Who is Really More Seditious?

Tux by Walmart, when you’re certain they won’t notice.

By David Glenn Cox

That was quite a surprise a President visiting a foreign capital during war time. There must have been some important message the President wanted to get across. Kennedy in Berlin kind of stuff. The President, Joe Biden will visit an ally to illustrate US support personally. Thus, cutting off the Republicans at the pass…again. “Squirrel!”  

Long before Republicans can put their plans together to defund the war (Until the Ukrainians finally agree to investigate Hunter Biden.) But the President has made a commitment and put the United States formally behind it. The lost art of statesmanship while focusing on balloons and laptops. Using time and events to your advantage. This wasn’t a photo op with the Queen Elizabeth, this was a war council of the highest level.

Making it clear to any and all listening that the United States is fully committed. And doing it on the one-year anniversary of the war to boot. The President flies on to Warsaw where the Poles are quietly becoming a mover and a shaker in the central Europe.

Meanwhile, back at the rubber ranch Marge Tater Greene is wowing them at the box office. Some are even calling her a power broker inside the Republican Party. The poor things! If that’s their brain trust, then good luck!

But I don’t think that Marge deserves the credit so much as Kevin McCarthy deserves the blame. Marvin Milk toast for class President! He’s quiet and even when he speaks, he’s still quiet. Ah, for the days of Nancy Pelosi huh? Remember when stuff got done? Kevin is unable to herd them chickens. He’s the janitor with keys; he’s important but not essential. Marge spouts off because Kevin can’t tell her to dial it back.

So, everybody can do or say whatever they want to do or say! And then Kevin says, “If anybody needs me, I’ll be in my office.” He’s not leading he’s only managing. “Whatever you guys wanna do!”

Marge uncaged 2.0 but even her act is unoriginal. Nikki Haley has already claimed the Neo confederate horse in the race. But Marge, she’s only aping Nikki to mute Nikki. To take her message away from her by saying me too! Nikki says states can leave the Union if they want! Apparently unaware that’s been tried. As Marge says we should be able to pick and choose! Well sure, it’s borderline sedition. But they don’t really mean it.

I don’t think Marge is a power broker inside the Party either but just the loudest puppy in the box. I find it hard to image anyone taking her leadership too seriously. What is her agenda? How can she lead the House forward? Trump uber alles? Marge is doing the old Tonya Harding routine on poor little unsuspecting Nikki. Marge helps Trump by kneecapping the competition, but that doesn’t move the House forward.

And this is just the beginning of selling the new Confederate fantasy. That if you are unhappy in this country, you can vote yourself and your state right out of the Union. Yeah, that’s gonna happen! Marge is going to take North Georgia out of the Union and remove herself from elected office.

Big talk that rears its ugly head in Texas from time to time. If they think they have problems at the border now, wait till the Federal money and manpower goes away. Wait until Texas tries to deliver the mail. “If you kids don’t stop, I’m turning this car around and we’re going back home!” It sounds real good, that tough talk. “Maybe we’ll just leave the Union then, if the Little Mermaid is going to be Black!

But ain’t nobody going no place, it’s just rabble rousing. Raising the hoosters hackles by gigging them in the ribs and winking, “leave the Union! Huh, huh? That will show them!“ It’s the Republican form of statesmanship. The politics of anger with fantasy Neo confederate answers to their anger. “We’ll just start our own country! Where we can be free of government regulation and free to discriminate against whoever we like! Live Free or Shoot somebody! An Idea as sound as a South Carolina dollar or a Texas doubloon!

The chickens are already coming home to roost. As a Professor at a private Florida Christian college has been informed that he might be fired. For teaching a class called “Defeating Racism.” A complaint has been levied against the good doc for “Indoctrination.” Of course, a complaint, a secret witness I suppose. Indoctrinating students against racism at a Christian college. WTFWJD?

Show me on that doll where that man told you that racism was bad! The law of unintended consequences, anything could be considered “Indoctrination.” Mention the Bible that’s indoctrination. Mention of Jesus that’s indoctrination too! To say that slavery, bigotry, and Jim Crow were evil, is indoctrination. State approved truth is also evil and is also state indoctrination.

These are the kind of issues that come up when Republicans are left in charge. Firings and book banning. Extreme thought control. While they mouth only sarcasms about freedom and official truths. Extreme propaganda leads to extreme policies which are never found to ever be too extreme. Given their own state and they’d be burning witches and heretics by the end of next month. It’s important to remember the Constitution protects us from them.

Ron DeSantis criticizes Joe Biden in an attempt to show the half-pint Schicklgruber has got foreign policy experience while proving the opposite. Criticizing a President in a foreign Capital during war time. Little Ronnie reacted and didn’t act Presidential. (Isn’t a shitty remark enough?) Ron has no proposals to make himself look Presidential except for opposition and negativism, just like Marge Tater. But Joe Biden just taught a class on statesmanship.

Joe Biden walks the streets of Kiev, and that’s some powerful imagery. The kind of stuff that could differentiate you from your opponents in an election. Taking the bull by the horns instead of taking the bull to the airwaves. Walking through the streets of a war-torn capital while the Republicans at home snipe and kneecap each other over who is really more seditious.

“Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid.” – Mark Twain

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