All Americans are in Peril

By David Glenn Cox

“If your opponent is of a choleric temper, seek to irritate him” Sun Tzu

The little Reich’s Fuhrer that could, has a glaring chink in his armor. Donald Trump has picked up on that flaw and has begun hurling insults at little Ronnie DeSantis. Because Trump can tell that it bothers little Ronnie. It makes Ronnie angry when the Orange apocalypse calls him  “ a meatball” or “Ron DeSanctimonious.” I personally prefer “meatball.”

When a state employee used state equipment to expose Ronnie’s lies about the Covid numbers, she was immediately fired. When the state health director wouldn’t go along with Ronnie’s Covid medical advice, he was fired. And a new state health director was hired named Doctor Echo. Whatever Ronnie says is exactly what Doctor Echo says too.

Ronnie’s temper is getting expensive. In his war with Disney Corporation, Ronnie has taken control of the board and the district potentially costing the state a billion dollars. But has left in place Disney’s tax breaks. Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer won the war on the six o’clock news but lost for the Florida tax payers.

Two University professors were hired as expert witnesses in a case where Ronnie had fired another  University professor. Guess what Ronnie tried to do next? He tried to have them fired from their jobs. Damn that first Amendment! The very idea that state employees can walk around free as a bird shooting their mouths off and telling the truth about the Governor! And they call this America!

Ronnie makes a political show of banning an AP class in African American studies. All to feed the faithful that he’s fighting wokeness. But the college board fought back and the national blowback paints Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie in bad light, so what does he do? He threatens to do away with all advanced placement classes. Then he threatens to do away with SAT’s and replace them CLT (Classic Learning Tests) Used by private schools and home schoolers. To gauge their performance inside of their sequestered bubbles.

George Washington kept slaves because.  A. He was a sharp businessman. B. He cared about building up the economy. C. He wanted everyone to have a job.

Noah was the Captain of what great ship?

Ronnie will teach you and your wokeness a thing or two. If you don’t like the answers just change the questions! Ronnie likes to look tough and if he doesn’t get his way there will be hell to pay! His choleric temper comes to the fore.

Ronnie’s controversial don’t say Gay legislation has upended Florida public education by defining books as potentially pornographic. Award winning books and books found in libraries across the country but suddenly unacceptable in Florida. Because the law is open to interpretation, any book could be deemed pornographic and not age appropriate. The schools respond by taking anything that might have the tiniest little inuendo out of circulation because they face jail time if they don’t. Better safe than slammer.

Brian Covey was a substitute teacher who was fired (Sound Familiar?) Four days after he had published a video of empty school library shelves. The governor can have a substitute teacher fired in four days for making the little Ronnie angry. Covey didn’t violate any laws. Covey simply voiced his opinion, and the Governor didn’t like it. So, he’s gone! I’ll show him!

Little Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie declares Covey was creating a false narrative! (Juden Press) Those empty shelves are a lie! The Governor doesn’t want to ban all books, just the bad ones. But the bad ones are left to the imagination of the censor. A biography of Roberto Clemente was recently banned. The book banner wants to ban books but doesn’t want to take the blame for the empty shelves. What kind of Governor goes around firing substitute teachers?

 Mr. Covey will now file suit for wrongful termination and win a fine nest egg courtesy of the little Reich’s Fuhrer. The Florida State prosecutor removed for being woke by little Ronnie lost his case to get his job back. But the Federal judge was kind enough in his opinion to offer up the multitude of ways Little Ronnie had trampled on the prosecutors first Amendment rights. This making a civil suit against the state a mere slam dunk.

Somebodies got a bad temper, and it will cost him in the end. The blow back over the African American Studies class took Ronnie by surprise. His book banning effort is blowing up in a big way. Even conservative leadership are now beginning to worry if he’s gone too far.

Leading to a scenario where conservative voters will be given a choice of Trump Crazy or a dark DeSantis. The Governor who bans books and takes over universities fires anyone who displeases him or dares to offer a contrary opinion.

It is a Kamikaze scenario where Trump can’t win, and neither can DeSantis. Heading for 2024 showdown with candidates the Party leadership let alone the rank and file find appalling. Trump is a criminal and is running to avoid prosecution. DeSantis is the worst type of politician this country has ever brought forth.

If Ronnies not a dictator now he dreams of it someday. His management style is to surround himself with yes men and to eliminate any who disagree. As if it didn’t already show, little Ronnie once worked at the famous Guantanamo prison that shining light of Democracy. Where detainees didn’t always have lawyers and was built specifically to be beyond the reach of the American Constitution.

But how can they take Little Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer national. His authoritarianism scares the shit out of people outside the Confederacy. He is an angry little man with a disagreeable nature. He’s Richard Nixon with a head cold. He doesn’t work to find consensus he fires to find consensus. He doesn’t play well with others. In Florida, he has majorities in both houses of the legislature that will do his bidding even unto foolishness.

What would happen if the little Reich’s fuhrer ever found himself in the big time where he couldn’t get his way by bully, bluster, or firing the opposition. I’ll tell you what would happen. Little Ronnie would get angrier and angrier.  What would he do over a Chinese spy balloon then? What would he do to education nationally? What would he do to Civil Rights nationally? What chance does a belligerent book banning, bad tempered half-pint autocrat stand of becoming President…none.

He has no positive personality traits of any kind. He’s the kind of man that makes babies cry milk curdle and makes dogs tuck their tails between their legs and growl.

“When even one American – who has done nothing wrong – is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.”  ― Harry Truman

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