Little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer

By David Glenn Cox

The effects of Ron DeSantis and his evil plans for self-aggrandizement and political advancement. Will be paid for by the generations of Floridians to follow. There were no valid reasons for the “Don’t Say Gay” bill except to garner attention and political grandstanding. First claim there is a problem then make a lot of noise about it. Then come riding to the rescue to save the public from a problem that never really existed in the first place.

It’s straight out of the Nazi playbook. The Nazis claimed that German minority were being mistreated in the Sudetenland. Then mistreated in Czechoslovakia and then Poland too! After the Nazis had taken power in Poland, the captured media was filled with stories of how Germany had hated to go to war with their dear friends the Poles. Germans and Poles had always been such great friends. Unfortunately, the war was all the fault of and caused by the Jews.

Hitler had no love for Catholics either, but there were too many Catholics in Germany to make them the enemy. So only those Catholics who made noise or trouble would find themselves in a concentration camp. Because Fascism always requires an enemy. Someone to blame all the countries problems on. Because the minority de jure are always guilty of acting as fifth columnists out to destroy the country.

In the last days of WW-1, the German generals came to the Kaiser. They told him the army had ten days to two weeks and after that, the Army would begin disintegrating. The Kaiser abdicates and flees to Holland, and the Germans sign a ceasefire. Almost immediately, the rumor begins that the Germans didn’t actually lose the war but where stabbed in the back! The who that was doing the stabbing could be anyone. It was a convenient excuse allowing those responsible to dodge their culpability.

The Germany Army didn’t lose the war. They were cheated! This was also a popular meme in the United States after the Vietnam War. The generals and politicians wouldn’t let the US military win. Forgetting that the Vietnamese had fought the Japanese. And then fought the French for a decade. Were French politicians also responsible for the French defeat? It’s a convenient excuse to place the blame on someone else, someone disloyal!

Little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer DeSantis removed an elected prosecutor because DeSantis claimed he was “Woke.” What is Woke? It’s whatever little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer says is woke. Under the law the Federal Judge couldn’t give the prosecutor his job back. But he did give him a 59-page opinion that DeSantis had tramped all over the First Amendment rights of the Prosecutor. Making a civil suit a slam dunk. But DeSantis also fired a University professor for daring to disagree.

In the civil trial the fired professor hired two other professors as expert witnesses. Three guesses what Little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer DeSantis tries to do? If you said threats and intimidation ding, ding, ding!

But now little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer has banned an AP High School class on African American studies. Because in Florida teaching is a dangerous profession. You can only say good things about Der Fuhrer. America is wonderful and if you dare to say one word otherwise. You must be woke! America’s treatment of African Americans first as slaves and then under Jim Crow was monstrous and indefensible.

So, the state of Florida will outlaw the teaching of the truth. Because truth makes the fascists uncomfortable. Everyone knows the best to combat uncomfortable ideas is to ban them!

 Manatee County is doing away with classroom libraries because it’s too hard to keep up. Something verboten could slip through. Better no books at all than one Bad book! But that won’t hurt the children any or the state in the long run, will it?

And it makes convenient fodder for little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer. He’s keeping Florida safe from the Gays and Blacks and Drag Queens and the immigrants. And it works too! As little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer was easily reelected to a second term.

Disney like Ernst Rohm was just collateral damage. The Nazi’s had their own private Army the S.A. But as the Nazis gained power the S.A. became an impediment to their political rise. The German military would never accept Hitler as long as the S.A. still existed. So, Rohm, despite his years with the Party and loyalty to the Fuhrer was arrested and murdered, and the S.A. was disbanded.

Disney was asked about little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer’s  “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Disney had never said one single word about it, until they were asked. And once they gave their opinion, they too became a target. Because of their Woke agenda. Little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer ramrods through the rubber stamp Duma a law revoking Disney’s special arrangements. It might cost the state and taxpayers a billion or so dollars, so?

It brings to mind; the question of why more people didn’t flee Nazi Germany before it was too late. Germany had had a quick succession of governments, and many believed the Nazis wouldn’t last and would be gone as fast as they had arrived. (Trump?) But after the Nazis burned the Reichstag, they did away with civil liberties and the opportunity to escape was gone.

I can’t image that any Fortune 500 companies will be relocating to Florida. They might say the wrong thing or offer health benefits that Little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer doesn’t approve of and make themselves targets of potential litigation. They could find themselves the next Disney or Ernst Rohm. Their employees would complain about the move having children or be forced to quit.

There is no way to sugar coat it. This is straight up Fascism. Florida’s answer to Joseph McCarthy. The Gay scare. The African Americans are coming! The immigrants want your job! The Drag Queens want to indoctrinate your children. Florida’s answer to Viton Quisling.

Everyone has a secret agenda except for Little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer, the man who would be King. The man with higher political aspirations. The man who mirrors Donald Trump. The man who spent his formative years working at the notorious  Guantanamo prison!

Win, lose or draw Florida will go into decline as future condo collapses and fascist rhetoric send retirees and businesses headed for the exits. I left Alabama because I had school-aged children. Despite the population rise over the decades the population of Montgomery barely grew at all. That’s what a lot of my friends did, they left town too. Selma is a dead town; Alabama has a lot of dead and dying small towns because people leave looking for better.

The Alabama legislature passed a bill giving five years tax abatement for new businesses modeled on a Tennessee law. A mobile home company relocated to Alabama. After being located in Tennessee for five years. After five years in Alabama, they moved on to Florida.

The poor educational system and reactionary laws hold the state back. Florida will now follow the Alabama – Mississippi model. Alabama has one of the largest Landfill industries in the nation. They dump garbage in Alabama from all over the country. Because that is the kind of businesses that they attract. The businesses that no one else wants.

It becomes a simple matter of dollars and sense. If you don’t have any sense, you won’t have any dollars. The time to say “Never Again” is before it starts!

“It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

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