This Could End Badly

By David Glenn Cox

For the loss of a nail, the shoe was lost. For the loss of the shoe, the horse was lost. But by the same token desperately trying to maintain that single nail will likewise doom the horse. George what’s his name today, Devolder, Katara or Santos. Will doom the Republican majority. Curious George is the anchor hanging around Kevin McCarthy’s neck.

Every day a new batch of George’s lies emerge. Even before George can explain yesterday’s lies, a new batch arrive. You would think that the Drag Queen revelations would have sunk whatever his name really is. But the contagion spreads as the Republican Party now appears to have no scruples whatsoever. Anyone can play, traitors drug abusers Drag Queens child rapists and even the head guy from a New York Ponzi scheme are all acceptable as Republican representatives.

But we are still working on the frosting here just wait until we get into the doughnut hole. George has overwhelmed the entire Republican agenda. George has become story number one. And story number two is the Republican defense of Freshman Congressman who should have resigned last week. But there is a medical reason why Curious George, Anthony Katara Devolder Santos hasn’t resigned yet.

He is mentally ill. It’s not funny anymore. A diabetic going into a coma might appear to be drunk. But it is outward sign of a serious medical issue. I’m not a doctor, but as a mentioned before. I had a cousin with this same illness. When you or I, embellish our resume’ or tell a story to the boss about being sick. Inside our heads we know that we aren’t telling the truth. Some of us will even have pangs of guilt about lying.

But for the pathological liar that is not the case. Once they tell that lie, they believe it. And will defend the lie. It’s about a low self-esteem. So low, that they make up an entire new persona and put the real George away. Their lies are true and if caught in a lie, they will just tell another lie. They don’t feel guilt. They feel attacked and their defense mechanism kicks in, and they lie some more.

So, George will tell new lies to new people. After the Drag Queen revelations. George Anthony Katara finally admits that he dressed as a woman. But it was a lark just for fun. He wasn’t a Drag Queen at all, just a boy out on a wild weekend. But at the same time in George’s prior boasts, he claimed he won Beauty contests. Beauty contests. (plural)  

He appeared in Disney’s “Hannah Montana” and “The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody.” Of course, we know that’s not true, but just another sign of his mental illness. If you were in the space program George would tell you, that he invented the space suit or designed the Lunar Module. George isn’t a liar as much he is damaged individual. He could no more stop lying than he could stop breathing. Not unlike a multiple personality disorder, George must constantly prop up his ego up by trying to impress you. Because his ego is both fragile and massive.

He lies because he isn’t comfortable in his own skin as George Anthony or Katara. But at the same time, he believes himself to be clever and smarter than you and he can pour it on thick. Because you are just a stupid fool, he can scam you easy. Worked as the head New York guy in a Ponzi scheme? Oh, hell yeah! I do believe that one. A pathological liar in a Ponzi scheme? George is over qualified!

Rachel Maddow aired a segment with George Anthony Katara from a Brazilian Podcast. He claimed he was mugged on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight. And everyone just let it happen. They took his watch and briefcase and shoes! No mention if they took his wallet though. A strange omission. But George went on to describe it as the kind of things Americans put up with all the time.

George claimed to be the victim of harassment because he was a Conservative. A lie common among Conservatives. Poor picked on little flowers that they are. But George wasn’t done, as he was also the victim of an assassination attempt. And if you said that you attended Woodstock. George would tell you all about what it was like being backstage and hanging out with Jerry Garcia.

George Anthony Katara Devolder George Washington Albert Einstein Mae West. Shouldn’t be removed from Congress for being a liar. He should be removed for the actual just cause. He seriously mentally ill. He is ill today and will be ill tomorrow and it won’t go away or get any better. The lies will keep coming. Guess who edited George Santos’s Wikipedia page? Someone named Anthony Devolder.

But in trying to save one single vote in the Republican Congress. Kevin McCarthy and Republicans are getting slaughtered in the court of public opinion. In a New York poll, 55% of Republicans and 71% of Democrats want George what’s his name to resign. Can anyone imagine a scenario where this will ever right itself, and George’s numbers will miraculously recover? Not a snowballs chance in Hell!

The scandal has completely eclipsed the Republican agenda. And when combined with Kevin McCarthy’s speakership battle, give the appearance of a muddled confusion and incompetent pandemonium. The Republican first order of business was robbing the elderly and raising taxes on everyone else. Smooth move Exlax! With threats to shut down the government yet again! The Republicans are headed for a cliff faster than Thema and Lousie!

It is one thing to defend a lying politician, but to defend a mentally ill man in high office seems a risky strategy. Lots of politicians lie but as Mark Twain once remarked, that no politician can stand in the face of laughter. You can survive scandals and peccadillos but not in the face of public laughter and ridicule.

George Anthony Katara Devolder George Washington Albert Einstein Mae West becomes the anchor around Kevin McCarthy’s neck and the Republican House majority. He is a laughing stock making the entire Republican House majority a laughing stock too. It makes Kevin McCarthy look weak feckless and spineless. Control? In charge? In charge of what? Kevin can’t even control the ravings of mentally ill man who needs medical assistance as soon as possible.

This is Kevin’s first and last shot at being speaker. As the what’s his real name scandal expands, and we get into the meat of the Pathological liar’s finances. The issue will only become darker and more severe for the Republicans. They will face 2024 wounded and bleeding and unsuccessful. All in the attempt to save one single Freshman vote that will eventually doom them all.

A house divided against itself can’t stand as Republicans will find it harder and harder to defend the ravings of mentally ill man who belongs in a hospital. Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to save George will sink the entire party. George once installed in a hospital would soon steal a white lab coat and place a stethoscope around his neck and claim to be a doctor. But not just any doctor but a world renown physician from one of the best universities on Earth.

This has stopped being funny, this is a serious mental illness. And as the heat goes up which it most certainly will. George or Anthony or Katara will become more and more unstable. What happens at that point is anyone’s guess. George already believes that someone has tried to kill him once. A huge Red Flag! Does he own a gun? Roller skating on ice while juggling hand grenades. This could end badly!

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