A Blow Against Freedom and Decency

By David Glenn Cox

The parallels between 1930s Germany and Florida today are unmistakable. The Nazis sought to eliminate Jewish intellectualism. Unflattering press stories were called Juden Press as those influenced by Jewish intellectuals. Anyone who objected to the repression was called anti-German. They didn’t just have a different point of view; they were disloyal to the country.

Books were banned and books were burned but it was for a good cause they said. These Jewish intellectuals and their lackeys the college professors were out to destroy society with their evil way of life. All things Jewish were considered anti-social and anti-German.

Ron DeSantis is using the same playbook  only replacing “woke” for Juden Press. Anything anti-Ron DeSantis is woke or Juden Press. His goal is no different than the original Nazis. To create a phony crisis and claim that only he can solve it. That all we have to do to create a more perfect world is to let Ron run it for us. Ron knows what books belong in school. Ron knows what corporations should be doing and not the corporations.

Historically Republicans have always favored leaving business alone and criticized Democrats for interfering in private business. But Ron has interfered in Disney’s business like no governor in the history of the United States. Ron has turned an innocent corporation into a punching bag for no other purpose than self-aggrandizement.

Disney being a capitalist operation want to attract as many customers as possible. So, inclusion is the name of the game. DeSantis is using their capitalism against them. Disney was asked a question about Ronnie’s don’t say Gay bill. Disney answered as any capitalist company would answer and for that crime, Ron has singled them out. “The big evil “Woke” corporation and Ron’s Saint George out to slay the evil dragon.

Disney makes for a fine target with their connection to children. Only Disney hasn’t done anything wrong. Disney has a right to voice their own opinion. Provided that opinion is lawful. It is illegal to discriminate in public accommodations.

Just like the Nazis, Desantis has gone after education by firing professors and removing college board members for the purpose of removing “Woke” from our society. But let’s be honest and not mince words. “Woke” is just another word for freedom. Your freedom, your right to think or to say anything you want to say. If Disney can be cowed into silence, what chance do you have?

A Ronnie Rubber Stamp legislature proposed a law to do away with the Democratic Party as an act of petty revenge. Much like the Nazis outlawed opposition political Parties. Ronnie wants to expand the Florida National Guard and Ronnie wants it to answer not to the Pentagon, but to Ronnie.

Now another law has been proposed to make bloggers or anyone in the press register with the Florida government before they can write or say anything negative about the Governor. Now, if you have good things to say about the Governor, no forms are necessary. But negative media will be required to list their compensation and from who and from when? Straight up government intimidation. Straight Fascism using the law to punish citizens for expressing their free opinion.

Any business that would locate in Florida under those conditions would have to have rocks in their heads. Florida education is in a steep decline. Ron DeSantis calls a video of empty Library shelves a “false narrative” and fired the teacher for showing us the false narrative of empty library shelves. The Governor of the State fires a school teacher for showing empty book shelves. Think about that that for a minute.

Does the Governor fire the Janitor for dust in the corner? Does he fire the road commissioner for a pot hole in the road? This teacher dared to show the effects of the Governor’s policy and the Governor fired him for it. What was his crime? Is it illegal to film empty book shelves in Florida? Is filming, in a library unlawful? No, making the Governor look bad in front of parents with children is his crime, so the Governor fired him for it. But on what grounds? (Juden Press) “Woke!”

The polls are a tossup. Small polling samples that point in different directions. Trump has name recognition and low IQ voter adulation. But the big money boys say nix, nix to Trump. Party stalwarts warn they won’t participate in another Trump campaign. But if the Party says “no” to Don does that mean they are saying “yes” to Ron?

Who else there? No one else is even in double digits.

It leaves the Republican Party in a quandary. Trump insanity and bullshit in disorganized corruption or Ron Desantis and dark Fascism. Many inside the Republican Party believe Trump is unelectable due to his legacy. It only reminds the public of the January 6th Insurrection. Speaking of insurrection, it has come out that the witnesses at the Jimi Jordan Experience on weaponizing government were paid with Trump money.

But I agree, I don’t believe Trump could be elected. Too many negatives, too many investigations. But is a Fascist strong man the Republican answer? Well, the good news is that none of the Republican candidates have agreed to support the eventual Republican nominee. Some will claim victory, and some will claim they were robbed. There is going to be a Donnybrook at the Republican convention. Tearing the Republican Party, a sunder. Dooming their candidacies before they’ve even begun.

The Republican Party has tried relentlessly to paint Joe Biden as slow and elderly and yet, Joe keeps stinging the Republicans. Marge Tater Greene makes outlandish claims and performs stunts to garner attention. Joe Biden responds, “She’s really something, isn’t she?” Thus, casually painting Greene as the center of the Republican Party. Thus, painting Greene as the poster child of GOP insanity.

The Trump Presidency dragged the Republican Party into the mud. Half are still crazy from it, and half are trying rescue the Party from its Trump extremism. Can the Republicans save themselves with a book banning Fascist?

Florida style Fascism might sell in the old Confederacy but should and will alienate and frighten the rest of the American electorate. The electorate is getting younger while the Republicans are getting older. The younger generation is far more tolerant of LBGTQ issues than the Republican candidates. The Republicans are setting themselves up for big loss.

“Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law flouted; When we tolerate what we know to be wrong; When we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy, or too frightened; When we fail to speak up and speak out – We strike a blow against freedom and Decency and justice. – Robert Kennedy

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