted by a young Buzz Aldrin.

January 6th? Stolen elections? Hillary’s murder spree? Why oh why if Hillary Clinton were responsible for dozens of murders why wouldn’t somebody talk? Fear really? 400,000 people involved in putting men on the moon and nobody talked about it all being faked.

Anybody seen the Artemus space vehicle? Looks familiar, doesn’t it? It looks just that capsule they used to fake the moon landings. And the lander planned looks just like an updated lunar module. Now why would they copy a fake?

Truth loses all validity and becomes pliable. Truth becomes nothing more than a point of view. 2 + 2 = 5 Winston.  Maybe Marge Traitor Greene is really an alien war princess! Maybe Matt Gaetz is a cyborg from the future. Maybe Captain Kirk is really a time traveler, and all those Star Trek episodes really happened! Maybe you can cure Covid by sticking a lightbulb up your ass? You never know, it might work. It could be true!

“The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot.”
― Mark Twain

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