But Will They Ever Protect You?

By David Glenn Cox

Deeper and deeper down further and further, and like Star Wars the saga continues. I don’t know why at this point; anyone could ever possibly be surprised by anything about George Santos. But now the bottom is dropping out on George.

By modifying his campaign finance disclosure forms he opens more doors than he closes. George has changed $625,000 in loans by unchecking the box from personal funds to unknown and unexplained loans. Loans with no interest rates listed and no payment schedule either and most importantly, we still have no idea who gave George all the money.

Now, the campaign treasurer George listed on those disclosure forms, claims they were signed electronically without their knowledge. And media outlets have begun trying to contact all the donors George did list. But surprise, surprise! The donors either don’t live at the addresses listed. Or the addresses listed don’t actually exist. Or the donors themselves don’t exist or they don’t have any knowledge of ever donating to George’s campaign.

It appears the man who invented his own resume’ as a work of fiction. Also appears to have also invented his own campaign disclosure history. Where will this all end? Where will this all end for George’s protectors such as Kevin McCarthy? What was that Republican agenda again? “George! George! George!” How many ballots would it take to get Kevin McCarthy elected speaker now?

Way back at the very beginning of this saga. George’s campaign did their own background check on George. They discovered to their shock and horror that George was a complete fraud and his staff then resigned on mass. But before leaving, they advised George to drop out of the race before he opened himself up to shame and ridicule.

But the Republican Party including Kevin McCarthy knew about George’s lies and transgressions. And instead of following that sage advice for George to step down. The Republicans helped George to find a new staff. Would you ever hire anyone from George’s staff?

This isn’t the George Santos hour any longer. This is the George Santos and Kevin McCarthy show. Kevin McCarthy is no longer just George’s boss in Congress. He’s now George’s accomplice in crime. Kevin McCarthy knew that George was a fraud. Kevin McCarthy knew that George’s campaign was impersonating Kevin’s own Chief of Staff to defraud voters.

But Kevin McCarthy didn’t care about little crimes like fraud or embezzlement. Because Kevin chose to look the other way. These two are now cojoined twins, inseparable and indivisible. George Anthony Devolder Santos McCarthy. George is Kevin McCarthy’s bouncing baby boy now. Forever and ever, amen.

History will remember this event as the Santos/McCarthy scandal or the Liar’s Congress. The Republican agenda is now D.O.A., and the waters are beginning to churn and are getting deeper and deeper. And soon the sharks will arrive.

Every day the Republicans continue to defend this fraud is another day in the Kevin/George alliance. Is another day the Republicans all become a part of the Santos/McCarthy scandal. Watergate began with a much smaller crime than embezzlement or defrauding donors and voters.

Two years isn’t such a long time in the minds of voters scorned and offended. This scandal has legs and Kevin’s plan to kick the can down the road hoping it will go away. Will only produce dark blossoms close enough to election day. They will torpedo the Republican candidates for protecting George.

Because if they aren’t against George Santos, then they become George Santos. I can see the 2024 campaign coming into focus from here. Your Republican candidate’s picture right here next to a picture of George smiling back in drag.  “They protect George Santos, but will they protect you?”

But what else waits for us in the wings? We aren’t done here yet, this only the beginning! Will George be extradited to face embezzlement charges in Brazil? A perp walk in silver bracelets through the halls of JFK Airport with armed men holding George under his arms.

Or will George be further implicated as the “head guy” in a New York based Ponzi scheme. If he wasn’t involved in the Ponzi scheme, then obviously, George’s talents were being wasted.

But even if nothing more is disclosed, this already enough. And by the Republicans defending George they might as well put on the evening gowns and high heels themselves, because they are all George Santos now. “When you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.”

But the forensics of any disaster always begin with a series of small events which when connected create a major disaster. Character lost is gone forever.

In the failed state of Florida, where lying is almost the state motto. Another condominium building has been condemned and evacuated. Remember when, Ron DeSantis said that building inspections wouldn’t be necessary. Yet, here is another building found ready to collapse less than a mile away from the building that did collapse. Collapsed without any warning killing 99 people. The Republicans will protect George Santos, but will they ever protect you?

Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer is catching more heat than he expected after banning an advanced placement class in African American studies. It’s the first time in 70 years of any ban of any advanced placement course, in any state in the union. It is not for the state or any one elected official to decide what is truth. It is for educational professionals to decide and for the students themselves to decide what they would believe.

 Regardless of your politics, when any elected politician decides what is state approved truth. They dangerously overstep their bounds and education will decline accordingly. In an attempt to protect the children from indoctrination they institute state sponsored indoctrination. The state declares what legal to teach! Just like in Nazi Germany.

But Ronnie has been busy. In 1957, came the film “12 Angry Men.” A teenager is on trial for his life accused of murder. The vote for guilty is 11 to 1. But one man refuses to just follow the crowd. He doesn’t say that that boy is not guilty, but only that he’s not sure. Insisting that they talk some more about the evidence before sending a boy to die.

Slowly, as the evidence in the case is carefully examined, the jurors begin to change their votes. As it becomes obvious the case against the boy is largely circumstantial. And the facts claimed as facts, aren’t possible.

Under a new law proposed by the Florida Reich’s Fuhrer, that boy would have been sent to the electric chair and fried! DeSantis proposes that a jury need not be unanimous to send you to the electric chair. A unanimous jury is a cornerstone our American law and tradition. But Ronnie knows better and he’s just itching to pull the switch himself much like Percy from “The Green Mile.” The Republicans will protect George Santos for his crimes, but they won’t protect you!

In an effort to streamline the criminal justice system, the Florida Republicans and Ron DeSantis propose eliminating the criminal justice system. But only for you and me, because they defend George Santos for his crimes. But would make it easier to execute you for your crimes, real or fabricated.

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand-fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”
― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

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