No Longer the Happiest Place on Earth

By David Glenn Cox

Disney has decided to knuckle under to the Fascist Florida Fuhrer. Disney’s plan is to make the best of a bad situation. To knuckle under and say ”yes, Mein Fuhrer.”

“For more than 50 years, the Reedy Creek Improvement District has operated at the highest standards, and we appreciate all that the District has done to help our destination grow and become one of the largest economic contributors and employers in the state. We are focused on the future and are ready to work within this new framework and we will continue to innovate, inspire and bring joy to the millions of guests who come to Florida to visit Walt Disney World each year.” – Jeff Vahle President Walt Disney World Resort.

Get off your knees before you ruin your pants. And wipe that spittle off your chin. Der Florida Fuhrer has big plans. So, he might need to take a closer look and abuse Disney corporation again sometime. For the moment you may run your park as you wish. But watch your step!

The take over of the Reedy Creek District was approved by the Florida Fascist Duma by a unanimous vote of Florida Republicans. Not one dissenting Republican vote in either house of the legislature. Aka. The ole Rubber Stamp.

A dictator needs a rubber stamp Duma to feign legitimacy. See, everyone agrees with me! Everyone always agrees with me! Except for every Democrat in the legislature who voted unanimously against the Florida Fascist takeover.

In court, it is questionable if the Florida Fascist takeover would stand. But if Disney took der Fuhrer to court. It could create bad publicity and show Disney in a negative light with conservative voters. Instead, Disney will knuckle under agreeing to not making the Fuhrer any angrier.  Selling their souls and selling out their stockholders. To maintain their profits for just one more quarter.

Do they suppose der Fuhrer is all done?  The half-pint Caesar has plans for the future and if the Fuhrer decides to play a Disney tune at one of his campaign rallies. Will Disney disagree? Oh, no, of course not. Help yourself!

Florida schools have decided to remove a biography of baseball legend Roberto Clemente from its shelves. The book’s original sin was it referred to racial discrimination. This is not novel or science fiction. It is a biography of a man who suffered through racial discrimination. The truth is unacceptable and so must be eliminated.

The College Board issued a statement, “We deeply regret not immediately denouncing the Florida Department of Education’s slander, magnified by the DeSantis administration’s subsequent comments, that African American Studies “lacks educational value.” Our failure to raise our voice betrayed Black scholars everywhere and those who have long toiled to build this remarkable field.”

All about an AP course in African American Studies which is still approved in all 49 free states. The College Board has never had a course rejected by a state before. The College Board called the governor’s move “Politically Motivated.”

The state of Florida shall decide what is truth about the saga of African Americans. The state alone shall decide what is “Woke.” The state will come after those who dare to disagree. You risk your job, your career, and your business for disagreeing with the state.

The state shall remove books from the library which disagree with the state’s view of reality. The state shall have the final approval over truth. The state shall remove Professors, teachers or Administrators who dare to utter false non approved truths or are displaying “woke” tendencies.

This isn’t the end this just the beginning of the purge. What’s next for removal? What’s next to be labeled as “Woke?” Books about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement? Maybe remove pictures of drinking fountains labeled “Colored?” History proves the skies the limit and fascism has no bottom.

Maybe the Socrates or Marcus Aurelius. Maybe “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” Maybe “The Origin of Species” will be labeled as “woke.”

There is no middle ground either you approve or you too are “Woke.” No middle ground at all, if you attend Disney World Florida, then you are giving your full faith and support for Florida Fascism. Your dollars will fill state coffers which in turn fund Florida state Fascism.

Either you support the state in their war on reality or you too will be the next to be labeled as “woke.”

Disney chose the course of the worm to cringle and crawl along the floor. To not make noise and to allow themselves to be muffled and cowed. To not rock the boat to trade liberty for short-term profits. To have their corporate brand aligned with Fascism. To expect that it won’t taint the company’s image down the road. To expect that the Fuhrer is now finished with his exorcism of wokeness from Disney.

Florida insurance rates are going through the roof due to insurance scams and climate change, but der Fuhrer focuses on “Wokeness.” You can’t get elected President by fixing insurance rates! After the Florida Condo collapse which killed nearly one hundred people. Der Fuhrer decided against mandating further building inspections. Der Fuhrer thought that would not be necessary. During a routine inspection another building less than a mile away was also found to be unsafe and was condemned.

But the banking and Real Estate industry are friends of the Florida Fascist Fuhrer. They aren’t woke and so, won’t be burdened by costly inspections. That’s how Fascism works. If you agree you are petted. With the implied warning of state retaliation for daring to disagree.

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis announced a common-sense legislative proposal to make permanent COVID-19 freedoms in Florida. This strong pro-freedom, anti-mandate action will permanently protect Floridians from losing their jobs due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates, protects parents’ rights, and institutes additional protections that prevent discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccine status.

Orwellian double speak, The governor is exempting you from protection against a deadly virus. He is protecting you from protecting yourself. He is giving you freedom while taking away your rights. Your Florida employer can’t fire you for ignoring a health mandate, but they can fire you for respecting one. Your health or your job. Your money or your life!

Fascism is all about silencing the opposition. And Fascism won a victory in Florida due to Disney’s craven management. Willing to sell out, empowering der Fuhrer hoping the alligator eats them last. For Disney this is the beginning of the end. Disney is now in bed with Fascists and no longer “woke” from now on they are captives, living in a rat cellar of the Florida mouse ghetto.

“Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.” ― Hannah Arendt

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