Someone Left the Cake Out

By David Glenn Cox

How long now until we burn all the books and smash all the computers? In Florida, Governor Schicklgruber has outlawed medical mandates. No one will ever force you in Florida to stay home because of a deadly pandemic. Deadly pandemic or no, you will be required to show up for work. But that’s not near good enough, a Florida County has outlawed Covid 19 shots entirely in an effort they call “Ban the Jab.”

Schicklgruber is obviously in the pocket of big business, and they feel you can die flipping burgers and spreading disease as just as easy as you can die at home. But banning the jab is on cusp of insane.  It’s not the disease which troubles them, it is that vaccine! That vaccine is dangerous, but the disease is not!

In Tennessee, they want to make it a felony to put on a Drag show. Gun shows are fine, but men dressed as women are dangerous to the poor sweet, sweet little innocent children. The children must be protected from wokeness, you know. Vaccinations and bad books and people minding their own business entertaining themselves and each other is Verboten.

The propagandized still believes in ivermectin because Trump told them so. And if Trump said so, there ain’t no college educated Tesla driving white coated liberal bureaucrat gonna tell them otherwise. The cultist believe Dr. Fauci was out to get them, forgetting that Trump had hired Fauci. But Fauci dared to oppose Trump and so earned his Marvel Comic book super villain status.

To the sane of course, this all looks like madness. But it’s only the cult. They believe only what the cult tells them to believe. And you can prove your point six ways from Sunday with facts and figures all you like, but you won’t change one little mind. The cultist still believe that the election was stolen by Joe Biden. There is all kinds of evidence available to the contrary from Bill Barr to the Justice Department to the Fox News hosts. But they won’t ever believe you and you can’t make them.

Vaccines are bad! Medical mandates are bad! Drag shows bad! School books are bad! The cultist are happy in their alien element. They are fighting wokeness and are fighting against the traditional allies of wokeness. Knowledge, tolerance, and fact.

Wokeness is Nixon’s Southern Strategy on LSD. Evil is watching and waiting for you. Transexuals want to indoctrinate your children. School teachers are out to indoctrinate your children in wokeness! Common sense is madness and madness is common sense. Primitive man emerges from his 21st Century information cocoon as a blind moth.

Pete Buttigieg is high on their enemies list. Being Gay means he’s the enemy. He can do no right no matter what he does. It’s nothing more than cultish bigotry. In the cult you are either good or bad with no middle ground.

Trump deregulated rules for the railroad; train derails. Federal Government offers assistance and Republican Governor says “No.” Ergo, this is all Pete Buttigieg’s fault! It can’t be anyone else’s fault. Safety rules cause accidents and vaccinations are more dangerous than diseases they prevent. The Party of deregulation asks, “Where was the government? Why didn’t they prevent this?” Drag Shows are dangerous indoctrination and books carry dangerous bad ideas.

It’s sugar-coated cultish bigotry, They don’t hate Pete Buttigieg because he’s Gay, they hate him because he’s woke. That way they aren’t really bigots, they are just loyal Americans out to save their country from wokeness, while still being bigots.

If you can’t change their minds about the election or Covid-19 you can’t change their mind about anything. Completely propagandized and ready to fly that Kamikaze flight where ever the Emperor says to go.

You cannot and will not change their minds one iota with facts and figures or investigations. They are too far gone for that and waiting for the worms to come. They are as indoctrinated as indoctrinated can be and you can’t ever change them. Under the reign of Pol Pot, they stacked the typewriters in the streets of Phenom Pen. Those typewriters were bad! They typed out bad words and bad messages! Bad books come from typewriters!

The good Christians burned man’s accumulated knowledge in the library at Alexandria. They burned a three-scroll history of the world. But it should be remembered that their intentions were good, they were only fighting wokeness. They only wanted the made-up truth of Jesus Christ available. And so, it became necessary to eliminate all other truths. As all other truths were wokeness. Don’t let devil get you! Fighting wokeness in the holy battle for your soul.

Because wokeness is a fake term that can mean whatever they want it to mean. You too could be woke! Maybe you read books, maybe you are vaccinated! Maybe you are Gay. Maybe you think differently from the cultists, and that makes you dangerous to the cult.

Woke, a magic word used to identify truth. Be ye angel or be ye devil?

But the Orange Bhagwan is unrolling like a ball of yarn. And there is no junior cult leader to take his place. And so become Donald’s Rumsfeld dead enders “MacArthur’s Park is melting in the dark all the sweet cream icing flowing down! Someone left the cake out in the rain!”

They believe because they want to believe. They want simple answers to a complicated world. They want their enemies identified and want all the witches burned! Same as last time and same way as every time. Everybody’s out to get them! There is a war on Christmas. Doctors and educators with their big degrees and big brains are all lying to you. They want to corrupt you into accepting their wokeness!

The Reich wings politicians peddle fear and inuendo. Where as soon as one lie wear’s out they start with another. Hillary Clinton is replaced by Hunter Biden. Hillary’s server replaced by Hunter’s laptop. Chinese surveillance balloons could be loaded with missiles! And Drag shows are destroying America.

Propagandized to the point where they believe literally anything, anything at all. And only the grave yard can ever heal them of it.  Books and education intimidate them too much to believe. They would have to accept themselves in a lessor station to believe in doctors and books! They would have to accept that they aren’t as smart as other people. Those pushy know it all doctors trying to convince you that cattle wormer won’t work to fight a virus. When they are certain that they already know everything. The cult being the source of all truth!

But they don’t know that ignorance and propaganda have no bottom or sides or top. They won’t accept your definitions of ignorance and bigotry. They are sanctified by the cult; they aren’t just dirty racists they just aren’t woke. They aren’t low life bigots attempting to outlaw public gatherings which displease them. They just aren’t woke! They aren’t the despicable censors out to destroy public education, they just aren’t woke.

Facts aren’t facts if they appear to be woke facts!

But the problem for the cult is obvious, the old Orange Bhagwan is failing, and the cult is becoming leaderless and rudderless. “MacArthur’s Park is melting in the dark all the sweet cream icing flowing down! Someone left the cake out in the rain!”

I don’t think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it and I’ll never have that recipe again!”

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