The Mouse that Roared

By David Glenn Cox

Before Henry Ford made a success of the third Ford Motor company. He bought many of his parts and components from a machine shop run by the Dodge Brothers. After Ford became wildly successful the Dodge Brothers were no longer needed. Ford built his own parts factories. But the Dodge Brothers had been paid with and still owned substantial amounts of Ford stock.

Ford tried everything to buy the stock back. But the Dodge’s were making money had over fist and starting to build their own cars. This angered Ford, as he was now funding his own competition. How could Henry induce them to sell? Ford started rumors that he planned to move the company to South America. Then he would sell cars for under three hundred dollars.

If he could do that, he could bankrupt the other car companies. Ford had the money and a stubborn disagreeable nature that he might just do it. Needless to say, it rattled the markets, and auto stocks began to slide. The Dodge Brothers suddenly needed cash and were forced to sell most of their Ford stock. And once that happened, all the rumors of moving to South America quickly evaporated.

The Fascist state of Florida is bullying the core of their own prosperity. The state has taken over the Reedy Creek district and violated the tenants of agreements made with Disney. Disney, whom I consider to be one of the evilest corporations in America, are completely innocent. The company has a right to voice their own opinions. The company has a right to operate their business without state discrimination, interference or bullying.

If Disney Management thinks they’ve heard the last of Reich’s Fuhrer DeSantis, they are sadly mistaken. It is time for Disney to start planning their post Florida future. The company needs to let it be known through quiet inquiries that they are in the market to purchase large tracts of land in Georgia or South Carolina. All plans for future attractions for the Florida park should be abandoned immediately. Marginal attractions should be shuttered permanently.

In short, Disney needs to strike the fear of God into that little half-pint Hitler. Disney needs to fight back with the assets that they have available, cash and the Disney name. Win lose or draw, Disney needs to plan their escape from Florida now.

With the Reich’s Fuhrer’s behavior, the future for the Florida Park appears cloudy at best. Will Florida tourism climb or recede under the fascist bigoted DeSantis? The governor is pissing in Disney’s pool and endangering their business. You don’t fight fire with silence or surrender.

State governments need to be contacted by attorneys quietly. Inquiring what sort of arrangements could be made for a new Reedy Creek district in a new zip code. The famous statue of Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse and waving needs to be turned around. So that Walt and Mickey are now waving their good byes to Florida. Disney Management needs to accept that their losses are coming either way. Disney can either take on the chin or take it on the lamb.

To garner an attraction such as a Disney theme park rival states would sell their souls and gladly open up their purse strings. The only issue holding up such an idea is the final realization by Disney Management they can no longer do business in Florida. That the sun is setting on the Sunshine state. Disney is ignoring the obvious, that even if Desantis were gone tomorrow. His legacy remains, and Florida, will remain a hostile territory for the foreseeable future.

Fascism is a slide into barbarism. Many who would have tried to escape from Nazi Germany believed it wouldn’t last. And things would soon right themselves and return to normal. History shows that they were wrong in that assumption. It won’t get any better and it can’t get any better, the war has already been declared. Disney must either shut up or shutter up. You can’t make friends with a dog who just bit you!

Disney World Beaufort or Disney World Georgetown would rock the Florida world. Both locations offer easy access to the Ocean and the interstate . An optimist makes opportunities of their difficulties, and a pessimist makes difficulties of their opportunities. It is a chance for Disney to reinvent the theme park business for the 21st century with clean slate.

It would create a once in a lifetime explosion of prosperity for South Carolina. And leave a gaping hole in the Florida economy that you could drive a moving van through. All those Disney executives evacuating Orlando will only lead the way north for thousands and thousands of others. Followed by legions more who will see the writing on the wall. What business in Orlando wouldn’t feel that bite?

Once the land is purchased or the plans leaked either intentionally or unintentionally, the Florida economy would be in serious trouble. The person or persons responsible would be immediately held accountable. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to strangle the mouse that lays those golden eggs!

An all-new state of the art Disney theme park with all new attractions never seen before. A clean sheet of paper to correct all the little mistakes that time has made obvious could soon be corrected. Construction on Disney World Florida took around two years and employees 9,000 people. Not including vendors and suppliers. Not including rival parks, hotels, and restaurants. In twenty years, Orlando will begin to look like Detroit.

It would end the career of Reich’s Fuhrer Ron DeSantis by tagging him as the man lost Disney. The man who destroyed the Florida economy, all by himself. Never in American history would one individual’s pique and over reach for power bring about such a disaster.

Once Disney management begins to understand that in the final analysis, they have no choice in the matter. The decision would be made for them. Nothing holds Disney to Florida, nothing.

The Reich’s Fuhrer’s Gestapo style takeover of the Reedy Creek board means. All five board members are now appointed by the Fuhrer. All Disney employees or former employees are banned for three years from serving on the board. Disney no longer has a single vote in their own future, ZERO. And what of the billion dollars in costs to visited upon the Florida taxpayer? With no control over the Reedy Creek board those costs will obviously be passed on to the Disney Corporation.

Disney will be taxed to pay for the Fuhrer’s pique. Disney will be forced to subsidize their own destruction. A new theme park adds to Disney’s luster, while staying at the old park will only tarnish it. The losses are coming either way. So, Disney has nothing to lose but their chains. The time to make that mouse roar is now!

“A narrow mind and a fat head invariably come on the same person.” ― Zig Ziglar

4 Thoughts

  1. That’s really good that you know Disney doesn’t have to be squeezed and such ugly way too. That’s really insightful.


  2. It’s odd that I support Disney’s position. Now. I can remember when Disney was referred to as THE RAT. Their tactics were more Machiavellian then progressive and their employee relation was Patar Familarousx with not much paternal relations.

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