One Foot on a Banana Peel

By David Glenn Cox

Donald Trump is being allowed return to Facebook. I was so stunned by this, that I forgot to ask why? I had assumed that Facebook while dying was desperately seeking to maintain their audience, any audience. But then, I was reminded that Donald Trump’s “Truth” social media is rapidly losing steam. It hasn’t earned enough to cover its expenses even once. The stock price has plunged and is seen as circling the drain with no hope of recovery.

But Twitter doesn’t turn a profit either. In only one year Twitter turned a profit and the next year, it lost all that money plus more. So, when Elon from outer space expressed interest, they unloaded it faster  than a handful of magic beans on a rube. Elon was going to fix it. By making Twitter a private club and charge admission. Good luck with that Elon. The problem isn’t the business model, it’s the platform. Short blurbs of questionable value. How much advertising can you really squeeze in to people reading short blurbs?

Facebook is welcoming Donald Trump back because he will soon be among the social media homeless. And just as Trump is beginning another vanity/scam run for the Presidency too. It’s just too good of a business opportunity to pass up. Facebook will have exclusive content as Trump begins his Kamikaze run  destroying the Republican Parties chances for 2024. First, they love you and then they hate you. And then finally, they ignore you.

Trump clonette Kari Lake held her rally to save America. To an exuberant Arizona audience of perhaps 300 people in a state of seven million. But the audience kept shouting up the “T” word. Exposing that most weren’t there to support Lake, it was a faux Trump rally. The cult is going into Trump withdrawal, now that he’s been de-emphasized on Faux. Where can the cultists go now to get their fix?  Why with surrogates and proxies offering them Trump methadone.

Lake’s rally was filled with repeated references to God and the Bible. Because this was religious event ignoring, it was being held on the Christian Sabbath. And believers shouldn’t be there but instead home resting. But Lake is doing the ole God buddy two step. God wants you to support Kari Lake! So, then it becomes a holy jihad worthy of a Tehran Mullah waging a crusade against immorality and the ungodly.

“When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” – Attributed to many people, maybe even George Santos.

But the polls show Trump trailing behind former Gitmo interrogator little Fascist Ronnie DeSantis. And you know what that means, don’t you? Why that means that those polls must be fixed by Democrats RINOs or the corrupt media. (Juden Press) All trying to rain on Trump’s parade. As he sows doubt about the elections. Sows doubt about the media. Everyone is lying to you except for Donald Trump. Everyone is out to get Trump because they hate him. Because Trump is just so wonderful the Democrats can’t stand it.

But the bloom is off that rose. See the new DeSoto’s at your Desoto – Plymouth dealer today! And tell them Groucho sent you!

Satchel Page once said, “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you!” In Trump’s case, everything is gaining on him. Trump runs because if he ever stops running the game is up. He has no choice, but to run and run and run away. For as long as Trump is still running, he’s still vital and still has a platform to pretend to still be important.  But If he ever stops running, he becomes as dated as Mamie Eisenhower.

So, Trump hits the trail like so much bullshit, railing against windmills and electric cars. Because Republicans are deathly afraid of the future. They rail against Drag Queens and Trangenders because that is all a part of being a Republican. Find an enemy and then fill the audience with fear about them, then repeat as necessary. It’s Nixon’s southern strategy. Willie Horton in a dress and high heels. You don’t have to be paranoid and fearful about the future to be a Republican. Oh wait, yes you do! What do you call a forward-looking Republican? Imaginary!

Kari Lake repeated her baseless claims of stolen elections. Claims discredited by members of the Trump Campaign and by the partisan media alike. Kelly Ann Conway said Trump should have won in a landslide but blew all his money and ran a bad campaign. Trump insisted on being Trump and paid the price for it. The clearest indication that Trump was behind the January 6th insurrection is the fact that it failed.

Kari Lake lost her election because 5,000 Democrats crossed over to vote for Lake. While 60,000 Republicans crossed over to vote for Lake’s Democratic opponent. 6,000 more Republicans wrote in someone else’s name. Why did Kari lose her election?  Because she was a bad candidate and was defeated by Republicans who didn’t like her all that much. That’s not to say she wasn’t popular. She can still fill a hotel ballroom on a Sunday afternoon in Donald Trump’s name.

But chances are Kari Lake will never win another Arizona election. Lake’s chances for a comeback are about the same chances for CB radios and mechanical bulls. It’s all over but for the lying. Lake claimed she was cheated and robbed. Everyone was out to get her because, because, because she supported Donald Trump. When you pass Go, you collect your two hundred dollars and start around the board again.

Mike Lindell heir to a lost pillow fortune also lost badly in his bid to become RNC Party Chairman. The Party chairman is all powerful in a Republican Party guided by the Fuhrer principle. It signals that the RNC want nothing more to do with Donald Trump. Trump will be allowed to attend the convention (with limited access to tickets)  but Trump will only be allowed to speak sometime after Gramps and Me Maw have finished their Ovaltine and gone on to bed.

That’s assuming Trump even attends the convention at all. What will happen after Trump fails to win a single state primary? Why isn’t obvious? He will rage and declare that he’s been robbed, yet again. And all Republicans who don’t bow down and kiss his ass are worthless RINOs. Only Trumpers are the true Naz, ah Republicans. All others are heretics disloyal to God and Trump. Trump will cleave his 30% of the Republican electorate making the presidential election a cake walk for the Democrats.

Little Ronnie DeSantis is a man afraid of everything, especially Democracy. This small little man who bans books and bans ideas and has the charisma of muddy shoes. Will stumble fatally wounded in the national election by a Trump who won’t make deals. Trump can’t afford to make deals at this point. For Trump this is with your shield or on your shield, do or die. Even with Trump’s endorsement it won’t help. Because you can’t tell a cult to go worship and adore someone else.

The invertebrate specimen known to science as Kevin McCarthy. Appeared on Face the Nation to tell America all about the broken Congress and Kevin’s plans to fix it. But the first question asked was about George Santos. Kevin ducked and side stepped dodged, bobbed and weaved. Trying with all his might to not answer an obvious question. What did Kevin expect? What does Kevin still expect? That this issue of public fraud and public deception will just go away? If George Santos is still on the Congressional payroll in 2024. A lot of other House Republicans won’t be.

The Republican majority in the House already has one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel. A banana peel named George. In defending the indefensible Kevin proves that congressional Republicans are the broken ones. Broken by a man named George. Broken by a scam artist named Trump. And broken by a Gitmo interrogator named little Fascist Ronnie!

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future. ― John F. Kennedy

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