That’s Why They Call it a Cult

By David Glenn Cox

It’s big news, but it’s not much more than an acknowledgment of what most of us knew all along. Professional Wrestling isn’t a sport it’s an entertainment event. It’s not about who wins or loses, it’s all about the event and the production values. And so, explains the dilemma at Fox News. Everyone from Rupert Murdoch down to the office boy on the street all knew, Trump’s stolen election claims were B.S.

It’s very funny how justice works sometimes. The Fox News takedown comes from civil and not government agencies. The Dominion lawsuit has filleted Fox. Everyone’s written statements have all been documented. Tucker and Insanity. Laura Ingram, all say Trump’s claims were bullshit. The company knew it was all bullshit but did it for ratings. Hmmm, color me skeptical. They were working hand in glove with the Trump Campaign but want us to believe they were otherwise impartial.

Dominion only wants to prove that Fox lied and knew that they were lying and kept on lying just for ratings, keeping personalities out of it. Ratings are one thing but what of vested interests, the future looks much brighter with our guy in office. Office memo’s where everybody is losing their minds over the stock price. Was everyone getting paid in stock? Are they so shallow that even after the first twenty or thirty million dollars in the bank they still couldn’t relax a little.

But when this story first broke. I thought, weren’t they in a ratings battle with Newsmax? Ford hates Chevrolet and Coke hates Pepsi. And Walmax was out selling the old F-Mart. So, while it is interesting that the Fox News hosts could be so candid in their remarks. That this was about putting a rival down in the market. Newsmax was running with the Trump story. Requiring Fox to tell even better and larger lies with a better herd of liars.

Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani were popular guests and of course the pillow guy. (The largest advertiser on The Little Tucker show.) And they went out peddling Propaganda and telling lies and they knew that, and they didn’t care. They are just performers just like Rick Flair. Some even copying on his famous white fur coat and yelling “woo” at the crowd a lot.

But Inspector Colombo always had that one last question. What’s happened to Newsmax in the following two years? They have found themselves bounced from Direct TV over a carriage fee dispute. The new kids were feeling their oats asking for more money. But sometimes the boss doesn’t need to tell you what would make him really happy.

A marginal brand and competitor to your largest provider want more money. If you give it to them, your largest provider will become very angry with you. Or you can take the low high road. And show the marginal brand the door. You the saved the company money and everybody’s happy. Obviously, there must have been an audience for the programming. Who would ask for a raise if the numbers weren’t there?

Perhaps an aberration ratings bump due to a foisted emergency and an opportunity to grab headlines. And then when the Trump tide began to ebb the Newsmax water settled out at its own level. Fox remains on top.

But stuck in a rut, you say black I say white. You say wrong I say right. The Biden Administration can do nothing right in the eyes of Fox News. Pete Buttigieg should have flown immediately to Ohio to see that train derailment. That’s his department, you know! Old Pete is responsible for every inch of track every piece of lost luggage and every flight delay. At least as far as Fox is concerned.

The voice of the Republican Party of deregulation wonders where the government was. Government should have prevented that accident not the railroad. This is all Pete’s fault and if Pete came up with new regulations, they would fight those too. “Now, look what he’s doing! More Regulations!”

Karine Jean-Pierre is also a Fox News favorite. A black woman, and a gay man, just saying. I’m not saying  they’re bigoted slanderous attacks, but it does sort of imply itself. Almost a DC Comics pantheon of good guys and bad guys. With all those villains you love to hate!

Each favorite brought up and vilified with two minutes of hate. All the moves planned out and choreographed down to the last figure four leg lock. Hunter Biden’s Laptop replacing Hillary Clinton’s server as the new Republican bug a boo. Like Wagon Train, they investigate and investigate but they never seem to get anywhere.

It’s about the show and not about the outcome. If they resolve things, you might not come back. Did Bill Clinton’s Alien love child actually attend Harvard on an affirmative action scholarship? Why didn’t Joe Biden shoot that balloon down over a populated area? Critical Race Theory, Drag Shows, and bias math books.

Just formulating a strategy to keep their viewers in a fine lather of anger and outrage each night. No differently than any prime-time network schedules their Prime time. Friends or Who wants to be a Millionaire, or The Murderous Crimes of Hillary Clinton or the Jez, I Hate Joe Biden Hour.

And the truth has nothing to do with it. Find any event that happens anywhere on the globe and find a way to blame the Administration for it. It becomes predictable repetitive and slow. The same old we sure do hate Joe Biden because you hate Joe Biden too. And the more you hate Joe Biden the more we hate him right back for you!

Each wrestler trying to make a show and wrestle their way to WrestleMania . Each performer developing their act and their costume. Each putting on their act not based on reality, but like Hulk Hogan or the Jimi Jordan Experience. Electric Laundry Land.

National politics based on infotainment. “Gee, what are we angry about tonight? They did what! Their teaching what?” It becomes a self-perpetuating machine as the audience decides on the outrage. The outrage that’s outrages them the best. Then the participants try to supply them with more of the same outrage and the facts be damned. They want to be outraged, so they give it to them! They want it and they need it. Their nightly outrage injection to get that Fox News monkey of uncertainty off their back.

The Fox News hosts don’t believe a word of it themselves. Never did, they’re just performers in play. The can say whatever they like. They can denounce Trump to high heaven, and it won’t affect their careers one whit. Because their audience only believes what they want to believe. And all their statements about Trump’s election claims being B.S. will be ignored as fake news. That’s why they call it a cult because the facts have nothing to do with it.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. ” ― Alvin Toffler

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