Waiting for the Axe to Fall

 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool)

By David Glenn Cox

It is a crack in the ice. First, Mitt Romney rebukes George “You shouldn’t be here” Santos. Then Romney defends the Administration’s handling of the Chinese balloon affair. Romney can read the tea leaves. The Monkey house Republicans are headed off a cliff. Romney is willing to let them go but is unwilling to go with them.

The question was asked, “Why are Republicans doubling down on abortion when it cost them at the ballot box.” The answer to that question is simple, extremists can never back down. The Nazi Party or the Klan can never moderate their position. Moderation is a sign of weakness, and the extremists believe that they are always correct. Cultist don’t ask questions as the Fuhrer can’t ever be wrong. They just drink the Kool Aid.

Republicans criticized Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her SOTU response. Her speech was filled with the same extremist propaganda straight out of the Monkey house. All the same themes and trappings. So, where did Sanders go wrong? She didn’t. She did just what she was told to do. The Republicans got thumped by Joe Biden’s SOTU address. So, what do they do next? They throw their turds at the new kid.

A better question to ask is why was the new kid chosen to give the response in the first place? Could it be that nobody else wanted the job? It wasn’t considered important enough. Not like the other Republican plans, investigating a private citizen with no connection to the Administration except genetic. Not as important as Loren Boebert bitching and complaining about her Twitter account. Or Marge Traitor Greene complaining her $174,000 salary wasn’t large enough.

They pillory Sanders to paper over their own shortcomings. The American public reacted negatively towards the Republican Monkey house shenanigans. The Monkey house responds by blaming the rookie Governor from Arkansas. Look what she did! It’s all her fault!

Matt Gaetz and the usual gang of twelve propose legislation to cut off all aid to Ukraine. Do they not care about Democracy in Europe? Do they not care that a Russian victory could further destabilize Europe? No, they are just being contrary. If Joe Biden proposed increasing aid the gang of twelve would be against it. If Joe Biden proposed cutting aid the gang of twelve would be against it. The gang of twelve just need something, anything to be contrary about.

The Monkey house first screeched because Joe Biden didn’t do anything about the Chinese balloon sooner. Then the Monkey house threw their turds because Joe Biden shot down the balloon. Like children, the Monkey house Republicans don’t know the difference between good attention and bad attention.

They have so lost connection with reality that they don’t know what to do except to oppose whatever the Administration proposes. The Monkey house leader, the Jim Jordan stunt cycle and thrill show turned into a fiasco. The Republican extremists have no plans other than to tear at the Administration in retaliation for the Trump impeachments. But they grasp at straws and set up straw men and are thus doomed to failure.

To paraphrase Nixon, You won’t have Sarah Huckabee Sanders to kick around anymore.

The howling harlequin hawkers and whores hope that if they throw their turds long enough, they can get something to stick. But they have been upstaged and continue to be upstaged. By the bad check artist, serial liar, con man and puppy thief. And then, wonder why their demands for Hunter Biden Dic pics haven’t had the desired results.

In the latest episode, George of the bunko was writing bad checks to Amish dog breeders to supply puppies for his crooked dog rescue scheme. Then inducing pet shop owners hosting his phony charity to make the check out to George and not his phony charity.

George claimed to the authorities that his check book had been stolen. His checkbook, with checks sans his address and phone number. (I wouldn’t take that check) But the facts speak for themselves. Man writes bad checks to dog breeders marked “Puppies” Then said “Puppies” end up in George’s phony animal rip off scheme.

The Republicans in the Monkey house defend this piece of living excrement. But wonder why they can’t get any traction in their Torquemada investigations.  Stealing money from a disabled veteran and his sick service dog. Writing bad checks to a naive Amish dog breeders. Working for an institution accused of running a Ponzi scheme. Stealing checks in Brazil, stealing anything that isn’t nailed down and lying about everything else.

This is the bar the Republican Monkey house sets for themselves, but they want to screech about Hunter Biden! And Twitter! And the Chinese Balloon!

Mitt Romney was doing his best to differentiate himself from the Monkey house. To make it clear that he is no part of them. His rebuke of the filthy little gutter snipe was the high point of the evening for the Republicans. Americans watched Romney’s rebuke of filthy bunko George and said, “Good!”

The Monkey house believed they could ignore George of the bunko. The Monkey house thought the preserving George’s one little vote, would make all the difference for them. That those Americans would come to accept George and forget about George’s transgressions. The only Trans Republicans do accept. But George of the bunko has spoiled the Monkey house tea.

By the fact that George is still warming a seat and collecting a paycheck illustrates to American public the Republican’s weakness. Kevin McCarthy can’t eject bunko George now, it’s too late!

George has ruined them and ruined all their chances for their Monkey house investigations. What are Hunter Biden’s Dic picks when compared to a Bad Check Bunko artist, serial liar, con man and puppy thief! But the answer to that is simple, extremists can never back down even in the face of common sense and public ridicule.

Mitt Romney’s stock rose the other night while the Republican Monkey house stock collapsed. And it is too late for them now to start again. To get rid of George they must get rid of Kevin.

But that’s not the real problem, the real problem is no other Republican wants the job or would take it if offered. Because it is too late now, the Republicans have already shit their pants. It’s too late for them to start again because the Monkey house can’t be ruled or managed by anyone anyhow.

From now on, the Republicans can only stumble and bumble into 2024. Waiting for the axe to fall as the cast of Republican Presidential wanna be’s expands to a full three ring circus.

“When in doubt tell the truth. It will confound your enemies and astound your friends.”― Mark Twain

6 Thoughts

    1. You will believe anything. Everything the Dems. accuse the Reps. of doing is exactly what they are doing. People like you are the problem and the moron who wrote the article.


  1. Your whole article filled with lies. That all the Dems. have. You can’t fix stupid. Shall I list all the screw-ups Biden has made sense in office. Even Obama said, don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up. Has he ever done that. The border, inflation, which was 1.4% when he entered office. More people have left the job market than returned to it. He hasn’t created new jobs, Just people returning to their old jobs. The so called vaccine. Failed to tell how many people have died from it. Just like the H1N1 pig swine virus, More people died from the vaccine than the virus itself, The list goes on and on. Like I said before you can’t fix stupid. You’re just like Joe, Can’t find your way to the front door.


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