And So, It’s War!

By David Glenn Cox

Trump gave his speech at CPAC Saturday night to a small crowd at the diminished CPAC. It had to be the smallest crowd Trump has ever addressed since practicing at home. Plenty of good seats still available. Trump is being isolated and delegitimized by the Republican Party. Trump is the reason for CPAC’s diminishment. If Trump is there, the Republicans ain’t coming.

The Republican Party can’t openly break with Trump so instead they will just pretend he’s not there. Look at all these fine candidates we have. Ron Desantis and Mike Pence everyone! Nikki Haley the Civil War choice appears at CPAC. Her long shot candidacy can’t afford to skip any free microphones. But unofficially, Haley’s candidacy is mostly of imagination anyway.

But Trump took to the podium and began to name off and attacks his enemies. Because Trump’s message was clear. “I am the Republican Party.” I don’t care what Paul Ryan says or what Karl Rove does. “I am the Republican Party!”

Trump spent the bulk of his speech attacking Republicans and not Democrats. He’s throwing down the gauntlet and telling even larger and more fabricated lies. Did you know that Trump’s wall was built and completed? But Joe Biden dismantled it and hid someplace where nobody could find it! Just picked it up and moved it to a secret location.

But Trump tells the crowd, elect me and I’ll find it! The Republican Party tries to freeze out Trump and Trump answers, “I’m going to take your Party away from you! You will grovel at my feet again real soon!” It is clear Trump intends to be the Republican nominee or promises to destroy the Republican Party.

The crowd was enthusiastic and cheered every lie, and Trump didn’t miss any of his favorites. This was a Trump crowd and they waited with bated breath for every old favorite lie and even a few new ones. But can Trump do 2016 in 2023? Trump is heavier and slower, and Trump’s speech impediment is becoming more pronounced.

As Liberal Democrat, I couldn’t be happier about their predicament. The Republican Party is about to have a Civil War; winner take all. The battle royal at cray, cray town. Ron DeSantis is working his ass off trying to create an alternative universe of Fascist book banning and declaring war on public education. But can he fight the cult?

DeSantis must make his case to the Republican voters Trump doesn’t. Trump can make shit up, and his low IQ cultist will eat it up with a spoon. Trump told the crowd his beautiful wall was complete, and Joe Biden stole it and hid it someplace. And the crowd cheered like a ninth inning home run. Mighty hard to compete with a candidate who can make things up!

Ron DeSantis got his hand slapped for saying we shouldn’t be aiding Ukraine. But if the Republican Party is agin it, then Trump is for it! Trump wants to defund the war because Trump is an iconoclast. Whatever the Party is for he’s against.

Trump blasted Republicans for talking about defunding Social Security. Trump is pro Social Security because most his support comes from older voters. Trump is running against the Republican Party. He will take nomination like it or not, or he will turn the Party into a farce!

It leaves Ronnie DeSantis in trouble. Ronnie’s not what you might call Mr. Warm and fuzzy. He’s more reserved. He does mean things more than he says mean things. How can he complete with the father of all lies? Mr. Outrageous versus Mr. Dark and brooding.

Trump can say anything, and the mob will believe him no questions asked. No matter what DeSantis answers, it will be received with skepticism. Trump built the wall and Joe Biden stole it!

The Republicans by staying with their social warrior game plan doom themselves. First, it wasn’t too long ago when the Republicans railed against Gay Marriage. The younger generation quickly accepted Gay Marriage as the Republicans railed against it, and the Republicans lost elections.

Drag Shows and book banning and Hunter Biden. The Republican majority in the House have doomed both Republican Presidential candidates. Frivolous, fractious, forlorn failures. They have yet to leave their mark as a serious operation and instead come across as a side show carnival. “Hurry, hurry, step right up! See the woman who can’t shut up! See the most famous bad check artist in the world!” How much is that doggie in the window?

Typically, the Party out of power picks up seats in the off-year elections. The Republicans picked up very few. It leaves them with a paper-thin majority. And with a majority so small it would be difficult to achieve much of an even a modest agenda. But this Republican crowd is every man for themselves and radicalism a go, go! Because they are so ineffective and boring, they create little positive excitement. The low IQ voter craves excitement! Point to Trump.

But Presidential elections for a second term are a referendum of the Party in power. Joe Biden continues to sting the Republicans. Meaning the Republicans are looking at trouble. All Joe Biden must do is to look presidential, and this election is over.

Wild Bull Trump is coming to town, and he’s got blood in his eyes. Trump knows the nomination is his for the taking, and all he has to do is defeat the Republican establishment. Fox News has backed away from Trump and the newly disfranchised Newsmax is embracing Trump. Dividing the Republican Party still further. Fox or Newsmax? Trump or DeSantis? Party insiders or Party outsiders?

If Trump wins or bludgeons the nomination from the Party, he can’t win in the general election. The Party establishment knows this and so tries to redirect the Party faithful towards the mean-spirited DeSantis. But Trump plans on burning down the house to prevent that from happening and if Trump is not the nominee, Trump will destroy DeSantis and make him likewise unelectable.

Jimi Jordan’s stunt cycle fell flat just as the Hunter Biden investigation fell flat. All that’s left for them is the woman who can’t shut up and the dweeb who can’t tell the truth. Led by Kevin McCarthy the boss who no one listens too.

Dr. Frankenstein thought he could control his monster too. With enough chains he could be controlled but once that monster broke loose Dr. Frankenstein became the monster’s main target. Likewise, Trump’s objective is to win the nomination or destroy the Republican Party. There are no parallels to Trump’s Kamikaze Presidential run. Trump is out the murder Dr. Frankenstein. Trump will avenge all those who sought to push him aside. And so, it’s war!

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