Look at Me!

By David Glenn Cox

And now comes Mitch McConnell, signaling along with Mitt Romney that he isn’t on board with Republican house plans to sunset Social Security and Medicare. Mitch’s comments along with Mittster’s signal that the House Republicans are just jerkin their gherkins. Like the Grinch, did Mitch suddenly find his tiny, little heart growing and growing? And so, wanted to return all the stolen goods to the residents of Whoville?

Mitch’s comments also sink the narrative promoted by the foreign owned media and propagandists. That Joe Biden was lying when he said Republicans wanted to end Social Security. What’s Mitch trying to do here? He should know better than that! Why is Mitch speaking out against his own Party? Has Mitch turned RINO?

Mitt and Mitch are signaling as plainly as they can without taking to the podium and personally denouncing the Republican Fascists. That the United States Senate is not on board and won’t be on board with the House Republican Fascist agenda. They see disaster ahead and their survival skills are setting off alarm bells. Mitch McConnell is trying to save the Republican Party from cannibalizing itself.

The House Republicans can promote their Fascist legislation and dig in their silly investigations. But the Senate won’t be playing along and so, just jerkin their gherkins. Relegating the Republican House to the playroom at Gymboree. Building a fire wall against the Fascists.   

Marge Traitor Greene says her white Cruella Deville coat was supposed to remind us of the Chinese balloon. WTF? That’s some pretty loose weave thinking there. White fur coat = Chinese Balloon?

 Maybe it works if we remember that the balloon was just a big gas filled bag, then we can make the analogy work. That like Greene, the balloon just floats aimlessly on the breeze. Without rudder or control just going wherever the wind takes her. There is no intelligence inside the balloon itself, but the intelligence must be strapped on to the gas bag.

“Look at me! Look at me! Chinese Balloon! Huh, huh? Look at me! I’m really important! Chinese Balloon! Biden Administration, huh? Huh?” Marge is attempting to start a firestorm without matches because Greene thinks this is scandal worthy material. It is beyond comical to the point of becoming a farce. Marge was said to have practiced her SOTU performance in a private briefing over the balloon by shouting “you lie!” Because Marge needs lots of attention, medical attention.

Comic relief Senator Ted Cruz, condemned a Grammy performance featuring Satan. And so, Ted says the Grammys are promoting Devil worship! “The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Devil in Disguise. Devil in the Blue Dress, Sympathy for the Devil. Dancing with the Devil, Running with the Devil. Devil Woman and Devil on my Shoulder. And has thus been so, ever since we all played our Kiss records backwards to hear the satanic messages. You’ve been working too hard Ted; you need a vacation.

This is the junk the Republicans want to pursue but only to make headlines in the Party media. The Jim Jordan stunt cycle and thrill show pursue Hunter Biden’s laptop. The reason for that is obvious. Hillary Clinton isn’t in office anymore. That show went off the air, so the Republicans are starting a new show.

The Republicans needed a new whipping boy. Someone they could torment and blame as Goldstein for all his most dastardly and heinous crimes. To be tried in the court of Fox News, low IQ public opinion. Just like Obama’s Birth certificate or Bill Clinton’s alien love child before.

If there ever were any criminal activities found on Biden’s laptop. It should have been turned over to law enforcement immediately for prosecution. But, if captured by media partisans and hinted about and kicked around the blogosphere for a couple of years.

Then, there isn’t any evidence and probably never was. If there were, it is long since been tainted in the hands of political operatives.  Even if the laptop proved Hunter was a shooter on the grassy knoll, it’s dead evidence now. Evidence to prove Hunter Biden is a crook! But the guy who snooped in his laptop reading his e-mail and going through his personal files he’s a fine fella. And I bet he’s not looking to make a dime off of all this!

What a coup! Charges brought against Hunter Biden! But the Republicans didn’t give the laptop to law enforcement. The Republicans don’t want to get to the bottom of the laptop. They had no intention of getting to the bottom of it. They only wanted to kick it around Seth Rich or Vince Foster style. Building it up into the scandal of the century. The suspicion of crime is much better than the admission of crime.

Never mind Jared Kushner’s $2 billion-dollar secret deal with Saudis. Never mind that Jared couldn’t pass the test for a security clearance and had to get a waiver from his Father-in-law. Hunter Biden’s laptop, huh? Huh? Hillary Clinton MURDERS people, huh? Huh?  A famous person who doesn’t deserve quotation once said, they will believe a big lie just as easy as a small lie. And once you get them believing the big lie that Hillary participates in human sacrifice, the rest just sorta falls into place.

Matt Gaetz and his gang of twelve’s proposal to end aid for Ukraine falls right in line with the same messages coming out of Russian outlets. It’s none of your business! It’s too expensive, and the Ukrainians are the real Nazis. Chinese balloon excluded from the discussion, the propaganda from Beijing says the US is stoking the region for war. Because the US wants a war with China. China is making that this is all our fault. That China isn’t violating international laws or territorial waters.

They want you to believe that Australia is buying a fleet of submarines because of the US. That the Philippines invited the US back because they want their country’s destruction by war. The Chinese are suggesting and promoting a reason for a peace movement and why the US is wrong. As if the US doesn’t or shouldn’t have treaty alliances in place since the end of the Second World War.

It’s foreign propaganda coming from an American Political Party. No differently than the Neofascist anti-Semitic “America First” movement that aped Nazi propaganda in the 1930s. It was Roosevelt and the Jews who wanted a world war, right?

So, who are these guys, really? Stunting lying and playing games and stealing puppies. If I told you ten years ago, a Congressman would be charged with stealing puppies?  You’d say I was crazy as hell. Crazy enough for the Republicans in the Senate to start closing the watertight doors on them. And have no intention of going down with the ship. “We don’t know these guys!”

It’s the fourth grade when the teacher has left the classroom with eraser fights and rubber bands. In six weeks, the House of Representatives under Kevin McCarthy’s leadership has devolved down to sheer nonsense.  “Look at me! Look at me!” No, look at me! Look at my balloon!

Kevin McCarthy is their hamstrung leader. Because he can be removed with any one vote and so can’t possibly lead. To lead you must be able to do things that might be unpopular with some of the members, and Kevin can’t or won’t do that. So, Kevin is the General who must salute all the privates.

“Fame is a vapor, popularity is an accident, riches take wings, those who cheer today may curse tomorrow and only one thing endures – character.”  ― Harry Truman

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