See: The Stanford Experiment

By David Glenn Cox

Birds of a feather lie together as Marge Traitor Greene says, Jewish Space Lasers? What are those? Photos of Greene sitting with George Santos beg the question, is George contagious? Could lying be a virus or just a natural part of being a Republican?

Illain Omar was removed from her committee assignment for her Anti-Semitic remarks. While Paul Gosar attends Neo-Nazi rallies praising Adolf Hitler. So okay, it’s just the Republicans lying again. George of the bungle is kept safe and warm. Nick Fuentes, White Nationalist, or this generations definition of a Ku Klux Klansmen is a conservative darling. A rebel with a cause but without a nightgown made from a bedsheet.

The Republican lemmings run higgly piggly looking for a cliff to dive off to show their conservative bonifides. Crazy is never crazy enough.  Step two, removed Illain Omar as a sacrifice to the Fox News god of headlines and low hanging fruit for being Anti-Semitic.

It’s upside-down and inside out world. The Republicans take control of the house. Step one, an insane tax proposal to give the largest tax cut in human history to the wealthy, while destroying the American economy all in one fell swoop. Imagine buying a house and having to mortgage a 30% sales tax for thirty years. Even cardboard boxes would soon become unaffordable for most Americans to live in.

But Kevin McCarthy sold his soul to become speaker and so must pander to appease the darker angels of our baser impulses. Step Three, denounce Socialism, while honoring Fascism. To promote a Neofascist feudal society of the haves and the desperately fucking poor. Without Social Security Medicare or Medicaid, the sick and the elderly would soon pass away. Just as God and the Republicans intended. Homelessness becoming more common than home ownership.

Amid mass shootings Republican Congressmen sport AR-15 pins on their lapels where their plastic American flag pins used to be found. Are the Republicans abandoning their plastic patriotism? Trading it in for more and more symbols of violence. Their God is packing heat! As the new Republican House rules now allow Congress people to carry weapons into committee rooms. Defending the Second Amendment, even it kills them. But like the Orange Apocalypse once famously said, “those are my people, they won’t hurt me.”

That’s insightful because Mr. Trump wasn’t trying to say his low IQ voters weren’t dangerous. Only not dangerous towards him. Asked what the AR-15 pins represent a Republican spokesperson said the pins were “blueanon conspiracy theory.” Deflection and refusing to answer a question is just another form of lying. But that’s alright the wearing of Republican religious symbols is allowed on the house floor.

These Republicans are merely stunting, Never mind what a gun pin on your lapel means, it’s a secret. But replacing a flag pin with a gun pin tells us more than it says. Can brown shirts be far off? Or Death’s head insignia? Red arm bands? Paul Pelosi’s attacker said from jail that he’s sorry he couldn’t take out more Democrats. This is who they are, they foment violence for their own purposes. Fox News backstops them and gives them a safe space to tell their lies. Lies with the intent to incite violence.

Did you know 47% of government workers are still working from home. And millions are still receiving Covid money every week. Of course, there isn’t a word of truth to any of it. But this is who they are, these are the lies they tell. Liars and cheats who will do or say anything to advance their own careers or line their own pockets.

Incite violence sure! Take revenge on political opponents, why not? The Intelligence Committee was supposed to be bipartisan with the goal of having both sides heard. But not anymore, and if this country gets caught flat footed in the echo chamber, oh well.

In Nazi Germany, teachers once hid forbidden books from the authorities. Now, they do the same thing in Florida. Teachers are subject to five years in prison for allowing forbidden books to be on their shelves. It is only history repeating itself, the good Christians committed to the flames the knowledge of the ancient world.

And history knew it as the Dark Ages. Replaced by heretical cult that claimed all other truths were the work of the devil and should be burned. Not just the books, but the people too! Mass indoctrination by the elimination and persecution of any other alternative.

Deaths head Ron DeSantis’s fascist takeover of Florida Universities is nothing less than sounding a death knell for higher education in Florida, such as it was. Fascist Ronnie calls a special session of the rubber stamp state legislature for the specific purpose of punishing Disney for daring to disagree with the flatulent Florida Fuhrer. This is Fascism; your freedom of speech depends on who you are speaching about.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” ― Benito Mussolini

If the corporations say good things or remain silent, they shall be rewarded. But if they dare to speak out agin the Fuhrer. Then the opposite occurs.

A governmental attempt to punish free speech. It tells me that Florida is no longer a state in the American union. But a fascist occupied territory. If Disney were to leave Florida for South Carolina, what could they repurpose the old Florida property as? Most of the rides and attractions could easily be unbolted placed on  trucks and be gone overnight. Leaving a large gaping hole in the Florida economy.

The hotel industry, food joints, rental cars all gone. With Disney gone, the other parks and activities would also soon fold. Disney world Florida is an aging Real estate property as it is. After fifty years, it is getting a little long in the tooth anyway. South Carolina would make a perfect location for a new theme park.

Or Georgia, oh wait, not Georgia. Georgia is also a state  prone to radicalization and so disqualifies itself. No high-tech companies will be moving into Florida. Not with the poor educational system and repressive government prone to meating out punishments to corporations who don’t mind their tongues.

But if the Florida Fuhrer will spend millions of dollars to punish a single corporation for speaking up, what would he do to you? If the message from top of the pile is Fascism a go, go! Maybe that traffic cop will just back hand you or smack you one for asking why he stopped you. These things take on a life of their own. The Nazis never trained people to be vicious, they just rewarded and promoted those who were vicious. And the message was soon received by all!

He’s talking back, Taze him! Punch that smart ass! Once the principles of light are extinguished, the darkness grows exponentially. See: The Stanford Experiment 

“Let us not forget that violence does not and cannot exist by itself; it is invariably intertwined with the lie. They are linked in the most intimate, most organic and profound fashion: violence cannot conceal itself behind anything except lies, and lies have nothing to maintain them save violence. Anyone who has once proclaimed violence as his method must inexorably choose the lie as his principle.” ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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  1. Speaker M does appease the darker angels of our tRumptarder base impulses to denounce Socialism while honoring Fascism to promote a Neofascist feudal society of the haves so as to deny the desperately fucking poor their crumbs.


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