A Party of Nothing

By David Glenn Cox

Loren Boebert (Our lady of Infancy) criticized Pete Buttigieg for not showing up at the Ohio train derailment. Then Boebert criticized Pete when he did show up at the site. I mention it only because it is indicative. These people aren’t serious about much of anything.

The Jimi Jordan Experience toured the border in Arizona with staffers and friendly reporters. They came to better understand border crossings. Because it’s such an obscure concept to master. These people aren’t serious about much of anything. They came to the border to get their pictures taken. And trumpet their message of a scary, scary invasion! Only one problem with their stunt cycle. They are playing to the house and singing to the choir.

In South Carolina, they want to propose a Yankee tax on new comers to South Carolina. “Welcome to South Carolina, where’s your money?” It’s right here, where are your voting machines? Many of these newcomers to South Carolina used to be the newcomers to Florida. In Tennessee, they want to outlaw Drag shows and do away with gun laws.

It shows a fear and paranoia as the Republicans fear the future. The Yankees are taking over, and they are bringing Drag shows with them. It shows a Republican big tent with armed guards at the door and litmus tests to take. A Republican House majority on a stunt cycle tour. Their response to the train derailment has been to leave no stone unturned in criticizing the Administration, with no constructive suggestions to make themselves.

And as they become more insular, they become more estranged from the electorate. They win accolades only from those voters who would vote for them anyway.

Governor Schicklgruber in Florida begins a war on Gayness and a war on education. The act plays well with the choir and the deacons. But will run off independent voters by the millions. Schicklgruber is playing to the base which in Florida is large. But in a national election Schicklgruber is setting himself up for a Custer’s massacre scenario.

The Senate Republicans are playing catch up. Trying to undo the damage, the House Republicans are doing to the Party. Mitch McConnell called the Administration’s backing Ukraine as important against Putin’s war machine. Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz and the unholy eleven parrot Russian Propaganda and talk about defunding Ukraine. Because it would hurt the Administration, and nothing is really all that sacred.

Now, add into this mix George (I lied to a Judge) Santos. Add in Kevin in Oz McCarthy, “do you think maybe the wizard could give me a spine?” The fact that Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are publicly opposing the House Republicans tells you they smell trouble in the offing.

A Republican Party that doesn’t stand for anything. A Party that is just against everything. Moving into the third month of the Republican House majority they have accomplished absolutely nothing productive. A flat tax proposal which opened them to ridicule. George Santos and George Santos and bad behavior at the SOTHU address. What does Kevin need George’s vote for? When they never vote on anything.

All by themselves the House Republicans have raised Joe Biden’s poll numbers.

Hells a poppin, Marge has got her balloon and her Cruella Deville fur coat meant somehow to remind us of a Chinese balloon? This is where their heads are at. They don’t know what to do except for stunts and ploys to get their mugs on TV. They are certain to get 100% of the Republican vote in November and zero % of the independent vote.

Anti-choice, xenophobic book banning, racists witch hunts and Hunter Biden. It plays to the base and does well, but once outside the old Confederacy becomes a slam dunk for Democrats. The video of empty library shelves will dog Governor Schicklgruber from now on till the day he leaves this Earth for a warmer climate.

Because there is no actual leadership inside the Party, everyone is free to do and say anything. And since the name of the game is to prove themselves with stunts and photo ops the Republican Party looks amateurish and out of touch. But only because they are amateurish and out of touch.

The message is we don’t like Gays or minorities. We don’t trust outsiders; your mind must be this narrow to ride this ride. They don’t trust doctors or the Justice Department and don’t trust the FBI. They don’t like electric cars or green energy. Don’t want to take any vaccines not as long as there are light bulbs bleach and cattle wormer available.

Donald Trump lost the election because of his extremism. He carried 100% of the Republican vote which is why they were so certain that Trump had won. But Trump carried few independent voters and few crossover Democrats.

In Georgia, the Republicans chose Herschel Walker to run for Senate. A man uniquely unqualified by his illiteracy and his scandalous reputation. The Georgia voters were given a choice, vote for a Democrat or vote for uniquely unqualified crazy person.

Here in Arizona, Kari Lake is the future of the Republican Party. Her radicalism and mean-spirited rhetoric during the campaign lured 5,000 Democrats to cross over and vote Republican. While at the same time prompted 60,000 Republicans to vote against Lake. Another 6,000 Republicans wrote in Mickey Mouse or Charlie Brown rather than vote for Kari Lake.

It is already set up in stone and they can’t escape it. Kevin McCarthy in an effort to save the nail will lose the horse. By protecting George (Rubber Check) Santos he signals to America, “We don’t give a shit how he got elected! He’s ours and we are going to keep him!” To save that one vote Kevin will give up the game just that quick. To save George Santos the Republicans will lose their House majority in 2024.

The Party of nothing, political pandering, mindless endless criticism that never includes what should have been done. Just complaint and criticism.

The Republican field of Trump and Governor Schicklgruber. With loose talk of executions and book banning. Doing away with Social Security and more and more guns will guarantee the Republican nominee for the Presidency will win 100% of the Republican vote. And that will doom them to a distant second place finish and will eliminate the Republican House majority.

A mean-spirited ugly Party of mistrust and angry rhetoric. Anti-education, anti-science, and anti-future.  A Party of nothing, offering nothing but more of the same. “And if elected, I’ll get to the bottom of Hunter Biden’s laptop! I’ll go down to the border in an air-conditioned police car and ride around some afternoon!”

“I have hoped as many hopes and dreamed so many dreams, seen them swept aside by weather, and blown away by men, washed away in my own mistakes, that — I use to wonder  if it wouldn’t be better just to haul off and quit hoping. Just protect my own inner brain, my own mind and heart, by drawing it up into a hard knot, and not having any more hopes or dreams at all. Pull in my feelings, and call back all of my sentiments — and not let any earthly event move me in either direction, either cause me to hate, to fear, to love, to care, to take sides, to argue the matter at all — and, yet … there are certain good times and pleasures that I never can forget, no matter how much I want to, because the pleasures, and the displeasures, the good times and the bad, are really all there is to me.
And these pleasures that you cannot ever forget are the yeast that always starts working in your mind again, and it gets in your thoughts again, and in your eyes again, and then, all at once, no matter what has happened to you, you are building a brand new world again, based and built on the mistakes, the wreck, the hard  luck and  trouble of the old one.”
– Woody Guthrie

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