Overwhelmed By Their Own Baggage

By David Glenn Cox

You never know what’s going on with some people. You never know who might need a laugh to pick them up, so here goes. The CPAC crowd (Conservative People Acting Crazy) chose Donald Trump by a wide margin as their Presidential nominee. Not that, that’s so unusual or surprising. But as they say, wait it gets even better.

The CPAC choice for Trump’s running mate was Kari Lake. A woman who has never held political office a single day in her life. No political experience whatsoever. To backstop a man approaching eighty, what could possibly go wrong? Lake a former TV reporter ran for Governor in Arizona under the Trump banner. She had every chance to win and then she let her mouth get loose. Loose lips sink ships and political candidates.

She told a room filled with Republicans in Arizona that if they were supporters of John McCain they should just get out. This isn’t the Republican Party of John McCain anymore. Republicans listened to Lake and left the Party in droves. All by herself, Lake lost the election with her mouth. Kari Lake makes Sarah Palin look over qualified.

But taking a play from the Trump play book Lake claimed that her election was stolen. Anyone surprised by that move? Lake took her case to court, where it was immediately thrown out. Then she took her case to another court which also threw her case out. Lake took these results as a sign the courts were also corrupt.

The CPAC crowd wouldn’t even consider Ron DeSantis for the VP slot, and neither would Ron. This was a Trump crowd as everyone else stayed away from CPAC. Trump is being shadow banned by the Republican Party and so DeSantis is seen as the enemy. Poor Nikki Haley came a distant second with just 10% of the CPAC vote. And she is actually running for Vice President.

Trump says he won’t drop out of the race even if he’s indicted. No, of course not. The cult would never accept that. Because the cult believes that Trump’s character is spotless, and a corrupt world is out to crucify their savior. And as the cult becomes more isolated will circle the wagons and draw lines in the sand. Halt, be ye friend or foe!

Guess what happens if Trump is indicted? Oh, Bubba!

Meanwhile, in darkest Florida. Little Ron DeSantis and his future cabinet secretaries are busy coming up with the most outrageous and repressive measures imaginable. Banning books isn’t good enough anymore, now we must ban gender pronouns, limit tenure with more to come as the campaign heats up.

How bad is it? It’s really bad. Newt Gingrich the former Speaker of the House has insisted a bill proposed by a DeSantis rubber stamper be withdrawn. A simple bill to require bloggers and the press to register with the state  before legally criticizing the Republican Governor or Lieutenant Governor. You may praise the Governor or the Lieutenant Governor if you like. This a free country you know! But! If you intend on criticizing the Governor or Lieutenant Governor. Well, then you must register with the state!

Sure, it’s crazy and sure it’s unconstitutional on so many levels. But there is an election coming! And Republicans want concrete solutions to imaginary problems. “We want to stamp out Gayness in your lifetime. It’s the evolution of the Republican Party. In the 1950s Republicans blamed comic books for the decline of American civilization but today, it’s real books and Drag Shows.

“Clowns to left of me, Jokers to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle with you!”

Fuhrer Ronnie has been criticized by former President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Ryan and now the Newt with no name. How bad is it? Fuhrer Ronnie is their fair-haired boy. The great white dope to take down the Trump monster.

Newt demands that the bill be retracted only illustrates the sad shape of the Republican Party. The establishment wing is telling the kid from out of town that he is skating on thin ice. Newty and anyone outside the Reich wing propaganda bubble can see what’s coming. Someday Reich’s Fuhrer Ronnie is going to be in a general election. And these bills and proposals are going to come back and destroy the half pint Fuhrer like cruise missiles.

Meanwhile, the House Republican renegades show their seriousness by getting down to business trying to do away with the IRS and the FBI. Investigating Twitter and criticizing the Administration for not visiting the scene of a railroad derailment the Republicans deregulated just three years ago.

The Republican campaign has just begun, and they are already vowing a fight to the death. Trump will fight on even if indicted. In Trump’s case that would be a positive! The cult would be energized by an indictment and would rally around the aging cheese burger disposal. How could the DeSantis camp answer?

Could they get Ronnie indicted or maybe pass some new even more repressive laws or maybe even kick Disney in the nuts again. It shall be illegal in Florida to have any opinion without the written approval of the Governor!

Enough is never enough for the ambitious. Ronnie has done enough but will continue in his efforts to alienate himself from the American electorate.

The choice of Kari Lake as Trump’s VP shows just how detached the CPAC fawners are. Sarah Palin was criticized for not having enough experience. Lake has never won an election ever and if chosen as a running mate would keep that streak alive. See, Lake has a problem with her mouth. It won’t shut when it should.

If Lake were asked what newspapers she reads, she might just cuss the reporter out for asking. I don’t read any of those rags you filthy little pip squeak, get the hell out of my rally! Don’t laugh, she did this running for Governor. Even if Trump weren’t unelectable, Lake would make him so.

A Ron DeSantis running mate would have to sign paperwork agreeing to never disagree with the boss and maybe give up one their children as a hostage.

Never in the field of American politics has an election been so over before it even begins. The Republican’s are headed for a train wreck that makes Ohio look insignificant. Poisoned by their own cargo and overwhelmed by their own baggage. Going off the rails with reactionary acts and statements.

Two candidates, one dark and sinister. The other orange crazy and facing indictment. What are Independents voters to do? Newty and Condi and the Bush master gang are trying to keep the train on the tracks. But both candidates think they are Casey Jones and are having none of it. Full speed ahead, more coal on the fire! Speed up, I think there is a sharp turn up ahead!

“I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.” ― Groucho Marx

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