Poisoned by Their Own Kool Aid

By David Glenn Cox

A crack in the ice and a failure of the Republican Congressional bilge pumps. George Santos begins his rehabilitation tour by making a candid admission, that telling the truth is real important. And George promises to be more careful with the truth in the future. Santos then announces he will step away from his new committee assignments until controversy subsides or… forever. Telling the biggest whopper of his career yet to date, that it was all George’s own idea.

The idea was all Speaker McCarthy’s who’s now trapped in the ice like Shackleton in the frigid Antarctic. Kevin couldn’t remove lying George from committees while still trying to remove Illian Omar from her committee assignments. It’s a mess of monstrous proportions.

Barely one month into the Republican majority and it’s pandemonium in the monkey house and the turds are flying everywhere. What did George say today? What new investigations? What new revelations were discovered? When oh, when will the other shoe finally drop?

Kevin McCarthy’s appearance on Face the Nation was designed to deflect the controversy but only brought the disaster into sharper focus. A compromise was struck, George gets to keep his $174,000 salary if he promises to go away and hide for the duration. And Kevin gets to keep his speakership for now. But it is too late to un-wreck the ship or the Republican Party. The iceberg has already been struck.

A near unanimous decision of the electorate. A poll showing 78% of the voters in George’s district want Santos to resign. A 100% of the Congressional Republicans in New York also want George to resign. It is only getting deeper, and the current is getting swifter.

George has been getting a little mouthier lately. Sparring with reporters saying he didn’t commission a poll, so he doesn’t care about a poll. Doing what Republicans do best. Blaming the media, for the problems they bring on themselves.

George appears contrite in a Nerf ball interview on One America Nutcase. The only place where George could still appear credible. Because Fox News is far too busy discussing classified documents found at Joe Biden’s house. Fox has gone into full Sargent Schultz mode here.

They don’t dare mention George without exposing Kevin McCarthy’s train wreck of a speakership. So, they see nothing and say nothing. Could you image George Santos appearing on Face the Nation? It would end the Republican majority in twenty-four hours or less.

The question now isn’t how long will George last, but how long can Kevin McCarthy last? The investigations into George’s finances have only just begun. We still don’t know where George’s $700,000 in loans came from. And Kevin McCarthy is trying to serve us up half a loaf in George’s defense. There are you happy now? George isn’t on committees anymore! So, that makes it all better, doesn’t it? Huh, huh?

I don’t know what the shortest term as speaker of the House has ever been. But Kevin McCarthy is certain to make that list. To put it into perspective, Marge Traitor Greene is losing her camera time to George of the bungle.

Marge and Matt Gaetz are getting pushed into the background. That is an intolerable situation that won’t be allowed to stand. This was supposed to be their shining hour in the sun, eclipsed by some little nobody Freshman Republican Congressman, what’s his name?

Churchill once advised, that when in Hell it’s best to keep going. But Kevin tries to protect his slim House majority by dawdling and dithering. It’s all over but for the sad announcements. It is much too late to push George Santo’s into the shadows now.

George is the center of Congressional attention and will remain the center of attention, until he finally steps down. But George had promised to work hard for his district. And now steps away from his committee assignments becoming a congressional welfare queen. (No pun intended) Okay, maybe a little.

Kevin’s mistake was made a month ago in seating George and was only compounded by giving George committee assignments. But George’s vote helped to make Kevin McCarthy House speaker, and now George’s vote dooms Kevin McCarthy as the House speaker. Oh, the irony.

Agenda? What agenda? What can Kevin possibly accomplish now? How can Kevin McCarthy take a page  of manic schizophrenic scribbles and turn it into a literary masterpiece? McCarthy’s performance has been so poor. Kevin might lose his own house seat in two years, just like zuit suit Newt. Kevin goes to the White House to discuss the budget negotiations with all the strength of a naked fornicator caught out on a ledge.

Kevin  was supposed to tell Joe Biden, “My way or the highway!” But now, Kevin has one black eye and needs Joe Biden to bail him out before he gets another. But Biden isn’t about to rescue Kevin or the Republican crazies, and the Republican majority aren’t willing compromise. Those Republicans ran on an agenda of crazy is as crazy does and compromise is a dirty word. The Republican plan was to ransack and pillage the Biden Administration.

And now, because of that damn Freshman liar. All of their dreams and plans have fallen into ruins. But if they can’t get rid of George they can’t move forward. But if they have to get rid of Kevin to get rid of George. All structure is gone, and the Republicans would have to start all over from zero. Making the Republican majority look even more feckless and inept, with no time left to start again.

The self-inflicted wounds of the circular firing squad.

But working the other side of the street are the fascist manifestations of little Ronnie Desantis.  The little man with big dreams and dark ideas of which nightmares are made. First banning books, then banning an African American studies program. And now taking over a community college and having the College President fired while installing his own Gauleiters on the board. All because of diversity training, all to make a show piece of his Florida Krystal Nacht.

So, on the one hand a feckless spineless disaster of the House Republican majority. While on the other hand a dark evil Florida Republican fascist, who will alienate independent voters by the millions in a national election. DeSantis has overplayed his hand. He’s scary and frightening and totally lacking in personality. A humorless demigod who picks on the weak and powerless, all to make himself appear strong.

Now add into the mix Nicky Haley’s announcement of a Presidential run and maybe Mike Pompeo too with an expected similar announcement. A crowded field of has-beens, wanna be’s, fascists and Trump. But if Trump can’t win and he can’t. How can former Trump appointees hope to prosper? How much strength with they draw away from daddy Trump and little Fascist Ronnie?

It would take a miracle out of scripture to save the Republican majority now. The House Republicans are poisoned by drinking their own Kool Aid. The constant George revelations, Trump revelations, and little fascist Ronnie. All amidst a scandal of trying to save one Freshman liar.

“And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual. This is what I am and what I am about.” ― John Steinbeck

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  1. Wow, that was easy to digest with a bowl of soup! Marjorie Traitor Green, lol, pretty good! That was amusing to read. Excellent breakdown….


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