Up, Up and Away

By David Glenn Cox

Up in the sky, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a stunt and a provocation timed before Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit to the People’s Republic of Slave Labor. In typical and predictable fashion, Republicans blame Joe Biden for a foreign provocation. For the Biden Administration it is a lose/lose proposition.

If the Administration shoots the balloon down, they will be criticized for letting the balloon go as far as it did. If they don’t shoot the balloon down, they will be criticized for letting it go. But this also occurred three times during the Trump Administration without a peep from the Republicans. It illustrates the Republicans desire to bitch, complain and make noise regardless.

A foreign power violates US airspace, and the Republican don’t have a word of complaint about the foreign power, only about the President who shot it down. Loyal opposition? I don’t think so. Not one Republican rose to say, I support the President’s efforts to keep our airspace safe. Care or concern about the American people? Nope! Just stunting for Fox News headlines.

While the Republicans kick and make noise, they ask no questions about the true purpose of the balloon. They don’t much care, past the bitching opportunity. But a balloon is pretty low tech, and likewise the instrument package. The purpose wasn’t actually to gather data. If you have ever seen a nuclear missile base, you’d know that above ground there not much to see. Everything is mainly below ground. So, any information gained by a balloon at 60,000 feet is minimal.

Coinciding with a high-level visit to China, it is an attempt put the US on the back foot. An opportunity to embarrass the Administration. Knowing that the Republicans would gladly ape along as disloyal dupes of a foreign power. The Chinese wanted the meeting called off for purpose or purposes unknown. Maybe only for their own domestic consumption. Knowing a provocation would force the Americans to call off the meeting and allowing China to escape blame for the meetings cancellation.

“Americans cancel high-level visit to the People’s Republic of Wonderful!” The Chinese didn’t want the meeting to take place. The American news media covers foreign events like they visit grandma’s house. Only occasionally and only when it suits their purposes. They meditate only on contemplating their own American navel.

The Chinese have a host of domestic issues including an economy based upon high levels of growth. That is no longer showing high levels of growth. It had to come to an end sometime and that time is now. Without high levels of growth how will China lure investors? With the Covid epidemic many American businesses began questioning the wisdom of outsourcing.

The results of declining growth along with a population bubble. China’s one child policy has left a bubble of elderly traditionally taken care of by their children. Chinese Social Security is what the Republicans would like it to be in this country. But it’s the same old story morning glory. Low wage workers can’t contribute much, and in the end, someone will have to feed the hungry multitudes.

Developing a builder’s economy, the Chinese state invests money to promote building apartment buildings and infrastructure such as high-speed rail. Investors buy the apartments with hopes of turning a large profit. In some cases, these buildings are only half occupied. And with nothing left to lure investors. The future begins to look questionable, not unlike 1929 in this country. Everything was going up, up, up. Until it stopped going up.

China’s economy is based on low wages and growth. If it can’t retain growth, it will soon lose its low wage advantage. Just as the Biden Administration claims credit for 4.4% wage growth due more to a shortage of workers than any government policy in this country.

Speaking of gas bags, the George Santos saga goes on and on. In this week’s episode, George has claimed he was Broadway show producer with his partner Max Bialystok. And the first claims of sexually harassing his staff arose and in his first month on the job too! Why wait? Especially, if George might not be there for long.

But on Friday, the Chinese were almost apologetic about the balloon saying basically, “whoops.” But after the Administration shot the balloon down. The Chinese tone became angry and bellicose. Promising that any American balloons floating over China would meet a similar fate. Of course, the US stopped using balloons in the 1960s in favor of satellites. But the Chinese altered their tone to match their Republican allies in Congress.

How dare Joe Biden shoot down an “Unmanned Aerial vehicle!” aka, a balloon. Either way the administration is going to be criticized by the disloyal Republican Congress. The Administration is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. There used to be a water’s edge where criticism was limited to domestic affairs. Once upon a time when a provocation came from a potentially hostile foreign power. It would illicit some support from the loyal opposition.

Thanks to Fox News and foreign trolls on social media the anti-American crowd is vocal and growing. Because if the Congress is disloyal and the Supreme Court is corrupt, the time to pile on is now. The Extremist court spent over a million dollars and forced their staff into Stasi style interrogations. Only to discover that the Justices are bunch of lazy careless slobs, using their personal e-mails and cell phones and vice versa. And leaving burn bags unattended in the hall. So where did the leak come from…Duh!

The Philippines after booting the US out in the 1970s are now welcoming them back. The Japanese are rebuilding their navy. Australia is purchasing a new fleet of submarines. According to the Anti-American crowd, it’s all because the United States wants a war with China. The countries in the Pacific rim are all building their militaries just because the US wants them too. Not because of Chinese provocations. It’s all those dirty violent Australians and those aggressive Japanese and South Koreans. China is just wonderful.

The Chinese aren’t claiming international waters as their own. That is all Joe Biden’s doing! He’s forcing the Chinese to not accept long standing international norms. But often ignored, is why the Chinese want to claim those ocean territories as their own. It comes down to two words and effects the entire planet. Those two words are “Fishing rights.”  

The UN has been tracking the world’s fishing catches. And they are in decline with one-third of the human race depending on fish every day for sustenance. Due to Chinese industrial pollution added to by poor or nonexistent regulation. The Chinese fishing fleet must sail further from their own shores to find their catch. And if it is in some elses territorial waters. Then claim those waters as your own. And when called to account blame it on the Americans, or the South Koreans or the Japanese.

The message will gladly be repeated and amplified by a disloyal Republican Congress and the usual Anti-American crowd over at Fox News.

“YESTERDAY, December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

And it’s all Joe Biden’s fault. Look what he made them do!

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” ― Winston S. Churchill

One thought

  1. I note the W. Churchill quote and this “balloon” also occurred three times during the Dump Trump Administration without a peep from the Republicans. It illustrates the Republicans desire to bitch, complain and make noise regardless.


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