An Unbelieved Truth

. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool)

By David Glenn Cox

Every day the split becomes more noticeable the difference between the Republican House and the Republican Senate. Not to mention the Republican alumni siding with the Senate. In the House, many still support former President Trump. In the Senate, none publicly support the former President.

Reich’s Fuhrer DeSantis questions funding Ukraine and gets pushback from Bush and Condoleezza Rice. When a former President publicly speaks up to slap your hand that’s not casual. That’s being sent to the principal’s office. After getting pushback from Mitch McConnell earlier this week. Reich’s Fuhrer Ron is getting the cold shoulder from Washington. That’s not a good start for Ron.

When Jimmy Carter was elected President in the wake of Watergate. He was elected on a wave anti-Washington sentiment. The Carters were outsiders come to Washington and Washington shunned the outsiders. The Democrats in Congress gave the Administration as much grief as the Republicans. This was in the immediate post-Watergate era, and the Republicans were on their best behavior. The Democrats felt usurped by the outsiders and circled the wagons against their usurper.

A DeSantis Administration would be also thus. Ron isn’t known as a warm and fuzzy populist. He doesn’t seem to make friends easy or play well with others. When a former President speaks against you? The Republican leader of the Senate speaks against you? And a former National Security advisor too? That’s politic speak for you should drop that message right now. And Ron will drop that message now or will stand naked against the storm. Doors will close, and the campaign will become isolated.

The grown ups in the room understand that if your word means nothing. Everything will begin to fail, and every politician can become the next Neville Chamberlain. Waving his paper around promising peace on the six o’clock news. Trump said the solution to the Ukraine War was to let him go in there and “Knock some heads.” I’m sure that would work. That’s the very reason the military didn’t tell Trump about the balloons. “Let me get in there and knock some heads!” I’m beginning to get the impression the military heard that message a lot from Trump. And the ketchup bottles paid the price for it.

In the Republican Senate and hinterlands are a host of young lions and lionesses anxious for a shot at the big promotion. Yet most of them are sitting this one out. Better to be thought of as Presidential timber than to run and remove all doubt. The oddsmakers see a conflagration. A tired Trump ranting tired nonsense and an angry DeSantis not making friends and finding one foot in a bucket. No one throws down money on a sure thing loser.

George Santos tells new lies to explain about all his old lies. I wish they would ask him, “Don’t you have any self-esteem?” Impersonating a Congressman, it begins to sound like a Disney film. At 12 years old he was picked to play the outfield for the big-league club. And then, by a fluke was elected to Congress. George’s presence in the room is an insult to the oath they take. The man is a defective fraud and a suspected criminal with serious mental health issues.

The protection of George Santos jaundices the Republican Party and poisons all the Republicans. It forces them to defend the indefensible. Kicking the can down the road doesn’t work either. The longer George stays the darker the future looks. And George being a pretender doesn’t have the good sense to know when to shut up. He’s far too happy to talk on camera. To qualify his old lies with new ones and hurting the Party with his every word.

A Republican Senate acting as a backstop swatting down foul balls and foul tips. It is very unusual for a former President getting involved this early in the campaign. Then to play pile on, on Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie like that is big news. And it could be fatal news because if Washington says no, that generally means no. And Ronnie Reich’s Fuhrer is no Jimmy Carter. If anything, he’s the opposite of Jimmy Carter. Ronnie won’t be elected on a wave of populism and against the wishes of the Party establishment.

It leaves the Republican Party with two badly troubled candidates. The big money could stay home if they don’t see a potential winner in the crowd. The Party establishment sees Trump as a damaged legacy that will only drag them down in the future. Desantis is the dark future that drags them down now and makes people with checkbooks nervous. He’s the outsider who doesn’t play well with others.

But the Party establishment is only reacting to the Republican Monkey House of Representatives. Two bad Presidential candidates with a host of nobodies or never wases. George Santos, Marge Tater Greene, and company.

Nikki Haley is calling for Civil War and Mike Pence is calling for cuts to Social Security. On top of Trump and DeSantis lunacy. The candidates won’t even sign an agreement to support the eventual nominee. So, the Republican convention looks to be a real barn burner.  Wrestle Mania 2024 (The Uncaged Match!)

There is no way on earth to cobble this mess of extremism together. No way to reconcile extremism on top of extremism to be found all in one candidate. Trump won’t work with Ronnie and Ronnie won’t work with Trump. Nikki won’t work with Trump and Mike Pence, Damn sure won’t work with Trump! The big-money boys just sent Ronnie a message that he better change his ways and get his act together.

The Republican Senate doesn’t want anything to do with the Republican House. They smell disaster in the polarizing extremism. Not the extremism between Republicans and Democrats. The extremism between the Republicans and Republicans. A rudderless House on the rocks, a stunned stammering Senate, DeSantis and Trump. “Oh, Boy!”  Not since the Hindenburg.

“An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable to our times. There’s a punishment for it, and it’s usually crucifixion.”
― John Steinbeck

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