Will You Take a Check?

By David Glenn Cox

Up in the sky what is it? Who is it? The Administration isn’t helping matters by being cryptic about it. “Well, no, it wasn’t a balloon. It was about the size of a small car.” Lots of stuff is about the size of a small car.

That’s a dimension people are familiar with. It’s one of the reasons people use a small car as an example. But okay, they came out and said it was terrestrial and not extra-terrestrial. Said so after a few days, they said that. After a few days, after we’ve all seen the Tic tack videos, so it is not really an irrational question to ask.

But looking for a rational answer and we find only the irrational. That’s a sign post up ahead. You’ve just crossed over into the Marge Greene Zone. Ranting at a national security briefing and calling people liars. Because that Chinese balloon could have had missiles on it! It could have held a biological weapon! The Chinese were going to start WW3 with a balloon at 60,000 feet.

It isn’t a laughing matter, but I’m an adult and know that the Airforce has a whole mountain in Colorado. Where real smart people study on stuff like this. If they don’t think the balloon had missiles or nukes on board. I’m good with that. These people are the best in the world at what they do. So, cheer up Marjorie and grow up. You don’t need to wow the crowd every day. Give someone else a chance.

You know, Nicki Haley has just announced her failed run for the Presidency. Back off and give her some air Marge. There must be at least a dozen people waiting for Nicki to announce and now you’ve gone and spoiled it! But Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, she’s only running for Vice President. From the UN to the White House in one step? I don’t think so.

Former Vice President and famous husband of Mother. Mike Pence has refused to testify or answer a subpoena. Because um, because um, because um he was US Senator! Yeah, that’s it! Using protection offered to Senators Mike Pence will remain silent. Until that legal garbage is swept aside. Pence is only playing for time and doesn’t want to talk about Donald Trump. He doesn’t want to tell the voters all he knows about Trump for obvious reasons.

Pence had dreams of becoming the President himself once. But Pence hitched his wagon to Donald Trump and he that lives by that sword, dies by that sword. Pence wouldn’t go along with Trump’s coup but doesn’t want to rat Trump out either.

But only because it would take Pence down as well. Can you imagine the stories Mike Pence could tell on a cold winter’s evening? Pence needs to be offered immunity from prosecution and a place in the witness protection program. Set him up with a bait shop in Minnesota maybe.

The orange one can feel the walls closing in and the more Trump feels threatened the more outrageous Trump becomes. Trump now speaks of making executions easier and more common. Because Trump projects whatever he feels, and he wants death penalties for all the prosecutors in his cases. After a recent one-million-dollar penalty that should make this week’s Trump fine of $110,000 hardly noticeable.

Trump’s legal problems have got him stymied, it’s hard to campaign while dodging subpoenas from the prosecution. His Social Media channel “Truth” is on its last legs. It’s like the last act of a play. The hero dies alone and pitiful as the scales fall from Puff the Magic Dragon and little Jackie Paper doesn’t come around to play anymore.

How far we’ve come in two years and how far the fall as well. For the true believers of the cult, nothing much has changed except the climate around them. Trump will struggle to win a single primary or will win just enough to gum up the works completely.

A terribly flawed candidate who promises to screw up the field for every Republican come November. And Mike Pence doesn’t want to testify but will be forced to testify eventually. What does Trump have on Mike to keep him so quiet? Trump vowed that Pence will never be President and Mike’s plans for running seemed to have evaporated completely. But we are a long way from there.

George (how much is that doggie in the window.) Santos vows he won’t be pushed from Congress as Kevin McCarthy answers, “Whatever you say Mr. Santos sir.” We are moving towards a Grand Finale here. George Santos, Marge traitor Greene, Donald Trump and little Adolf DeSantis will illustrate the Republican Party’s empty vapidness to the electorate in 2024.

The Florida Reich’s Fuhrer is doubling down on his war with the College Board. After the College Board condemned the Reich’s Fuhrers attacks on an AP class in African American Studies. The half pint Schicklgruber declares he may do away with all Advanced Placement classes in Florida. So there! Meanwhile, back in the free states, Illinois and New Jersey have announced plans to accept the course. So, what, a few thousand Florida students will have a hard time getting into a decent college.

Hysteria, histrionics, hyperbole with no where to go but down.

The clown show of the Republican House will hamstring the Presidential primary season. The candidates will be asked their opinions of George Santos and Marge traitor Greene. The candidates will be allowed to answer “Yes” or “No.” If they support a puppy thief or a mad woman their chances are already seriously diminished.

Taking their Republican anti-intellectual, fear and boogieman show on the road. The Republicans will find it a tough sell. But Joe Biden’s recent smack down illustrates that the public wasn’t buying their nonsense in the first place. The Hunter Biden inquisition was a flop. And the Social Media inquisition was also a flop. The Republican behavior during the State of the Union puts the Party far out of step with the American electorate.

The coming electoral season is looking like the Republicans will tear themselves limb from limb. Trump is attacking DeSantis and DeSantis is attacking everyone. Matt Gaetz is promoting Russian Propaganda and Marge is waiting somewhere inside the Greene Zone. Where facts and imagination sometimes meet to create mirth and merriment.

A disaster awaits the Republican field. An unholy uncivil war is just beginning. Two Republican parties both unelectable will emerge from the current Republican Party. Mitt Romney called it, “You don’t belong here!”

The bury Trump Party or the marry Trump Party. The crazy woman ranting about Chinese Nuclear balloons or the Governor out to end high school as we know it. The status quo or the crazy hoe. A former Vice President who won’t testify because if he does, the whole structure could collapse like a house of cards. Shenanigans might get you elected but they won’t keep you elected. How much is that doggie in the window?” Will you take a check?

“I did not attend his funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.”  ― Mark Twain

2 Thoughts

  1. Great work once again! Mother has been carrying Mikey’s squirrel sack around in her purse for over 6 years now. He’s trying to assert himself as “manly” in his refusal to testify to Jack Smith. Henceforth, Mikey will be known as Popcorn Fart.


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