The Time to Say Never Again

By David Glenn Cox

Meta/Facebook welcomes back into their good graces Donald John Trump. Did you know that it was two-year suspension? I don’t remember anything mentioned about two years from two years ago. Just sounds suspicious as a justification for an unjustified action. Donald John Trump is under a cloud for a host of high crimes and misdemeanors. But let’s put the hay down where the goats can get it. Criminals are welcome on Facebook!

Trump brings an audience and audiences pay the bills. Money over morality period. Sure, Trump has done more damage to this country than any President ever before. Sure, he inspired a low IQ seditious riot in an attempt to overturn a lawful election. That’s called Treason! People died and people were injured, and the low IQ morons are now going to prison for it. All because of Donald John Trump. And two years later, not one word of regret or apology for the dead or for the injured.

What crimes would it take to receive a permanent ban? Twitter just banned Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes one day after they lifted his previous ban. I have raised children and understand that promises of “I won’t do it again,” ring hollow. Fascists have contempt for Democracy. Fascists have contempt for Democratic institutions and will use their freedom to subvert yours.

As per his Facebook page, George Santos – Economist | Philanthropist | Animal Advocate. But George isn’t an economist, and he isn’t a philanthropist. He’s only an animal advocate when looking for money when he’s the animal.  But scammers are welcome on Facebook.

In an attempt to save a shrinking audience Facebook sells out to the lowest common denominator. But Trump has no need for Facebook. He already has his own lying media channel, and his audience is over there. Trump doesn’t need Facebook anymore. He’s not asking to come back Trump is being invited to come back.

Two years ago, Trump made unfounded untrue bizarre subversive seditionist statements. Does Facebook somehow think now that Trump has reformed?

George Santos has even more new revelations and has become the center of an even larger media firestorm. He has a new campaign treasurer after correcting his prior campaign finance documents. The corrections open even more questions about where all George’s money came from. And the treasurer says the campaign finance documents were signed without his knowledge and he doesn’t work for George. Also known as running for cover.

George is becoming even more smug and arrogant as he finds his feet because he’s being coddled and welcomed. He now taunts reporters where before he remained silent. George now boasts a small smile around the corners of his lips. He feels like he’s winning now. And the higher Icarus flies the harder the fall.

Because George Santos is mentally ill and delusional. He claims to have been mugged in broad daylight. (No Record) That there was an attempt on his life (No Record) George claims he was harassed and threatened and needed a police escort. (No Record)

Kevin McCarthy is willing to sully the Republican brand to save one freshman vote. Just as Facebook is willing to sully their brand by inviting Donald John Trump back. George Santos is a danger to himself and to others. Just as Donald John Trump is a danger to this country.

Kevin McCarthy is speaker in name only, when actually he is only the pawn of the seditious fascist wing of the Republican Party. When they ring the bell, Kevin salivates. He brings forth their legislative ideas. A 30% sales tax or doing away with the FBI and of course, Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Donald John Trump attempted to arm twist the President of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. By withholding military aid previously authorized by Congress to a country at war. Why did Trump attempt to do that? Because he had nothing on the Bidens. The intent was obvious if you know what’s good for you. You’ll find something!

Then comes the laptop fiction. Hunter Biden takes his laptop filled with incriminating information to a complete stranger. And this stranger finds all the incriminating emails. Emails missing time and date signatures, but low IQ voters don’t know about such things.

 What kind of computer repairman has time to read your emails? The low IQs accept whatever they are told without question because lying has become normalized. Lying is just a point of view because alternative facts are still facts. I’ll say it again;  Fascists have contempt for Democratic institutions and will only use their freedom to subvert yours.

Put your coffee down. Kevin that towering shivering inferno has removed Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell from the Intelligence Committee. Because he says, “They lied!” While in the same breath, Kevin says George Santos was lawfully elected and any claims against George for lying should be heard by the Ethics Committee in about a year to a year and a half from now. Kevin claims this isn’t revenge even though that’s exactly what he promised he would do two years ago. But that’s not lying, is it?

But Donald John Trump has said that leakers and reporters should be thrown into prison. Trump doesn’t believe in freedom of the press, if it is unflattering. He doesn’t care about your freedom or your Constitution. If he had his way, the executives at Facebook would be imprisoned if they allowed unflattering posts on Facebook. Faster than Reich’s Fuhrer Ron DeSantis could ban books or African American studies. Mike Pompeo recently defended the murder of a New York Times journalist by calling him an “Activist.”

And yet, Facebook/Meta invites Donald John Trump back into their good graces. Facebook would offer rope to the man who would hang them if he could.  

It is no longer a question of political opinion. It’s a sedious conspiracy to subvert Democracy. Which Supreme Court Judges are under a cloud again? Brett Kavanaugh and Clearance Thomas both with questionable events in their background. But that’s okay because the end justifies the means! Liars’ criminals, rapists or sex offenders. Locker room attendants or Fraudsters. Ponzi scheme operators and even seditious traitors are all welcome.

The House Republicans seek to smother the January 6th investigation. Because they are culpable for their criminal actions. They are comfortable with defending those who rob you of your birthright. They welcome the opportunity to limit the rights of everyday citizens. But only because Fascism always requires an enemy.

The Republicans support and promote the second amendment because mass violence plays right into their hands. They welcome the violence that destabilizes society so that they can place the blame on someone besides themselves. They fight against raising the minimum wage, while blaming homelessness on liberal politicians.

It is no longer about left or right politics, it is about the survival of our Democracy.

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

The time to say Never Again…is right now!

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